Reflective Essay on Teamwork

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A reflective essay is a kind of educational work, in which a scholar is requisite to go through a particular familiarity, read a certain book, etc., and then explain their view about it in a written form. Reflection essays generally are rather personal and subjective. Nonetheless, they must maintain a fairly academic feel to them and should be cohesively organized if you desire to write a reflective paperbound to get an A+.

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Have you ever heard of the word epiphany? For those who haven’t, it is that moment of your life which change the direction of your entire life. In other words, we can say that the moment has great pressure on your future upcoming life events. This moment could be related to anything like unexpectedly you see a saint and realize the vanity of being materialistic, or you come across a gadget that develops your interest in technology.

So when you are citing these extraordinary life-changing moments in your writings within a proper format, they become reflective essays. People take a great interest in reading them for their motivational & entertaining elements. Get a self-reflection essay on group work examples available on our official website.

How to Write Reflective Essay on Teamwork

Here are a few tips and tricks provided by our teamwork reflection essay makers. Though the arena of writing a reflective essay seems extremely luring to everybody, it is not simple to unearth that moment of your life. For an excellent reflective Essay Topic, one needs to undergo brainstorming to find the epiphany moment of one’s life.

So if you are also to write the one, just calm your mind and start recalling all those moments which have a huge significance in your life. This might be probable that you end up creating a big list. Now you have to sift out the one among the list which has influenced your journey of life strongly. Now using these facts and figures you can write a reflective essay about life easily.

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What should keep in mind While writing it?

It is very necessary to define every single incidence in a flow, so that reader’s interest could be maintained. Always keep the following things in mind while writing a reflective essay:

    1. It is very crucial to jot down the entire incidence in a sequence and then to narrate their significance in influencing your life to start with an excellent reflective essay introduction.
    2. Do not mess up your teamwork reflection essay by citing it in a haphazard way. It not only gives a clumsy look to it but at the same time is liable to lose the interest of readers.
    3. Constantly keep your target readers in your mind, how they are going to get benefit from it, give them a reason to read your essay.
    4. Do not use puzzling and baffling language, for example, using a double meaning pun and hard vocabulary. The should be easy to read for everyone.

Know About Reflective Essay Outline Format

For a reflective essay outline, there is always a format in each essay that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Similar is the case here. You have to introduce your readers to which epiphany moment you are going to talk about the essay and how it affected your life.

In the major essay or the body, you are supposed to recite the entire journey with every minor detail. Eventually, the conclusion will tell the reader that what would be the effect of your epiphany moment in the future, whether it has created negative consequences in your life or positive. This is how the format of a reflective essay is supposed to be.

Types of Reflective Essay: Depending on the fact, whether you are writing them for a general-purpose to entertain your readers or for commercial and other purposes they could be of many types. Many students pursuing their higher studies like master and doctorate are asked to write reflective essays in order to develop their self-analyzing skills.

These reflection essays on writing are known as academic reflective essays. Some of them are also written in order to be published in the magazine for commercial purposes. Many a time the content of commercial reflective essays are modified in order to make them more interesting to readers so that the popularity of the brand increases.

Reflective Essay Topics: There is no limit to the topics in the case of a reflective essay. They could be as diverse as one’s imagination goes. The reason behind this is, every person has a different background and his experiences of life are grounded on that background. That is why students are asked to find a reflective essay on teamwork topics for themselves. It is not that easy task for many students to find out a suitable topic on their own without any external help.

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How to Start a Reflective Essay Introduction?

Here I want to ask you a question, how do you find a book best for you in the bookstore before buying it? Definitely, the answer is the same for everyone that is the title of the book. As the title of the book force you to buy it, similarly, the introduction of your essay is going to decide the future of the rest of the essay.

An interesting catchy introduction that holds the interest of readers and develops a curiosity about the topic should be there. You can start your essay by asking some questions from your readers like what if the same would have happened to them. Ask them how they were going to react in similar situations as yours. This will increase the relevance of your essay to the readers.

