How to Summarize an Article Without Plagiarizing

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It is very difficult to stay away from plagiarism because when we do research many points from reference source remains in our head. These points get written unconsciously in the original article we are writing and become the cause of plagiarism. Tips for summarizing without plagiarism for articles and research papers etc. are given here by the experts. Even if you do not want to plagiarise there are instances when some quotation and reference are to be written from a research source.  Such things turn out to be plagiarism in the original work, that is why follow the tricks given below that can save you from such a situation. Even you are knowingly writing someone’s ideas still summarize without plagiarizing, easily. You just need to follow the below tips.

What is Plagiarism?

Stealing someone else’s ideas and then claiming that they are their own ideas is what we can refer to as plagiarism in academic writing. There have been so many incidences when people caught in the scenario of plagiarism and get dismissed from the contests like paper reading, conference, etc. So it is very important to be yourself while writing an essay, article, or any other research work. Even writing someone else’s ideas in your language is also known as plagiarism as long as you are stealing their thought.

Consequences of writing plagiarized essays and articles for college

If you are involved in the pursuit of plagiarism in your college assignments then it is very common to get trapped in a serious problem. This is because professors are well-read in every field and they would not take a moment to recognize the plagiarized work. As a result of which you will get zero scores in your essay, research papers, and article writing work of the college. Other formal actions can be taken against you that can become the cause of expulsion from the college as well. So be very much specific and particular about not copying anyone’s ideas for writing your college essay and research paper assignments. There is no need to follow the apt research methodologies if you are getting caught for plagiarism.

How to summarize an article without plagiarizing?

Here are a few tips that can help you to write an article without plagiarizing even if you are trying to take the guidance from someone else’s thesis. Go through these tips provided below by the experts to make you perfect in summarising articles without plagiarism. You will be able to fetch a good score in your research paper and essay writing by ignoring the plagiarism by understanding the minute tricks given here that will save you from the title of plagiarism.

1. Jot down the major quotations while reading the resource text

The source that you are using for reference or research purposes must be authentic in the first place. Try to write down important quotations from the source to quote them in your own article by referring to the actual author. That is how you can save yourself from the tag of plagiarism as you are not claiming that it is your work but quoting it to explain the things. Stuffing too many quotations in your article of research work does not make much sense and only a few of them should be extracted from the resource. It will appear genuine and not like you have written them to increase the volume of your paper.

2. Keep a note on the resources used for research for article or essay

You cannot suppose to forget about the resources which you have to utilise for the purpose of research. For example, if you are quoting a text in your essay make sure that the book or article from where you have collect information must be in your brain . You can jot them down on a rough sheet of paper easily for further reference. There are some important things that need to be written regarding the resources like the name of the book, page number, publication house, and date of publication, etc. Similarly, before gathering information you should thoroughly analyze and collect information about source first. That is how you will be able to give a good citation for your assignments of the college and universities.

3. Learn the rules of essay citation in MLA and APA format

There are different types of essays and research paper citations based on their format that is MLA and APA format. When you will be citing your resources then there are fewer chances of plagiarism. Make sure that the way of citing research paper and essay is not wrong as many people commit mistakes in the process of citation.

So learn from the authentic place about how to write a thesis citation of essay citation for the college assignments. Apart from the MLA format of citation, there are many other formats of essay writing as well. For example APA format of citation and many others on the list. Get command on each type of them to become successful in writing good citations of your assignments.

4. Rewrite the crux of the main text

In case you are not able to manage your unique ideas for writing the research paper or essay then the best way is to read the source again and again. After going through it multiple times you will be able to understand the gist of the content. Then rewrite it by using your own context and examples on the issue or topic. That will also shield you from plagiarism easily and wisely as well. Many students are doing the same thing in the present time when they have no time for actual research. So when you will merge up the two-person ideas a new article will definitely come up.

5. Paraphrasing is a good trick to avoid plagiarizing

Paraphrasing is more of fewer means to write the same content as written in the primary text but by using own words. You cannot go on writing the same vocabulary which is very common of course. So try to find the new tricks that can entirely change the sentence to make it different from the original work. Make sure that you are not ending up with the paraphrasing for the entire article of the research paper. Just catch the main points and add some original arguments as well. So whenever you find it difficult to write an assignment for college in a short time period just try to paraphrase the things from sample essays or articles.

6. Never forget to write the quotations in inverted commas

While you are writing your quotations in the article it is very crucial to put them in the inverted commas. There are many instances when you are trying to be honest towards your assignments but still need to add some quotations in the essay to justify a statement. You need to put inverted commas at the beginning and end of the line of quotation. This shows that you disown your claims from the quotation. More do not engage with too long lines from the resource text. Try to pick those quotes which are easy to explain and smaller in size comparatively. That is how you will be able to ply on the safer side by saving yourself from the fear of plagiarizing in college as well as university assignments like research papers and essays.

7. Check the plagiarism before final submission

If you have paraphrase content along with quotations it is very crucial to have a test from plagiarism checker. It will show you the percentage of plagiarism which must not ascend ten percent at the maximum. If you are on the safer side in the context of plagiarizing only then submit your paper or article in the college in other cases try to understand the cause of plagiarism mentioned by the detector and rectify them accordingly.

Important facts about plagiarizing

Citing the sources writing any paper is all about giving credit where credit is due. Using the words and ideas of other people without giving them credit is plagiarism and is basically a academic misconduct. An important fact about plagiarism is that as per the national surveypublished in Education Week:

  • 54% of students admitted to plagiarizing from the Internet
  • 74% of students engaged in “serious” cheating at least once during the past school year
  • 47% of students believe their teachers sometimes choose to ignore students who are cheating

What is self-plagiarism?

Self-plagiarism is basically using content of its own existing work for writing new assignments. It is basically a publication of identical papers in two places. It is a best practice of citing existing work thoroughly if you are simply revising your existing ideas.

Why self-plagiarism is wrong?

Self-plagiarizing can also have harmful consequences. There are many reasons for avoiding it such as:

It is essential to note that the standard procedure of publication in many journals includes ceding copyright of the finished paper to the publisher. Reuse of material without citation and/or permission is not acceptable. If still you re-use published material then it can be a case of copyright infringement because of which you might have to face legal issues.

2. Journals will catch plagiarizing and delay in your publication process

Many colleges use advanced software such as iThenticate for checking the plagiarism in content. If in case students have copied the text from existing published papers (plagiarizing), it will be flagged during the process. In case you have done plagiarizing then the tutor may ask you to rewrite your assignment.

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