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Premium Essay Topic Ideas for College Students [$10 Only]

There is vast variety of essays that are assigned to the students by school and college teachers. To write these essay assignments it is important for students to have trending and interesting essay topics with them. But many of them fail to devote much time in finding unique essay topics for college and school assignments. That is why Students Assignment Help experts have suggested all types of essay topics here for free of cost. From argumentative essay topics to compare and contrast essay topics can be availed here in the following list. You will be able to focus on writing your essay when a topic will be of your interest selected from the list.

Those who do not bother about writing their essay assignments on latest topics and pick any outdated topic have to suffer with poor score. That is why always try to find a new topics for your essay for college as well as school. You can only write a good essay hook and rest of the essay when the topic of your essay can lure you. So select a topic from the professional essay topic list given here and start writing essay outline on time.

Some Free Essay Topics on Different Subjects

Essay Topics on education for graduates

  1. Why it is crucial to give digital education to the students apart from traditional way of educating them?
  2. How inclusive education is causing problem to the teachers to manage a class with variety of students?
  3. What are the major drawbacks of home schooling over the education of students at school?
  4. Why politicians should interfere with the education policies and system?
  5. Why women should have equality to choose sports game as per their choice and not through gender roles?
  6. Is it important to teach cultural values to the students in school to make them responsible citizen of the country?

Topics of essay for High school students

  1. Why animal rights should be framed under the constitution of every country?
  2. How students are exploited politically by the education system?
  3. How to reduce the causes of stress and anxiety during exam?
  4. Effect of society on the psychological thinking of a person.
  5. Why sport is important part of the life for school students?
  6. Which are the major social stigmas that hinder the growth of girl students in education?
  7. Freedom to students for choosing the subjects of their interest.

Unique proposal essay topics for college

  1. We should ban drugs and alcohol consumption for every age group.
  2. There should be no capital punishment for any brutal crime.
  3. Traditional way of education should be accompanied with the digital schooling.
  4. Doctors and nurses should understand their social responsibility by treating needy patients for free of cost.
  5. Social taboos must be removed by the government from society.
  6. Generic medicines must be provided to the poor people to deal with their health issues.
  7. Nuclear experiments must be banned to maintain peace on earth.

Informative essay topics for school and college

  1. Most of the death in developing countries occurs due to malnutrition.
  2. Recycling of the objects can bring the pollution down on earth.
  3. Why we cannot survive on all planets like that of earth?
  4. How economy of a country can be raised by finishing gender roles?
  5. Effect of inflation of the industrial sector of any country.
  6. Best way to check the growth of terrorist activities in any region.
  7. Why green house gases and free radical cause pollution and depletion of the ozone layer in stratosphere?
  8. Why social welfare is not a popular phenomenon in developed nations?

Free essay topics for school kids

  1. Why world war is a crucial event of history to learn the destruction caused by war?
  2. How to bring teenagers out from the depression?
  3. Effect of drug addiction on the health of students.
  4. There should be no exam for students in education system.
  5. What is the purpose of education in human life?
  6. Effect of poor GDP on the economy of a nation.

Latest narrative essay topics for graduates

  1. What are your epiphany moment and its effect on the rest of your life?
  2. Experience of first time driving without any idea about basics of driving.
  3. First international tour and travelling experience.
  4. How my life tested me throughout in topsy turvey way?
  5. The first job that I took during my master degree.

List of free English essay topics for college

  1. How the English language developed from ancient to modern time?
  2. Importance of slang and their presentation in formal English in modern language.
  3. How British English is different to that of American English on comparison?
  4. Why there are French words in English that we can see in major proportion?
  5. Why prose and verse form of language become popular in different period of time?
  6. Which types of literary devices are used in English by the writers and authors?
  7. Why it is important to understand the Idioms and phrases of English language?
  8. Can we translate English completely in other language?

Simple and easy essay topics for grade 8

  1. Why globalization is important these days in concern with culture and trade?
  2. How global warming is becoming a major issue for environmentalist?
  3. Major disasters that are caused by manmade activities.
  4. How water harvesting is important for every country on this earth?
  5. Effect of poor quality of air in the atmosphere on the respiratory system of human.
  6. Education system must not be job oriented for the students.
  7. How higher education is different altogether to that of the basic education of the students?
  8. What could be the major economic resources that a country or region can possess?

Argumentative essay topics for master students

  1. Higher education should not be accompanied by the chains of syllabus.
  2. Gender roles must not be implemented on the students in school for sports and education opportunities.
  3. College students can be allowed to give feedback about their professors to improve the education scenario.
  4. In developing and underdeveloped nations government law should cover women education for free of cost.
  5. What punishment should be given to the traffic rule breakers who belong to influential backgrounds?
  6. Animals should be free from the torture caused to them through scientific experiments in the lab.
  7. Arms and weapons should not be given to the people with the right to keep them freely.

