Who Invented Homework and Why

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Who invented homework and why?

Facts every student should know about the homework, including who, why, and when it was invented.

Homework is an essential part of our education system. It makes students creative, productive, and hard-working. Generally, all students, while doing their homework, develop a question in their mind about who invented homework and why he invented it. This question they develop because they take doing homework as a burden and an obstacle in their enjoyment after school.

And the main reason behind this is that students are not taught the importance and the reason behind this great invention as the concept of homework is very old, and no or very less information is available about it. We have tried to gather as much information as we can, which can be helpful for the students to get the answer to their question.

Inventor of Homework

You are involved in the activity of doing homework since your early years at school. The concept of “Homework” dated back to the 1st century AD and was introduced by the Roman teacher “Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus” popularly known by the name “Pliny the Younger.” He was an author, magistrate, and lawyer in Ancient Rome.

This Greek teacher was the one who has asked his students and scholars in Quintilian to get themselves involved in activities of practice at home. According to him, the method of homework was meant to develop the learning skills of a student in a surrounding which is not his school or learning area. So, finally, since then, this teaching approach was adopted by other teachers as well.

If you see the historical background of introducing homework in education, an Italian teacher, Roberto Nevilis, is thought to be the actual inventor of homework. He has introduced homework in 1905 and made it mandatory for the students. Moreover, he also proposed that the failure of doing homework will lead to punishment for students. So, since this time, the practice of doing homework is widely popular and accepted by teachers, students, parents, and educational institutions.

When was it invented?

No or very less information is available about the exact time of the invention of homework yet homework as a part of an education system can be traced back to 1st century AD as available in various sources of information. That time doing homework was not mandatory as that time getting an education was the privilege of only the resourced people and rich people were not in the habit of doing homework.

This approach of homework continued until the 20th century. It was when the mandatory clause was linked with the homework. This great work was done by an Italian teacher, “Roberto Nevilis.”

Since then, many new developments took place, and the concept of homework has also evolved with time. Now homework is very diverse and includes itself many new fields and ideas.

Why was homework invented?

After the invention of homework, all the teachers have accepted this idea, which was earlier proposed by the original inventor of homework. Moreover, doing homework was considered an essential part of training in education. It is so because without preparing and revising the earlier taught portion of the subject at home, it is impossible to explain the further part of the subject.

Homework  lays a great significance to detect the learning ability of the student. Moreover, it is imperative for the student to learn and study independently.

Why is homework needed?

  • In school, you study a lot of subjects, but after school, some of them gained knowledge may go out of your mind. So, to keep the knowledge intact on your mind, homework is essential.
  • You can be fluent and be strong in the subjects only when you learn and memorize the given class notes.
  • Homework determines the all-round development of students and also develops their creativity and ability.
  • Teaching is successful only when the student prepares their homework correctly.
  • Introduce a sense of responsibility, independence, and strong will power.
  • Mastering the learning skills taught during the teaching method.
  • Creating the ability to gain more information and knowledge through various sources.
  • Increasing a student’s research skills.

Different forms of homework

In modern times, there are various types of homework  which teachers gives to the students. It includes:

  • Strict learning of textbook material.
  • Reading and learning study materials orally.
  • Writing answers and solutions to the given question.
  • Creating essays, assignments, etc.
  • Performing experiments.

Students must perform all the above works for their homework. If students are unable to do that, then there is no harm in taking online support from the subject experts. If you want to submit the right assignment, then you can desire their help and tell them “make my assignments.”

The task of giving homework must meet certain norms. These are:

  • Homework must be reasonable.
  • Given the homework task must not be in large portion nor tough.

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Importance of having homework

Learning at home can contribute significant importance and benefits in learning subjects. Moreover, you can also get a great deal of knowledge by doing homework.

Homework is an integral part of the practice of Education. Homework makes the learning of a subject easier and successful. But sometimes doing loads of homework can cause a problem for most of the students.

They might have less time to prepare for their homework. Moreover, sometimes doing lots of homework will make them concentrate on their studies less or have less or no time for other works. Moreover, if you feel that you need some and tell them, “Do my homework!” then you can get the help of online homework helpers at StudentsAssignmentHelp.Com. The services of homework help are available at pocket-friendly prices from this exclusive website.

Though some students might feel it as a burden, homework is an integral part of the education system. Unlike the original intention behind the invention of homework, though this concept has evolved to include many new fields and ideas, yet it has developed into being a burden on the students. Now, homework no more makes the student creative or helps in the development of mind rather ends up being a burden.

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