Expert’s Guide For Writing Explanatory Essay

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An explanatory essay is basically a form of writing which includes the incorporation of the author’s presentation about a specific viewpoint based on topic or event. The main purpose of this article is to enable students to investigate and expound Ideas. By writing this article our professionals also intend to help students in evaluating evidence. They want to help students in designing a clear thesis statement for an explanatory essay.

Meaning Of Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay can be referred to as a type of academic writing in which the author represents a few points relevant to a specific topic. At the type of writing an essay, it is very much important for you to ensure that the points which you have included are researchable and logical.

Such types of essays generally represent the thoughts of other people about a specific situation. There are certain fields such as journalism, history, etc. where students require identifying facts and real events.  Explanatory essays are also known as expository essays, where you require presenting an analysis of a particular subject. At the same time, they are expected to provide unbiased explanations based on facts and evidence. Your teacher could ask you to write explanatory essays in different forms such as:

The main purpose of writing an explanatory essay is to provide a description of the event. Another intention of such an essay is to share valuable information about the topic with the reader.

In an explanatory essay writers need to first select the topic then they need to approach the problem from a particular perceptive. At the same time, you need to present your opinion by clearly stating the reason for the generation of a particular result. Writing an explanatory essay is all about present basic views about a particular topic. Before sharing an opinion, you need to perform research and do an analysis of the result.

Types Of Explanatory Essay

A well-known tool taught to students by academia is explanatory essays. It is so popular that we can claim that everyone who has gone to school must have written an article. For those who are just starting to write explanatory articles, they must remember that there are several types of explanatory or explanatory articles. Sometimes the assignment specifies a type. In these cases, it is important to understand the type of the following explanatory articles:

1. Causality Explanatory Essay: This type of essay is built around what caused something and ultimately had an impact. The key issues that individuals need to solve when writing a causal essay are assigned to “what is the reason behind the cause” and “what is the result that they will face or will face.” The method of writing such papers is either a chain model (each reason And its results in a repetitive manner), or a block structure (all causes, and then their results appear collectively).

2. Classification Explanatory Essay: In this type of essay, individuals choose or are given a broad topic, and they are carefully sorted by dividing them into different groups. A writer described a topic well in this type of essay by analyzing each part of it very carefully. By providing reliable samples, the quality of classified papers can be improved. The author in the conclusion paragraph summarizes all the divisions of such articles.

3. Problem and solution Explanatory Essay: In this type of essay, a problematic problem is raised as the main topic, and the author also proposes the best solution. By looking at the problem from different angles, possible solutions to the problem can be found. In some respects, including the structure of this article, it has some notable similarities to the causal thesis.

4. Comparison and contrast Explanatory Essay: This type of essay focuses on the similarities and contrasts between two ideas, events, or objects. The structure of this article is either a maintenance block or a chain mode. As the name of this type of article implies, compare one concept with another to find the similarities or differences between them.

5. Process Explanatory Essay: This type of essay explains the procedure and necessary steps to do something, which is why the topic of this article starts with “how to”. The introduction starts with what the question or topic focuses on, and then the main body paragraph contains the main steps that must be taken to complete. In the conclusion paragraph, the author must remind the reader of the importance of the project.

6. Definition Explanatory Essay: In defining an essay, complex concepts are explained. The introduction must include a definition of the selected/given topic and then must express a personal view of understanding the concept. The main body of the definition article contains a detailed and complete analysis of the subject of the organized part. Finally, in summary, all key points should be summarized.

Structure Of Explanatory Essay

Like other academic essays, the structure of an Explanatory essay consists of 3 key elements these are an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The structure of such an essay is:


  • A hook sentence or Quote
  • Detail  background information
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs

  • Address the first argument with a topic sentence.
  • Give evidence of topic sentence by utilizing sources.
  • Explain the evidence, relate it with arguments
  • Write a conclusion for every paragraph by solidifying the argument and by demonstrating its significance.


  • Rewrite thesis statement
  • Provide a summary of key arguments and topic sentences of your essay.
  • complete your essay by writing a conclusion

Steps To Write An Explanatory Essay

Step 1-Choose a good topic:

It is wise to choose a topic that the person knows about in reality. However, even if you are assigned to a topic that you have the fewest ideas, finding information in this day and age is not very complicated.

Step 2-Gather evidence:

The key to writing a good explanatory essay is to gather effective and sufficient information to support the essay. An article is considered well-written only if the reasoning in it is strong. It is best to gather information from reliable sources when writing the paper.

Step 3-Construct a suitable outline:

The outline lets the authors know how they will proceed further. This is like forming a frame for your article, which is similar to drawing guidelines before drawing the last line in the artwork.

Step 4-Fill in the gaps:

In this step, the first draft is formed by presenting the information gathered from the author’s own words. The composition should consist of at least five paragraphs. However, the number of words in each article varies according to the given criteria or the author’s choice. It is also important to keep checking your writing style so that the explanatory essay you are trying to write does not sound like other types of essays.

Step 5-Rereading, editing, and forming the final draft:

The last step is very important because this is the time to build a valuable draft for final submission. Modifying and editing articles is an ideal way to improve the quality of articles. Once you are satisfied with your writing, you can rewrite it correctly and submit it.

Useful Tips for Writing A Successful Explanatory Essay

1. Explanatory text introduction needs a powerful hook to attract readers’ attention.

Use one of the following hooks to develop an interesting introduction:

  • Quotes, proverbs, or sayings;
  • illustrate;
  • Bold opinion
  • A statistical data;
  • An unusual fact;
  • question.

2. Use different types of support details to explain the topic in the best possible way.

refer to:

  • quotation marks;
  • Interesting facts;
  • anecdote;
  • illustrate;
  • Statistical data.

3. Use transition phrases to smoothly transition from one idea to another.

4. Make your conclusion interesting.

In the concluding remarks, consider a summary that contains the central ideas, but it is best to present these ideas in an interesting way. Here are some tips for you to use:

  • illustrate
  • anecdote
  • A series of questions

It is also important to repeat the thesis statement again; however, it should be restated.

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