Simple and easy persuasive essay topics

  1. Digital marketing is much better than the conventional way of advertising business.
  2. Malnutrition can cause serious birth defects in the infants throughout their growth period.
  3. It is very important to go for regular health check up to maintain good diseases free healthy body.
  4. Diabetes is not caused by eating sugar but once you are caught by it sugar can harm you.
  5. Mother should be given the responsibility of child and not a father in case of separation of the two parents.
  6. New methods and equipments of learning should be merged with the existing one to take benefits from both.
  7. Bio degradable products can also be recycled to reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Unique expository essay topics for graduates

  1. Why we should focus on the economic development of the nation?
  2. How to use the facts of history for improving present life situations by learning from past experience?
  3. English is becoming Lingua franca of every tongue these days due to globalization.
  4. Socialism and capitalism must be balanced in any economy for smooth functioning of the business.
  5. Primary education is must for the students to make them a part of the growing country.
  6. Higher education is not affordable to every student in most of the countries.
  7. It is important to keep the teenagers away from the alcohol and drugs for better future of the nation.

Free essay topics on descriptive essay

  1. What are nursing ethics and how to follow them by keeping the human rights of a nurse intact?
  2. Love definition on literal grounds with profound examples?
  3. Solitude in the life of human being during the teen years.
  4. Social media and its significance in the life of common people.
  5. Depression in the life of youth in modern life.
  6. Social taboos and pregnancy before marriage a poor mentality of people.
  7. Legal law for unmarried mothers in their favour.
  8. Good manipulation as a part of political career for the politicians.
  9. Ozone layers depletion and use of chemical substances.

List of compare and contrast essay topics

  1. How empiricism is different to that of realism?
  2. What are the difference in anxiety and depression?
  3. How you will differentiate between renaissance and classical literature of English?
  4. Why inclusive education is best as compared to separate education for differently abled children?
  5. How it is a good gesture of equality to use cycle for travelling short distance by every class?
  6. Effect on the infrastructure development of countries where social welfare is provided by government when compared to nations which have no social welfare.
  7. How Christmas is different to that of other festivals celebrated by other communities?

Cause and effect essay topics

  1. Terrorism is a product of unemployment in the country.
  2. Excessive liberalism to the teenagers can be harmful for their proper psychological growth.
  3. Gender roles in the society make women less exposed to the career opportunities as compared to men.
  4. Heart attacks are rising with reckless speed in the present time.
  5. Which is the biggest cause of illiterate women in developed countries?
  6. How drugs addiction can be associated with the peer pressure on an individual during school days?
  7. What is the role of ethical values in business development?

Opinion essay topics for college

  1. We should provide men empowerment apart from women empowerment.
  2. Sex education must be included in the syllabus of school students.
  3. Girl’s marriage age should be equal to the boys for exact equality.
  4. Marriage should not be based on the social conditions but on love and understanding.
  5. Capital punishment should be removed by the reformative punishment.
  6. We cannot bring a healthy nation without having proper food and nutrition to pregnant mothers and infants.
  7. Globalization helps in cross culture emergence in different regions.

Ielts essay topics for masters and graduates

  1. What should be done to improve the accent of functional English by the students?
  2. What are international standard of English language when compared to regional English dialect?
  3. Importance of adverb and phrases in formal English.
  4. Can we use slangs in the formal piece of English to make the communication interacting?
  5. How to use apt vocabulary in good English and consequences of using poor diction on formal places?
  6. Effect of intonation and poor punctuation on the formal language.

Controversial essay topics for college students

  1. Why anti sexual harassment committee must be framed for men apart from women at work place.
  2. Why short dresses should not be allowed to women in colleges and universities?
  3. How police behaviour can make the victims afraid to lodge their complaints?
  4. Why weapons must not be allowed to civilians for checking the growth of crimes in present time?
  5. Major drawbacks of giving absolute freedom to the teenagers.
  6. Live in relationship must be backed by the rigid law for women security.
  7. Electronic cars and cycles cannot replace the present day orthodox transport technology.

Definition essay topics for school and college

  1. Pestle analysis and its effect on the business management to take a leap in business from rivals.
  2. SWOT analysis and its importance for different types of businesses run by the businessmen.
  3. Consumer behaviour analysis and growth of online business on local and large scale.
  4. Supply and demand theory and its role in economics these days.
  5. Inflation, deflation and other monetary policies and their impact on economy of the country.
  6. Clinical psychology and its applications in different arena of life.
  7. Importance of recombinant DNA technology in bio-technology.

Explanatory essay topics for college

  1. Supply and chain management in business growth and marketing.
  2. Religion and its effect on the social equality among different classes from various religions.
  3. Women suffrage movement and major drawbacks of the movement in relation to providing equality to women.
  4. Effect of zunk food on the health of teenagers who are most prone to eat it.
  5. Why late night eating habits are not good for the better health purpose?
  6. How search engine works differently for local and international businesses?
  7. Role of digital marketing in the growth of business across the globe.
  8. Dominance of doctors on the autonomy of nursing.

Best essay topics for Analytical essay

  1. Why it is difficult to explore all the planets for astronauts in present time period?
  2. How geographical variations keep on changing with time in different regions?
  3. What the negative consequences are of live in relationships?
  4. Is it right to bring the concept of sister wives into existence by giving rise to polygamy?
  5. How dating sites are not entertained by the underdeveloped and developing countries due to ethical issues associated with them?
  6. How marriage age is decided by the law and why it is different for men and women in most of the countries?
  7. What are the causes of teenage depression in maximum examples?

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