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Plagiarism is one of the very complex and serious problems faced by the students from all around the world. Plagiarism can be said to be as a conduct of using data, thoughts, ideas or any intellectual property of any other person without the owner’s acknowledgment. In simple words, we can say that using thoughts or ideas of another person for advantage without giving him any acknowledge is called plagiarism. It can also be said to be as the use of some other person writing in our work and mentioning it as our own without giving him proper reference or acknowledgment.

Why it is essential for the students to submit a plagiarism free work?

Students are concerned about this term because they were required to make each and every assignment and essay plagiarism free, this carries major proportion of their marks, as students might also get failed if their submitted work were found for plagiarism issues. International Students who went for higher studies and have never been came across such factors in their home and find it more difficult to meet the specifications and thus need high skills and efforts in order to draft various type of research paper free from plagiarism.

How can students get a plagiarism free assignment written?

Many Students from around the world are familiar with this term, some are not but most of the students find it difficult how to cope with it and get into trouble while completing there college homework and essays and thus look for online assignment help websites who can write their essay assignments free from plagiarism. Many students try to understand the term plagiarism and also look for a guide which can help them to understand what it is and why it is important for them to understand it and how they can avoid it.

Here is a complete guide on what plagiarism is and why it is important for students, and how they can avoid it. This guide also focuses on explaining the kinds of plagiarism. Further the assignment help expert has also tried to explain the term paraphrasing and the tools for plagiarism check which can be used to track the plagiarism issues, and also how to get rid of this problem and how can assist you with your assignments and essays and make it free from plagiarism.

Is plagiarizing academic work a serious offense for the students?

When plagiarism is one of the serious offenses, then why are students coming across it? This question is answered very effectively below. Students from all around the world have some specific situations in which students think that making an assignment using other people’s content is the easiest way to get rid of their academic problems. Some Basic Factors Include:

  • Students have always feared from the failure situation and try to complete their assignment work in any manner.
  • Many students avoid taking risks in their assignment writing work. So students think that copied content from a reliable source instead of writing is the best option for them for completing their assignment very effectively.
  • Students always have bad Time-management skills. Students don’t manage their time and their effort effectively in completing the required research for their assignment work. In that condition, copied content from a reliable source is the only way left for students to complete their assignment work on time.

Kinds of Plagiarism:-

There are three kinds of plagiarism: -

A) Complete plagiarism: - When a student copies the complete article from a book or a website then this type of plagiarism is termed as “complete-plagiarism”. Submission of the same assignment copy from multiple students also falls under complete-plagiarism. Many students were expelled out from the Universities and colleges due to complete plagiarism.

B) Copy-paste plagiarism: - When a student copy some content or paragraph from the Internet and insert it inside the assignment writing then the plagiarism is known as “copy-paste plagiarism.”

C) Copy-paste reference plagiarism: - This type of plagiarism takes place when a student inserts a paragraph or ideas of another writer inside the assignment copy without mentioning the reference or without highlighting the paragraph.

What are quotation mark, block quotation, and reference?

  • Quotation mark: - Quotation mark indicates the ideas and sentences of the writer mention in the assignment. Quotation marks are used to highlight 20 to 25 words.
  • Reference: - Reference indicates that the real paragraph or sentence is taken from a particular book or a website. There are various kinds of referencing styles guidance which students can use such as Harvard referencing guide, MLA referencing guide and others.
  • Block quotation: - Block quotations are used to separate the paragraph or text from the quoted line.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is an art of re-writing a text or thought of some else in our own words. If you are making a text loosely identical, then it’s ok and will not count as plagiarism. But, if you will rewrite it in almost identical manner, then it will count as plagiarism. Paraphrasing is also an art of a writer to modify a sentence of a paragraph without changing the meaning of the paragraph.

Here are few tips for less identical paraphrasing: -

A) Think as much as you can: - It is very necessary to use your brain to write assignments effectively. It will help you to modify the paragraph in your own words without making it nearly identical.

