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Expert’s Guide for Writing Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay is basically a form of writing which includes incorporation of author presentation about specific viewpoint on the basis of topic or event. The main purpose of this article is to enable students investigate and expound Idea.By writing this article our professionals also intends to help students in evaluating evidences.They want to help students in designing a clear thesis statement for explanatory essay.

Meaning of explanatory essay

Explanatory essay can be refers to as type of academic writing in which author represents few points relevant to specific topic. At the type of writing an essay it is very much important for you to ensure that points which you have include is research able and logical.  Such types of essays generally represent thoughts of other people about specific situation. There are certain fields such as journalism, history etc. where students require identifying facts and real events.  Explanatory essays are also known as expository essay, where you require presenting an analysis of particular subject. At the same time they are expected to provide unbiased explanations on the basis of facts and evidences. Your teacher could ask you to write explanatory essays in different forms such as:

The main purpose of writing explanatory essay is to provide description of event. Other intention of such essay is to share valuable information about topic with reader.

In explanatory essay writer need to first select topic then they need to approach problem from particular perceptive. At the same time, you need to present your opinion by clearing stating the reason for generation of particular result. Writing explanatory essay is all about present basic views about particular topic. Before sharing opinion, you need to perform research and do analysis of result.

Note: As it is not an argumentative essay, therefore, you should not include any kind of criticism in such essay.

Structure of explanatory essay

Like other academic essays, structure of Explanatory essay consists of 3 key elements these are introduction, main body and conclusion. The structure of such essay is:


  • A hook sentence or Quote
  • Detail  background information
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs

  • Address first argument with a topic sentence.
  • Give evidence of topic sentence by utilising sources.
  • Provide explanation of evidences, relate it with arguments
  • Write conclusion for every paragraph by solidifying argument and by demonstrating it significance.


  • Rewrite thesis statement
  • Provide summary of key arguments and topic sentences of your essay.
  • complete your essay by writing conclusion

How to start explanatory essay?

The 5 steps you need to follow for starting explanatory essay are:

Step 1: Execute preliminary research

You require making sure that you need to collect enough information for writing explanatory essay. You should include both personal views and ideas from external sources. Here, you should address identify external sources that will supplement personal opinion.

Step 2: Formulate thesis statement

A good thesis fully encapsulates everything you need to say in your essay.

For instance, in year 1993, Steven masterpiece Schindlers list provide a strong and horrifying insight into concentration camps at the time of World War 2. While, having dispute on good and evil. You need to demonstrate courage and selfless actions could have a gigantic influence on lives of helpless people.

Note: Good thesis statement demonstrates that the theme of discussion. There are themes of goods and evil, courage and selflessness.

Step 3: Develop understanding about explanatory essay

Before stating to write explanatory essay, you should develop understanding that it is not an argumentative essay.  You should keep in mind that you need to only provide neutral perspective here.

Step 4: Select topic

Generally, students are given topic for writing essay by their tutor. If in case you have not provided with topic then you can select one from the list given below. At the time of selecting topic you should make sure that it is related to your field. Before making choice of topic you should review university guidelines. It is the tactics which will help you in getting the idea about which type of essay topics you can select. After choosing the topic you can have discussion about the same with tutor. At this step, while presenting your opinion you need to present combination of personal ideas and external information. You need to perform research on topic and identify different sources which defend your thoughts.

  • Pick a neutral topic which you would like to provide exploitation thoroughly.
  • You need to identify sources. You can search online journals such Google scholar.
  • At the time of performing research, you need to note relevant facts or Quotes.
  • You should organize research into a paper outline.
  • Review material and start writing.

After gathering information, the next and most crucial step is to develop an explanatory thesis. This statement laid down a concise version of your overall point of view about the topic. In other words, you are requiring providing explanation what will be demonstrating to audience.

Step 5: Prepare outline

It is a step where you need to create an outline for essay. You should prepare an outline considering length of an essay.  The standard length of Explanatory essay is five paragraphs. It is 5 paragraph essays which assist you in making sure that you are following a logical pattern for sharing your thoughts.  While preparing outline of an essay you should include the following:


At the time of writing the introductory paragraph of explanatory essay, you need it include three important elements these are hook, background detail and thesis statement.  As all three components act as gateway to actual content. By first including the hook sentence you need to develop interest of reading among reader. You can include interesting facts, statistics, quote at the bringing of introduction. It is the strategy which will provide you an ease in grabbing reader attention. Lastly, add the explanatory thesis at the end to fixate the focus of your essay.

Main body

If you are writing explanatory essay, then main body section of an essay should contain three paragraphs each with different points. You should use identical approach for writing all three body paragraph of an essay.  Here, writer can present topic sentence which precisely provides explanation of information. You can also make use of Transition words or phrases, as it will help you in ensuring smooth flow of paragraphs.  After that you can present claim in order to support thesis statement. Now, you need to include evidences which have been gathering through research. It is the tactic which will assist you in validating your claim in relation to thesis statement. At last, you require writing concluding statement which provide summary of claim.


In conclusion section of explanatory essay, you need to consider 3 important things. First is to restate the thesis statement.  It is an attention which will help you in bringing the attention of readers towards main point.

Secondly, it is very much essential for you to ensure that your essay comprises summary of 3 points in the main body. While writing conclusion, it is very much essential for you to demonstrate importance of each point. This is a strategy that will help you in showing that you have presented your arguments in logical and correct manner. At last, you should use call to action, as it will assist you in leaving good impression on reader.

Example of explanatory essay

An explanatory essay benefits of living in United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom is among the best nation in the world to live.  There are approx. thousands of people come United Kingdom every year in order to live better life (Statistics). People prefer to live in UK as   there are many business opportunities.  UK also has good educational system and advance health care services which can help people in making their lives better.

UK is one of the best nation for those who intends to expand and execute their own business (Topic Sentence Para 1). People can easily establish and expand business by only registering their business online (Supporting detail 1) 

UK has cheap and highly skilled workforce which many of business person can hire (Supporting detail 2).  In addition to this, the nation has high GDP growth rate and economic performance of country is also good.

Despite of high taxes, people could achieve success and earn money by contribution to improving living standard of future generation (concluding sentence)

Suggestion of topic for writing explanatory essays

  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender discrimination
  • Compare and contrast business plans
  •  How business get benefit from marketing strategies?
  • Discrimination against older job applicants vis-à-vis younger job searchers
  • How business influences environment?
  • Influence of gender discrimination on business performance.
  • How companies can manage negative review on social media?
  • An expository essay on the history, functions, and role of the United Relationship between physical and mental health.

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