Why am I So Tired After School?

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In all of its stages, our bodies and minds face different demands. Student life brings pressures from academics and more unsaid things that disturb our minds when we grow up.

Teenagers are constantly faced with many challenges, including being social, adapting to involuntary changes in body structure, hormonal changes, and other concerns. As a result, various factors can make students feel lethargic after school, especially when they reach home. Here are the top 7 reasons that cause students to feel fatigued after returning from school.

Best Possible reasons of getting tired after returning from school

Adolescence- the time for change

The teenage time is when students find themselves tired, stressed, becoming couch potatoes, and underperforming – all are signs of a deeper frustration they face while facing change.

An increasing sense of social acceptance, as well as increasing demands on your psychological and physiological health, leads to an irritable temper, irritability, and fatigue.

Often, lethargy is not just due to a lack of energy. Usually, students bury themselves in their rooms and away from family and friends, so they can accept growth and live a peaceful existence.

Curing the sleep issue is pivotal.

Student problems are most commonly caused by irregular sleep. Sleeping for fewer than five hours a night is a significant concern. It’s important to get eight or nine hours of sleep each night to start the day on a high note, remain productive, and maintain those levels of productivity whether you’re engaged in school activities, extracurricular, or taking in what you’ve learned at home.

A student who stays awake for too long can no longer function at their best level. This means ensuring proper sleep is essential to stay healthy and fresh at all times. In addition, proper sleep gives an individual a strong immune system and makes them feel better physically and mentally.

When students don’t exercise enough!          

Getting in the gym, running, or exercising during the morning hours is the last thing anyone wants to do, but it has plenty of benefits if done correctly.

During intense exercise, you might feel worn out, aching, and tired, but know that oxygen boosts the effectiveness of the lungs and heart, which leaves you feeling more energized and reduces fatigue.

Due to packed classes, long school hours, and extracurricular activities, you don’t need to be a fitness freak or do hardcore exercise, but taking 15 or 20 minutes a day for exercise or every alternate day can do a lot to bring significant improvement to your health!

You will improve your energy levels and enhance the flow of nutrients in your body by doing regular exercise!

Caffeine addiction can take away oodles of energy from the body.

Drinking coffee before you go to bed will keep you awake and put you in the mood for more activity after school, so try to drink as much coffee as you can after you arrive home. Unfortunately, rather than acting as a booster at first, it slows you down by slowing down the alert response.

However, if you want to get rid of irritation and headache, you should avoid consuming caffeine. Today, almost every teenager is addicted to caffeine just to stay awake for longer to study hard, but it is not the right choice since it can weaken you.

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Deficiency in proper nutrition, lack of Vitamin B and iron

It is common for girls to have low iron levels, especially since they are under academic pressure, busy with sports and extra-curricular activities, and pursuing several different interests.

Hence, the body requires a proper diet containing iron-rich foods, green leafy vegetables, lean meats, pulses, fresh fruits, and citrus fruits high in Vitamin C. In addition, it is possible to make your body utilize energy correctly by including food rich in Vitamin B into your diet.

So the body needs proper support like a rich diet with the inclusion of iron-loaded foods, green leafy veggies, lean meats, pulses, fresh fruits, and a variety of citrus fruits scoring high on Vitamin C as part of the daily diet.

In order to make the body use up energy in the right way with what you eat, the inclusion of food rich in Vitamin B can be a feasible option. In your regular diet, make sure that you regularly eat grains like brown rice, barley, lean proteins, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, chicken, and turkey to stay active all the time.

The state of remaining dehydrated

Keeping the body hydrated is an important tip to keep in mind. Even if you lose 2% of body water content, it leads to lower energy levels. When fluid levels drop, headaches, loss of energy, and concentration problems are common manifestations. Falls in blood pressure levels also deplete the flow of blood in the brains and muscles.

Storing up stress

No matter how hard one tries to negate stress, it has become a part of life. So whether it is a personal or academic issue that has weighed you down and caused you to store stress, you have to change your mentality.

Doing away with stress from life is not easy as stress got to be a part of life no matter how hard you want to negate it. So whether it is personal or academic issues bogging you down in life and making you store stress, you need to change the frame of your mind. For this, you could try yoga, take a walk, or join some classes so that you can divert your mind and channel your energy properly without adding unnecessary stress to your life!

Remaining digitally plugged all the time

One of the blessings that this generation often fails to realize is that going digitally unplugged is one of the blessings that we commonly undervalue. The biggest problem is that we often overlook how technology, apart from the numerous advantages it brings, also carries its share of disadvantages. We cannot get away from the fact that technology has invaded our personal space.

Students must learn how to use the option of logging off effectively from the digital world to make the most of their time before going to sleep. In addition, they should avoid all electronic devices before going to sleep, from laptops and computers to compulsive fiddling with smartphones.

Student’s who spend a lot of time in front of a screen or continuously move from one screen to another suffer several problems such as:

  • Having trouble concentrating on studies
  • Insomnia
  • Having a feeling exhausted throughout the day

In the virtual world, students must be socially responsible. They should cut down on their time spent through social media channels to spend more time studying, taking rest, and doing other activities that can put their bodies and minds in optimal shape to make them more productive.

When the examinations are on the way, each student needs to stay healthy and active to focus on work.

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We hope the information and tips in the above article might have cleared all your related doubts concerning the reasons for fatigue after school. So follow the necessary steps to keep yourself hydrated and active all the time so that you can focus on work even after returning from school.

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