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Facts About Plagiarism And Tools To Avoid It

Student's Assignment Help 01/01/2016 559 Views
  • Plagiarism: – When a person uses another’s work for his own sake then this kind of cheating is known as “Plagiarism”. Plagiarism issue is common in schools, colleges and universities. Students cheat professors by copy-pasting the original content from the website or book and prepare their documents. It is not a good practice. Try to avoid plagiarism.
  • Significance: – A survey was held in the USA and Canada between students and professors. This survey reveals that 40% students admitted that they have copied the content from the internet to complete their assignments. Professor reveals that some students were suspended from the University due to 100% plagiarized work. Many students got poor grades for small plagiarized work. A survey held in 2002-2005 reveals that 36% undergraduates done paraphrasing, 14% admits that they fabricated the bibliography.12% graduates had not cited the content before submission.7% students didn’t mention the reference for the work.

Here are the facts about plagiarism: –

  • A) Plagiarism code of conducts: – Many universities and college follow a code of conduct against plagiarism. They have made rules to fight against plagiarism inside their campus. If a student found guilty then he/she has to face troubles. They have defined their rules based on the amount of plagiarism content. Many universities are strict about plagiarized issue and have adopted a zero-tolerance policy. If you will submit plagiarized content, then you may lose good grades or universities and college may cancel your admission or you have to face suspension. Many schools and colleges add a notation to the transcript that this student was involved in plagiarism. It affects when you wish to change or transfer the school. Students must avoid plagiarism.
  • B) No scholarship: – Results of plagiarism content may be dangerous. If your assignment found plagiarized then you will never get the scholarship. A plagiarized assignment submission is sufficient to convert your positive image into negative.
  • C) Plagiarism detection is easy: – Students think that they are smart and universities will never catch them for the duplicate work. Students forget that the technology that helps them in assignment writing also helps professors to track their work. There are many online and offline software available to check whether a soft copy is plagiarized or not. So, beware of technology.

Tools that help in avoiding plagiarism: –

It is necessary to check the content before submission. A check will help to avoid plagiarism. There are various online plagiarism checker tools available that will help you to make assignments plagiarism free: –
Research Paper

Facts about plagiarism and tools to avoid it

  • A) Copyscape: – CopyScape is the best tool to check plagiarism. You will get detailed and more accurate results. It charges 5 cents per copy.
  • B) – is a paid plagiarism checker tool that will compare the content of your soft copy with the content present on 5 million web pages. It will also help in improving the quality of assignment by checking grammar and spelling mistakes. It will generate citation errors, paraphrasing etc errors separately. It is costly as it charges $30/month.
  • C) Small SEO tools: – “Small SEO tools” is a free software tool that helps in checking whether the assignment copy is plagiarism free or not. It will highlight the plagiarized content with a red line. You can easily modify the content and make plagiarism free assignment copy. It also gives the original source link to the plagiarized content.
  • D) VIPER: – Viper is also an effective plagiarism checker tool. It will scan you copy and compare it with 10 billion resources. It offers unlimited copy check. It also offers a link to the original work. It is free of cost.

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