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Is It Good For Colleges to Implement Digital Means of Study?

Student's Assignment Help 09/12/2015 274 Views

Is it Good for Colleges to implement Digital Means of Study?

It is true that gradually colleges are transforming towards the digital means of study. They are going almost paperless. Indeed, it was the need of time as students are adapting the modern means for learning their subjects.

The traditional method of teaching generates a big difference between what is being taught in the class and the outside world. The students are already making use of digital means to get current knowledge and taking help to complete their college or university assignments on time . So, including the modern methods of teaching was the obvious step that could have been taken to bring the education level to the next step.

Along with this transition, two kinds of doubts are coming out. People are naming them as side effects. Let’s discuss them here.

  1. Will this transition reduce the importance of the teacher?
  2. Will it not increase the distraction?
  3. The first doubt that generates the possibility> of reduction of the teachers’ role is quite obvious. Indeed, Teachers are the essential pillar of the education system.

    There is no any transition can remove the role of the teacher from the education system. These kind of updations in the system reduces the burden of teachers as well as increase the interaction time between teachers and students.

    The digitization of education generates more enthusiasm for students for their subjects. While students get to take more interest in their subjects, it automatically increases the teachers' responsibility to maintain their interest.

    It is true that digital media can generate several distractions for students. However, in the colleges, it has been setup with a strong monitoring system.

    Students can choose the Assignment or Homework topic as per their desire and can dig deeper to have a better understanding. The Students, who are engaged in research work, they are able to save lots of time that generally goes waste in libraries in information gathering.

    The digitization is crucial for developing the base for the future needs and to replace the rigid and traditional means of teaching.

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