B) Keep paraphrasing short: - If you will insert a single or two sentences from the reference, then it is considered by the universities or college. But, if you are going to include more similar content from the paragraph or reference than it is considered as a plagiarism.

C) Signal the source in the text: - It is very necessary to highlight the copied sentence or quotes. If you don’t highlight it, then it will create a plagiarized issue.

Why should student always avoid using plagiarism?

1. Professors are always one step forward from students: - Professors are smarter than students and are always one step forward from the student. They know very well about student’s writing capabilities, writing-style, and capability of doing research on a particular topic.

2. Professors don’t appreciate plagiarized work: - Every professor always focuses towards the creativity and hard work of students in his given assignment work. Professors always hate those students, who understand assignment writing is a burden for them.

3. From gaining knowledge aspect: - There are various advantages of writing assignments by your own. If you are writing your assignment by your own, you must write it unique and authenticate. When you prepare your assignment well, you attain a good level of understanding on the topic as compared to copying it from some other resource.

4. Professors also use the web: - Your professors also have much knowledge about the web and how to use the Internet for checking plagiarism in assignments. So, they can check the work delivered by the students easily and find the plagiarized content at first. If you are using latest gadgets and technology to enhance your skills, then your professors are not behind away from you. Universities and colleges have adopted technology to enhance education system. So, beware your professors are also using technology to check your work.

5. Plagiarism content affects academic grades: - If a student will submit a plagiarized content or can say a duplicate content, then it can affect his/her academic grades. Academic grades indicate the performance of a student. It is very necessary to get good marks in universities and colleges for bright future. Plagiarized content in the assignment indicates that students have not invested the time in the research. If a student will not put extra efforts to make assignments unique and will submit a plagiarized content then why a professor will award him/her good grades for doing nothing. Beware not to submit plagiarized assignments.

6. Negative impression: - It is very necessary to keep up a good reputation during student life. A good impression always works as a friend while bad impression will behave like an enemy. Plagiarized assignments can put a negative impression on the professors. If you have a good reputation in the school, college, and university, plagiarism assignments will take an hour to turn your positive impression into negative.

How to Avoid Plagiarism: -

  • If you are adding a quote written by another writer, then you must cite that quote or paragraph. The cited quote does not count as plagiarism but if you fail to cite it, then it will count as a plagiarized. It is necessary to cite the paragraph in the proper format. You can use website for this purpose.
  • If you are using a paragraph or note from any website or book then, you must mention the reference for that content. Content or paragraph taken from any textbook or website without reference also counts as plagiarism content in Colleges and Universities.
  • Do not copy the real content. It is necessary to rewrite the content in your own words to avoid plagiarism. also you can take expert guideline for essay help from our experts.
  • Always start assignment writing with a positive thinking that you can write a fresh and unique assignment without plagiarism. It is a good practice to take help of any expert in that field. If you will find an expert, then ask them about the topic and then design your own content.
  • If you will work hard and write the content in your own words, then you are reducing the amount of plagiarized content than others.
  • It is better to check your assignment copy on, etc. tools before submission. A check before the assignment submission will be very helpful.
  • If you are unable to rewrite the content, then, you can use Google translate to understand the paragraph in your own language then write it in your own words. It is also a beneficial step to write plagiarism free assignment.

How to analyze whether a content is plagiarized or not?

It is very important to cross-check the content before submission. It will protect you from plagiarized risks. You can use websites like,, etc., to perform a plagiarism check. These websites will check your content with other web-pages available online. They will trace the plagiarized content and mark it. In this way, you can make your assignments 100% unique and plagiarism free before submission.

Penalties for plagiarized content: -

A) Degradation: - Plagiarism content indicates that you have not worked hard to complete the assignment. You will get poor grades in the academic result.

B) College may expel you out: - It is also possible that Universities and colleges will cancel your admission, and you need to leave the college or university. It can spoil your future and career. Universities and colleges are very strict to fight against plagiarism, and they don’t tolerate such kind of activities in their campus.

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