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How a Reflective Essay Differ from Literary

Have a look at the table to know the difference between reflective and literary essays at a glance. It would be helpful for you to have a depth understanding of the topic.

Reflective EssayLiterary Essay
Based on Life-Changing IncidenceCan be written about anything
Language should be simpleA formal classic language
Always motivationalInformational
Analysis of personal lifeAnalysis of social and other issues
Target Every type of AudienceGenerally, target the people of Literary background

The above table cites the major difference between a reflective essay and a literary essay. Those who are having a taste for literature are very keen to read literally essays. It is not the job of the common man to read these essays as they have tough languages which are hard to understand. On the other hand, if we talk about a reflective essay most of the readers find them interesting because of their motivational stuff and simple language.

Reflective Essay Examples

Like I mentioned above the arena of the group work reflection essay has a diverse range of examples. It could be about your last trip which has proved out to be life-changing, or you can also write about the moment you start earning. Anything under the sun is that your medical surgery, the death of your dear friend or family member, your marriage or another incidence could be the samples of a reflective essay.

The thing is that you have to think and think for times in order to know that moment of your life. You are not alone in doing so because the team of is always there with you. We provide a list of suggested topics that can use as a reference. From us, you can get reflective essay examples about life, and many others.

Where to Get The Help for Writing  Reflective Essay

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Example of Reflective Essay

Purpose of Essay:  The purpose of this reflective essay is to focus on the issues which were faced by the members of the team for the successful completion of the assignment. Singapore Students who are looking to write essays in an effective manner or custom essay writing can refer to this sample essay written by the experts from

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Introduction: In the present scenario, teamwork is considered to be an effective approach for the achievement of the goals and objectives in an effective manner. Teamwork is effective for enhancing the performance, cohesiveness in the group and maintaining a proper culture. Proper delegation of responsibility and the development of a proper plan for the completion of a goal is the major objective of a team (Hughes, & Jones, 2013).

In this context, a group work reflection essay has been developed which is aimed to describe my experience when I was working in a team of 5 members for the development of a presentation. A reflective essay is considered as an essay that is used to describe the experience of an individual in a particular situation or while working on a particular project or assignment.

The purpose of this group work reflection essay writing is to focus on the issues which were faced by the members of the team for the successful completion of the assignment. This reflective essay focuses on linking my personal experience while working in the group with the review of the literature.

In addition to this, analysis of interpersonal dynamics in the group, analysis of the performance of the individuals in the group has been done. Along with this, analysis related to the success or failure of the group in the presentation has been done and the conclusion of the teamwork reflection essay has been done at the end.

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Analysis of Interpersonal Dynamics in  the Group

The group which was formed for the presentation and random and all the five members (A, B, C, D and E) were from different cultures and thus there was a great diversity among the members in the group.

This diversity has also resulted in the difference in the ethical values related to the work, effective communication, sense of responsibility and many more. Our group faced all these challenges and because of these differences, two of our group members did not show any responsibility on the day of the first meeting with the tutor.

Our two members (B and C) did not present themselves on the day of the first meeting as they were busy with other jobs or other personal engagements. The topic of our presentation was very vast and it was not possible to cover all the topics in a presentation, so it was important to discuss with the tutor.

After the discussion, all three of us have started working on the presentation. On the next week, B and C came to us and we made them clear all the things that were discussed with the tutor. After the discussion with the tutor, three of us have started to work on the presentation without consulting with B and C and this made them aggressive.

At the initial stage of preparing the presentation, our group faced challenges related to the ineffectiveness in communication or miscommunication and diversity among all the group members. The review of the literature also supports that the diversity in the group creates problems that need to be overcome for the accomplishment of the objective of the group in an effective manner (Shore, et al, 2011).

