Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse Essay Example

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Nursing is a rewarding profession that involves providing care for patients, families, and communities. Nurses are the backbone of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They provide direct patient care in all settings, including doctor’s offices, clinics, schools, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. As nurses work to promote wellness among populations worldwide, they also prepare health professionals to deliver quality patient care through education at the undergraduate level and continuing medical education throughout their careers.

Essay Sample On Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse

Thesis statement – Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse

Nursing is the best profession where the scope of employment is very high nowadays owing to the rising ailments. Also, nurses have to work under the subjugation of doctors so they are not accountable for any issue that arises on the side of the patient’s treatment.


Today we can see a massive flood of people that are switching to a career in the nursing field tremendously. This growth in the admission for nurse courses can give us a signal that there is a huge scope of employment in this field. At the same time, several other lucrative benefits are luring people into this profession.

For example, nurses are not accountable for the incidence if wrong medicine is given to the patient or such other cases as they work under the guidance of doctors. The career of nursing also possesses good respect in the mind of people and that is why people are inclined towards the nursing profession. Here we will explore how every benefit related to the nursing career mentioned here is relevant and cannot be ignored practically as well.

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Main body – Why I Choose Nursing

  • Why nursing career is so important? – Nursing plays a significant role in catering to the needs of patients, their psychological counseling, etc. A doctor can only prescribe medicine and do surgeries on the patient but the rest of the care is done by a nurse only. Without a good nurse, it is very difficult for the patient to fight his or her ailments. The nursing career is considered very important owing to the several benefits associated with it. For example, a nurse can find employment easily owing to their high demand in the healthcare sector. At the same time, we can see the big earning in this career as well.
  • The high scope of employment in the nursing profession – Well like said earlier many times there are high chances of employment for the nursing people. This is because poor lifestyle and eating habits are making people ill every other day which rush to the hospital. As a result of which there is a high need for healthcare professionals in hospitals. This is very obvious that a hospital cannot hire so many doctors to manage this rush of people and that is why nurses become the best substitute. Thus we can say that there is no lack of employment for the nursing people owing to the rise of healthcare assistance in every other hospital.
  • Why mostly women opt for the career of nursing – This is a fact that the profession of nursing is mostly opted by the women-only and men show a poor interest in the career. Well, there is not any valid reason behind this fact but most of the developing societies relate the working of men as a social taboo. The gender roles which specify nursing roles to women inhibit the men to pick up nursing as their professional career. But nowadays we can see a massive boom in the world where men are also showing their interest in the healthcare sector to serve as a nurse. This can be seen with the deployment of jobs in other sectors of life. The developed nations were not showing any gender connotation for the nursing profession earlier as well where men and women both were working as nurses.
  • Respect and earning in the nursing profession – Most people are not picking nursing as a profession because they find it a disrespectful job. But the ground reality is a bit different where nursing gets a lot of respect from the patients to whom they are catering. At the same time, doctors also appreciate nurses for their good deeds to serve a patient. Talking about the earning in the career of a nurse this is the best profession to earn money as you can work in double shifts while opting for the nursing career. So we can say that a nurse gets huge respect in her career in the healthcare sector and at the same time big chunks of money as salary.
  • Conclusion

The above essay can be concluded on a note that it is good for a person to switch to a nursing career if he or she has an aptitude for it. Good earnings from back-to-back shifts, high chances of employment, a respectful job, and whatnot are obtained by a nurse in the professional career. Also, they can leave the fray easily if there comes any legal allegation against the doctor or hospital. That is why we can say that a good nurse can live a good life by selecting the nursing profession in life. To cap it all we can say that it is best to be a nurse in healthcare professions to be in a win-win situation.

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