Excuse Me I Don’t Want To Do My Homework!

04/17/2019 | 3445 views

Around 80% of students had never liked the idea of getting and doing homework. They feel that it is not worth doing it. Students find all sorts of excuses and ways for not doing their homework. Most of the students feel that doing homework means just wastage of their precious time. They just let it pass on till the next day and this often continues much longer. Sometimes they also take help from a homework helper to do their work.  If they don’t take help when they delay their homework and make an excuse for not doing it. When the teacher asks for their homework they come up with loads of excuses to save themselves.

So, here are some of the foolproof excuses to those students who don’t have a good explanation to convince their teachers regarding the failure of submitting the given homework. So, students- “You cannot use the same excuse again and again. Why you don’t give some unique excuses to your teachers?”

 Foolproof Excuses to say for not doing homework.

  1. The most common excuse that can save you from the wrath of your teacher is that just tell your teacher that you forgot to bring your notebook in a hurry. This excuse will work only for the first time when you fail to submit your homework. Moreover, don’t try this trick again and again. Just remember if you are smart, then your teacher is smarter than you.
  2. Another genuine excuse to give is regarding the ill health of yours or your family members. Just tell them that you are sick or your sister or mother is sick and you have looked after them. So, frequent health problems, fevers or any kind of diseases will definitely convince the teacher and she will also understand the reason behind your inability to do your homework. Moreover, if you feel that who will write my homework or who will write my essay then StudentsAssignmentHelp.Com will surely come to your help
  3. If you have a sibling who is a toddler, then you can give an excuse that though you have completed your homework but your little brothertore your notebook. If you are giving this excuse then you will get a little scolding for your carelessness and not paying attention to your belongings. But this will save you from getting a bigger punishment for your incomplete homework.
  4. If you need to submit your homework in the form of computer prints, and you have not yet completed your homework assignments. Then you can just give an excuse that your computer or printer has failed to work last night. In this regards, you could take Instant assignment help from various online homework services.
  5. Many times it is seen that people forgot things in the car or in any public transport. If you say that you were revising your homework on the transport and mistakenly left the notebook in a hurry. it is a best excuse for not doing homework.
  6. Finally, it is always better to tell the actual truth for not doing your homework.  Moreover, it is also not a good habit to miss your homework all the time and give excuses . It will be helpful if you really tell your teacher the actual reason for not doing your homework. Moreover, just try to concentrate upon your homework and this will lead to gaining trust and appreciation from your teachers.

If your child is making such excuses for doing homework than you need to find new ways for  improving the Children homework experience. 

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