Similarly, diversity in a team affects proper interaction among the team members which ultimately affects the performance of all the individuals in the team. In addition to this, diversity is also effective as individuals from different cultures have different views which can contribute to increasing the efficiency of the task which is needed to be completed (Leonard, Graham, & Bonacum, 2004). For overcoming the issue related to diversity, all the individuals in the group should feel them as an important part of the group.

In the same manner, according to the research, communication needs to be very effective among all the members of the team otherwise there will be a deviation from the objective that is needed to be achieved. In addition to this, proper communication in the team is effective for enhancing productivity (Waller, Gupta & Giambatista, 2004).

There was no proper communication among all the group members as B and C did not present on the first day of the meeting and did not try to make contact with the other three team members regarding the discussion with the tutor. In the support of this issue, the review of literature also explains that proper communication helps in explaining the objectives to be achieved in an effective manner and it shows the leadership quality of an individual. Similarly, effective communication motivates the members of the team to work effectively for the attainment of the goal (Brewer and Holmes, 2009). Proper communication helps in the management of the team and also ensures the excellent quality of the work which is done by the team members (Garbee, et al, 2013).

Analysis of Performance of Group Doing The Preparation of Presentation

At the initial stage of initiating the preparation of the presentation, my all group members faced various challenges related to the inefficiency in communication among all the group members and diversity as the group was formed randomly and all the members were from different cultures. My team was the first to present the presentation, so we had to focus on the proper management of time to complete the work on time.

We had to submit the slides of our presentation on week 4 and there was much more to do for preparing an effective and knowledgeable presentation. Both B and C were not contributing to the presentation and they use to make excuses in every meeting. I and the other two members of the team (A and D) have distributed the work and started focusing on preparing the slides.

At the end of the 3rd week, C started to show his interest in the presentation and was present in all the discussions but still in the last weeks, B did not appear and did not contribute anything in the preparation of the presentation. We all decided not to include the name of B in the presentation and submitted the presentation without including his name.

After the submission of the presentation, B came to the class and complained to the tutor that he was not included in any meeting and the work was not done according to the decided plan. C also started to support B and this created conflict among our group members.

Our USA essay helpers have assisted us in resolving our conflict by providing cheap teamwork reflection essay help. The review of literature also supports that the resolution of conflict in the group is important for gaining cooperation from all the group members (Dovidio, Saguy and Shnabel, 2009). Grievances among the group members result in conflicts that hamper the performance of the individuals (Weidmann, 2009).

Analysis of the Success or Failure of the Group Processes

My group has faced various challenges from the initial stage but at the end of the day of the presentation, we were succeeded in delivering the presentation in an effective manner. According to my experience, we all were successful in giving our best because of the contribution of all the team members. My team has faced some challenges because we all were lacking in the skills for the management of a team.

The members of my group could have worked more effectively if the support from B and C could have been received from the first day of the presentation preparation. Along with this, proper management of the conflict results in the attainment of the objective of the group. According to the literature review, conflict is a situation that cannot be separated from the nature of the individuals.

It is, therefore, very important and crucial for a team to manage the diversity in the team for avoiding the situation of any kind of conflict (Lee, 2008). The author has also explained that while working in a team, conflict is a situation that should be avoided in any case. The literature has also supported that there is a difference between the efficiency of the work when it is performed by an individual and by a team. There is great efficiency when is work is accomplished in a team.

In this group presentation, the members of the team were supposed to work for many weeks together for preparing the presentation, so, there is a need of developing trust among all the group members and all the team members should do justification with their assigned duties otherwise the work cannot be done successfully (DeChurch & Mesmer-Magnus, 2010).


At every workplace, teamwork is an effective approach for the completion of the work in an effective manner and along with this, it enhances the performance of all the members of the team. In my group, all the members have performed in an effective manner and we were able to deliver the best presentation on the final day.

The challenges related to the diversity in culture, ethical values, proper communication, conflicts need to be avoided and resolved for maintaining cohesiveness in the team and to achieve cooperation from all the team members. Proper resolution of conflict and effective communication has resulted in the success of our group and in the end, we were successful in getting support from all the team members.