Funny Homework Excuses

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Everyone has experienced schooling life. Once upon a time, we all were the kids and teenagers always had a headache of completing the homework on time to avoid the punishment. But still, due to the carelessness and getting involved in the extracurricular activities, at some point we cannot complete the homework. At that time, we used to give numerous excuses to the teachers for being unable to complete the homework on time.

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Some excuses for not completing homework on time

Most of the students do not like completing the homework, but the fear of the teacher and parents insists them to complete the homework. Still, there are some funny excuses that most USA students give to their teachers every now and then.

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1. I didn’t want to do it

A simple refusal to do the assignment indicates that the student is being truthful and not just talking. If the student says they just didn’t want to do it, you know they’re sincere. This is a type of excuse that might work with some teacher but not for parents. If your parents listen to this from you, they might take away all your favorite gadgets.

2. Family pet ate it

Whether they are dogs, cats, bunnies or guinea pigs, there’s no need to worry about what you have going on. They just don’t care regardless of how important something is. The best part about this excuse is that if you’re diligent about keeping an eye on your writing, your parents might not be upset. However, your teachers might be.

3. Left it at school over the weekend

Another reason for not completing the homework on time was that the notebook was left in the class over the weekend. This can be the logical and realistic excuse that might save you from getting punished by the teachers.

4. I don’t know where it is

If you give this excuse that you are unaware of where you have misplaced the notebook in which you were supposed to complete the homework, it might put you in trouble because it’s your responsibility to take care of the notebook. So, unfortunately, this excuse might not work in the majority of the case. But still, you can try this excuse if your notebook has actually been stolen.

5. I was gone when it was assigned

Another excuse that most students give for not completing the homework is that they were not available in class when work was being assigned. But in today’s digital world, this excuse will rarely work as teachers send the assignments to your mobile phone even if you are not present in college/school.

6. I’m sick

One of the oldest excuses that every student must have given their school life to the teachers for not doing the homework that is “I was sick”. There are very rare chances that this excuse will work on the teacher because teachers are very clever and have the necessary skills to catch the excuse you are giving.

7. Don’t understand the assignment

Learning varies from person to person. Some people learn quickly and only need one lesson to get a good hold on the subject. Others are not so quick, requiring multiple lessons to understand the subject truly. Yet sometimes, it’s completely fine to try things and learn from the mistakes you did.

8. Night filled with extra-curricular

There is often a lot to be done after school, including sports practice, an after-school job, and school-related activities. It’s not uncommon for students to be busy all night long, from the moment school gets over until the time when they have to crawl into bed. The basketball game that went into overtime can be an excuse if you have to do homework at 10 pm, but that’s sometimes the only option.

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9. The Wi-Fi wasn’t working

The growing technology and convenience that we receive from the internet also come with several technical issues. No doubt, if you are using some technical or electronic item, it will obviously have some issues which can keep your work on hold.

The same rule applies to the Wi-Fi signal. Several schools in the United States provide students with the facility of completing homework on laptops or tablets. Nothing is a better excuse than to say the Wi-Fi had some network issues in such a case. This is considered as one of the logical issues and sometimes the real ones.

10. Give it to my friend

Another possible excuse that you can give for not completing homework on time is that you have given your notebook to your friend, but they misplaced it due to which you weren’t able to complete the homework.


What is the best excuse to miss homework?

Some best excuses that most of the students give for missing the homework:

  • I completed the homework but didn’t find where I have kept my homework.
  • My pet tore homework.
  • My laptop or computer has gone for repair.
  • I was not available in the class when the homework was being assigned.

What do you say when you don’t do your homework?

If you can’t complete your homework, you should be honest about it. You should apologize for not being able to do your homework. It is understandable that you got behind on your homework and didn’t have time to finish it.

What are good excuses for late assignments?

Some most possible used for submitting the assignment late.

  • Accusing illness of late homework is unjust. Sickness and illness are natural occurrences, and they cannot be avoided.
  • Someone died in my house.
  • I’m a caretaker
  • Job Interview.

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We hope the above excuses might have saved you from your parents and teachers. Most of the excuses above are common among the students, which might or might not have saved them from the punishment of the teachers. But continuously giving such excuses might be the biggest trouble for you because no teacher will accept the excuses every time, hindering your image in front of your mates and lowering your marks in the schools or college.

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