Students Need To Avoid Plagiarism

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Plagiarism is defined as using the other person’s thoughts and ideas without crediting the original author. Plagiarism is often committed consciously but can also be accidental as a result of carelessness or forgetfulness.

There is some kind of thoughts and writing that cannot be changed, like academic paper writing. When writing the academic content, you need to take ideas and generate thoughts from other people’s work and utilities some reliable sources to get accurate evidence and information. To prevent your writing from plagiarism, you need to write properly and properly use sources and information.

Ways you should know to avoid plagiarism

Make sure your paper is plagiarism-free by following these four steps:

  • Keep track of the sources you consult in your research.
  • You need to keep complete track of the sources you can take help with while writing the content.
  • No doubt paraphrasing and rewriting the article from the reliable sources right, but ensure to add your ideas and words rather than copying the same from the other sites.
  • Whenever you are taking information from the original author sites, ensure to credit the original author in an in-text citation and reference list.

To check if your written article/content contains plagiarism, you much use a reliable plagiarism checker to check the content before final submission.

To avoid plagiarism, you need to adhere to these steps, so make sure you do so with each paper you write.

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Step 1: Before writing, organize your sources

It’s effortless to avoid plagiarism if you deliberately keep complete track of each source that you are using to write the paper.

Get organized

In most cases, plagiarism occurs when students overlook from where an idea came from and present it as their copyright. Keeping your notes organized and compiling a list of citations will help you to avoid plagiarism.

While writing, clearly mention the thoughts written by you along with those that are taken from the other sources. Also, bold or highlight the sentence or statement that requires citations, and bold the text you copied completely from a credible source along with quotation marks.

Allow yourself sufficient time to complete the assignment with the required concentration to look for trusted sources.

As an example, let’s imagine you’re writing an essay on global warming and noting the most important points and the evidence you’ll use in your notes. To indicate sources required, information taken from a specific source, or direct quotes from sources, you could use different colored highlighters.

Keep track of your sources.

To make things easier for your sake, ensure to pen down the complete details from the source that you take as a reference to write articles. The sources should not be limited just to books and journal articles; instead, you can also go with websites, magazine articles, and videos. It will be easy for you to go back and verify where you found a sentence, fact, or idea that is relevant to your paper.

Make sure your sources are credible.

It is essential to ensure that the sources you are seeking help to write the article must be credible. A credible source is considered free from any bias and is supported by the relevant sources. Such sources are provided by the reliable author or organisation and are prevented from any buzzwords, vague terms, and the writing is too subjective.

The first place to start is many times academic journals and books published by academic publishers. Google Scholar is also a useful resource for finding information. The strongest caution should be taken with web sources since they can be hard to evaluate for credibility.

Step 2: Quote and paraphrase correctly.

If you are willing to express your views and idea from a particular source, in that situation, you will require quoting or paraphrasing the particular sentence properly and always interlink the source from where you have taken the information. Ensure to add attractive and appealing content through your ideas, conclusion and interpretation.

Basically, writing is much better than copying, especially when you are writing long paragraphs. This shows that you completely understand the actual meaning of the original text, and you are expressing your views in the paper.

Avoiding plagiarism when quoting

Whenever you are quoting the information, ensure to avoid plagiarism. Quoting means copying exactly the same information word to word. Your own words must be used to introduce the copied text, quotes must encircle it, and they must be attributed correctly to the original writer.

Generally, use quotes sparingly. They’re appropriate when:

  • By using the original author’s precise definition, you are adhering to the original text.
  • The original text cannot be rephrased without losing its meaning.
  • You wish to maintain the style and authority of the author’s writing.
  • Quotes longer than a few lines should be formatted as block quotes. However, paraphrasing longer blocks of text is usually more appropriate.

Avoiding plagiarism when paraphrasing

Paraphrasing or rewriting means expressing your idea considering the source information.

The point of paraphrasing is not just to switch out a couple of words from the copied and pasted text. For the paraphrase to be effective, you must rewrite the author’s point to demonstrate that it contains complete information.

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Step 3: Cite your sources correctly

Whenever you copy or paraphrase the information from the source, you should not forget to include in-text or footnote citations clearly mentioning the original author.

In your reference list or bibliography, every citation must be accompanied by a complete reference. The readers can then access the source themselves if they wish to know more related to it.

There are a wide variety of citation styles, each with its own rules. APA, MLA, and Chicago styles are a few of the most common. Your instructor might specify a specific style for you to use, or you may be able to choose your own. But most importantly, your style must be consistent throughout.

Citing multiple sources

If you have to take one sentence from the numerous sources, ensure to cite them separately so that readers can know which material came from which site, books, video, etc.

Step 4: Check your work

You should carefully review your paper before submitting it to ensure it is free of errors that can constitute plagiarism. Common errors include:

  • Forgotten or misplaced citations
  • Missing quotation marks
  • Paraphrased material that’s too similar to the original text
  • Sources missing from the reference list

Run it through a plagiarism checker

To detect plagiarism, universities typically use plagiarism checkers. These programs scan your document, compare it to a database of articles and web pages, and highlight similar passages.

Check your paper for plagiarism yourself before submitting it. This will help you identify if you forgot to cite sources, omitted quotation marks, or compared your paraphrase with the original too closely. After that, you can easily fix all instances of plagiarism by following the steps listed above.

To help students choose a plagiarism checker, we conducted an in-depth comparison of 9 plagiarism checkers to determine which one performed best.

Double-check your citations

Scribbr’s Citation Checker can help you detect errors and make sure your reference list is properly formatted if you use APA style citations. This tool can also help you identify inconsistencies between your in-text citations and reference list.

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