Meaning of Freedom Essay Example

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The meaning of freedom is complex and has many different interpretations. For the purposes of this essay, I will be exploring the philosophical definition of freedom as it applies to humans in society. Freedom is an innate human need that we all seek out in order to feel fulfilled or happy. We are born free yet affected by external forces. The degree to which our lives are controlled by these outside influences determines how much freedom we have in life. Once we understand what holds us back from true freedom, then we can work on achieving it through education, activism, and even personal transformation.

Essay Example On Meaning of Freedom

Thesis Statement For Freedom Essay

It is very important to have freedom in every arena of life to live a happy and successful life. One cannot achieve the best success and happiness in one’s life without having access to freedom in all aspects.

Introduction Of Freedom Essay

The term freedom is a very vast and umbrella term that denotes the number of freedoms including the freedom to speak, freedom to live, and freedom at the workplace. There are several professionals like nursing where it is difficult to access this freedom which hinders the ultimate growth of the person. At the same time in many places, our personal freedom to take our decision is also curtailed which never let us happy and successful.

Working on a project, goal and mission also need complete freedom to use all efforts and ideas. Without freedom, one cannot suppose be the best and unique as perfection comes with experiments and it is impossible to do experiments if freedom is lacking. So eventually we can say that without freedom it is not possible to get success in life and thus happiness is also directly proportional to freedom.

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Main Body – Freedom Essay

Why it is important to have freedom in life?

Freedom is the basis of life for any living being be it Animals or humans as a person having no freedom cannot remain happy. Either at a personal level or at the social level at both platforms the freedom plays a significant role in human life. A person experiencing obstruction to any type of freedom feels like in prison where he cannot act according to his wish.

But we cannot say that a person should be free to do whatever he feels to do as in such case we give him a license to murder and loot the people. But yes as long as a person is not harming other’s freedom and peace he should be free to experience free will in his life.

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Is it crucial to provide absolute freedom to an employee on a professional level?

When it comes to absolute freedom it means the person is free to do anything he or she desires. Well, this type of utopian freedom does not exist in the human world as we cannot give the right to harm others just to access freedom.

When it comes to professional level freedom the situation can be seen with similar spectacles as absolute freedom can harm others even on a professional platform as well. For example, if a nurse will be given absolute freedom she can experience this freedom to harm the patient by troubling him psychologically. That is why the level of freedom should always be rigid and not elastic which can be stretched to any length.

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When a person is given the freedom he or she can do whatever they want to do as a result of which they can use their best mind to find success. On the contrary, when there will be restrictions to try your hand in every field of life success is not going to great you easily. The poor chances of success mean the person will not find any happiness in life as an unsuccessful person is unable to enjoy the lifelike that of a successful one. That is how we can relate success with happiness through freedom.

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Why only Human freedom is considered at a priority level

Freedom is the need of every living being on this earth but unfortunately most of the time we only pay attention to human freedom. The right of living, expression, and free will is considered in relation to humans only. Animals and other living entities are kept out of the sphere of freedom too often.

Even the right to live is also snatched from the animals in various societies and nations. But it is crucial to give attention to this side to save the rights of other living beings and give them basic freedom at least. Some intellectual people of society must ponder on this issue to come up with valid solutions that can solve the issues related to freedom for humans and animals as well.


From the above essay, we can make a conclusion that freedom is really the basis of life. One cannot achieve success and happiness if there are restrictions in one’s life. One has to put all his efforts to gain freedom in life if there occur any hindrance in the way. Most of the time people ignore the importance of freedom especially when it comes to women in poor nations which is not a good idea.

The right to equality can be exercised in real scenes when it is seen in relation to the freedom right. In a nutshell, freedom serves the basic need of every individual and one must fight to get that freedom if it is lacking in one’s life. Every type of freedom is crucial from personal to a professional level for becoming successful and happy in life.

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