Personal Narrative Topics Ideas

08/27/2021 | 912

If you have been assigned the narrative essay assignments then have a free list of personal narrative topics given below. With the help of these topics, you can write your essay for college on time. Essay topics on different areas are suggested for personal narrative essay writing assignments by the experts.

For example, you can find essay topics on social media, travel, and childhood, etc. From compare and contrast essay critical essay, rhetorical essay and profile essays can be written easily by the students on these topics. So whatever instructed to you by your professor write your essay in that way by selecting any topic from the topics list suggested here by professionals. The college students will get the best personal narrative essay writing tips in the form of the topic given below.

Personal narrative topics on childhood for graduates

  1. How do you see your childhood in a nostalgic stage is it feels appealing to you after a long time?
  2. Games that you used to play without your childhood friends in school and after school.
  3. The first movie that you watched in childhood with your friends and not with your parents.
  4. How did you find your very first friend in school during your childhood days?
  5. A memory of picnic day with friends during school days without elders.
  6. Best food of childhood that you usually used to carry in your lunch box.

Free personal narrative topics ideas for college students – Success

  1. What was your epiphany moment of life that laid the foundation of your career success?
  2. How you can see your success is it fate has given or the one achieved with hard and smart work.
  3. Efforts and struggle that you put in your life to gain success in your career.
  4. How difficult it was for you to ascend the stairs of success from childhood to the adult phase of life?
  5. Changes that occur in your life and friends circle once you become a successful and wealthy person in your life.
  6. Cite your success story in depth from the beginning to the end.
  7. The failures that you confronted in life before getting success.

Best topics ideas on travel for personal narrative essays

  1. What are the different places that you visited during your childhood days with your parents?
  2. The best travel trip in your life that you enjoy with your life partner.
  3. A road trip that you went with your friends and turn out to be a disaster and the most horrifying trip of your life.
  4. Your first journey by air and its experience.
  5. A tour that you explored alone without your friends and become the most memorable part of your life.
  6. The best place you visited in your entire life with friends in college days.

Personal narrative essay topics on uses of social media for high school

  1. How was your first encounter with social media during your college days?
  2. Which is the biggest tragedy that falls in your lap by the access to social media?
  3. The worst experience that you ever get by using social media in your entire life.
  4. The uses of social media that you find in your college days.
  5. Your first account on social media and its effect on your daily routine during school days.

Free personal narrative essay topics 2020:

  1. My first meeting with a famous person or a celebrity.
  2. A narrative essay reflecting on personal characteristics and other’s opinions of me.
  3. My relationship with my dad.
  4. Personal narrative essay on choosing a computer.
  5. Personal narrative essay on nostalgia and childhood.
  6. My playground memories.
  7. A personal war against my demons at night.
  8. Process of establishing personal goals in life.
  9. A personal narrative on the responsibility of taking care of your parents.
  10. My first International trip.

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Interesting personal narrative essay ideas in 2020:

    1. A personal account of the impact of ignorance and insensitivity of people regarding individuals and mental illnesses.
    2. How do I learn the Chinese language?
    3. A personal narrative to depict the achievement of personal goals.
    4. The memorable experience of my life.
    5. My responsibilities as an elder sister.
    6. Personal narrative essay on tries or die.
    7. Personal narrative essay on a mother’s love.
    8. My first job.
    9. My meaning of love.
    10. My favorite vacation.

Latest personal narrative essay titles [ 2020]:

  1. A personal narrative essay on the life of a photographer.
  2. Best summer memory of my childhood.
  3. The events that made me a stronger person.
  4. Personal narrative essay on my life choices.
  5. A personal narrative describing the rafting adventure.
  6. My experience of studying abroad.
  7. My anxiety disorder is my nightmare.
  8. A personal narrative on my Independence Day celebration experience.
  9. A personal narrative on a careless summer day at a lake.
  10. My earliest memory.
  11. A personal narrative of my college experiences as a freshman.
  1. A reflection of my English language improvement through the core program.
  2. My demonic love.
  3. A personal narrative of attending college.
  4. Near-death experience.
  5. What will I do if I won 2 million dollars?
  6. A personal narrative on my moving adventure.
  7. A personal narrative regarding a telephone company’s customer service.
  8. My secret place.
  9. The time I got my first cell phone.
  10. A personal narrative on the longest journey.
  11. The importance of believing in yourself in my life.

Amazing personal narrative essay topic ideas for undergraduates:

  1. A personal narrative about hating or loving Valentine’s Day.
  2. A place where I would like to live.
  3. How my family brought Christmas after my car accident?
  4. A personal narrative on my best friend.
  5. A personal narrative on the importance of challenging oneself.
  6. If I could go back in time.
  7. My parents taught me to be independent.
  8. A personal narrative on dealing with depression.
  9. A personal narrative of saying goodbye to one’s pet.
  10. My unusual vacation.
  11. A personal narrative on my love for nutrition.

Personal narrative essay topics 2020 for high school students:

  1. My journey towards achieving my happiness.
  2. A personal narrative on experience with a fashion internship.
  3. A personal narrative on gender differences in school.
  4. A personal narrative on kindness.
  5. My parents taught me to be independent.
  6. A personal narrative on a career in social work.
  7. A personal narrative linking two birthday parties.
  8. My trip to the end o the world.
  9. My journey towards achieving my happiness.
  10. A personal narrative on a sad day.
  11. A personal narrative about a relationship.
  1. A personal narrative on studying in your forties.
  2. A personal narrative on lifelong birthdays.
  3. A personal narrative on the dangers of drinking and driving.
  4. A personal narrative on a valuable lesson.
  5. A personal narrative of growing up and living with a disability.
  6. The different struggles of my elementary years.
  7. A personal narrative on my family.
  8. A personal narrative on the influence of psychology in life.
  9. The significance of my mother during my formative and academic years.
  10. A personal narrative on a new home.
  11. The moment I got my life back on track.

Top Personal narrative essay topics for university students:

  1. A personal narrative about taking different art classes and developing skills.
  2. A reflection on my journey of becoming a great writer.
  3. A personal narrative on my furry friend.
  4. Personal narrative to learn English.
  5. The purpose of reading in my life.
  6. A personal narrative on my school day.
  7. A personal narrative about the impact of the hardships in life.
  8. The most memorable hours of my life.
  9. A personal narrative on my leadership experience.
  10. A personal narrative about getting my degree.
  11. A personal narrative on my dream story.

In Fashion personal narrative essay topics to middle school students:

  1. The most memorable moment in my life.
  2. A personal narrative on a special gift.
  3. A personal narrative of my path to recovery.
  4. A major event I am most proud of.
  5. Personal narrative essay on to leave or to stay.
  6. A personal narrative of the quintessence of my being me.
  7. My love story with my husband.
  8. A personal narrative on true happiness.
  9. A personal narrative of my educational journey to higher forms of education.
  10. The lessons I have learned from my college education.
  11. A personal narrative on a day fun day.

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