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Why am I So Tired After School?

Student's Assignment Help 04/16/2019 285 Views

What happens when your teenaged son or daughter tells you – “Leave me alone, I am so tired”. In the same way, you as a boy or girl of sweet 16 might have ever felt and said those phrases- “Why am I so tired after school”? Did you ever wonder why you said those words or heard those words? Well, the answer is quite simple. Your daily life’s activities are responsible for that.

When a teenager is in their growing stage there are different types of needs and longings for their body and mind. The stage of teens is just a line between childhood and adulthood. This is the stage when any teenage girl or boy faces changes both in their body, mind, daily life and of course the hormones. During this time they are very much occupied with various challenges to face like academic pressure, changes in body and hormones and also striking to maintain the balance between their academic and personal life.

There are many such things apart from these academic pressure and hormonal changes which makes them quite tired after they reach home from school. We must try to understand on what basis there is tiredness in young students after they reach home from school. An important aspect of this piece of writing is that this is useful for both the parents and teenagers to know the reason behind teenagers feel tired and lazy.

Here is the most important reason why they feel so tired. These are discussed below:

The truth of adolescent age in your children

Young boys and girls belonging to this age usually feel tired and stressed since a load of academics and other outdoor activities drain up their energy. This leads to loss of confidence, poor results in all aspects and of course the nature of being grumpy. This loss of energy is very bad since your kid is unable to lead a normal life and spend less time with family. During this state, they tend to spend their time alone in their rooms.

Lack of sleep

When you don’t get enough to sleep it is sure that the next morning will not make your mind fresh. Nowadays youngsters sleep very less and wake up in time to attend school. This usually happens when they spend the entire night studying and completing their assignments and homework. Moreover, if they are engaged with their laptops, Smart Phones and iPads late at night instead of sleeping they are more likely to sleep late and get fewer hours of sleep and rest.

Huge and regular use of Caffeine in diet

Parents and teenagers alike like the idea of having coffee to stay awake at night to complete their assignments and studies. This will disrupt their sleep and give enough headaches to make them feel tired and lethargic.

Lack of proper diet and exercise

It is important to have a proper diet and regular exercise or any kind of physical activity to keep you fresh all the time. If your teenaged son or daughters lack these things then definitely they will get tired.

Important tips to avoid being tired

  • A good sleep of 7-9 hours without any disruption will keep you fresh, productive, confident, and become more engaging in all the activities of life.
  • Young children of that age group must attend the gym or any other physical activity like an early morning jog. This will boost up the power of the lungs and heart and will give you more energy throughout the day, Moreover, regular exercise and activities will not keep you tired or make your body lethargic.
  • You can also avoid being tired to take less or no Caffeine at all. This is quite harmful to your health and is the main reason to eat up all your sleep. Just avoid drinking Coffee and keep yourselves free from headaches.
  • For a healthy living and tireless life, one needs to have a good and healthy diet. Young girls must take proper care in having their food since the deficiency of Iron levels is quite rampant among them. If you want to withstand pressures of your academics, extra-curricular activities and other social activities you need to have a proper diet rich in Iron, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Your regular diet must include food like fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, fish, meat, chicken, pulses and grains. Moreover, you must remain hydrated all day by drinking 8-10 glasses of water.
  • Moreover for a better life and good sleep try to detach yourselves from all kinds of digital platforms like social media, laptops, smartphones an hour before you go to sleep. The blue rays coming from the screen will hamper your sleep and also will be dangerous for your eyes. In this time, you may read a book or spend time with your family before you sleep for a healthy living.

Just follow the above tips and keep your body refreshed with no tiredness of any kind.

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