Causes of Teenage Depression Essay Sample

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Depression is something that has become more and more prominent in the lives of teenagers. It’s difficult to understand how it can happen, but there are various causes for teenage depression. This essay will cover the different causes of teenage depression and how it can be treated.

Essay Example on Causes of teenage depression

Thesis Statement- Cause of Teenage Depression

The biggest cause of teenage depression is the excessive pressure of education (academics) work, drug addiction, and negligible communication with family.

Introduction – What is Teenage Depression

Today if we turn around our heads we will come to know that most of our youth is caught by the ugly arms of depression. There are multiple reasons that are associated with depression among teenagers by different people.

Some of them say it happens due to a lack of conversation with family and friends due to a hectic life and drug addiction.

Main Essay Body 

9 Major Causes of teenage Depression

As aforesaid depression is an eventual result of anxiety in the human brain when someone undergoes excessive loneliness, confronts negative emotions. The root cause of this loneliness is the turning of relations into a mechanical world and the lack of mutual understanding among people.

Here is a list of causes that results in depression in teens:

  1. Abuse: Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can make a negative impact on a teenager which can lead to depression.
  2. Traumatic life events: loss of a loved one or any event which causes distress or trauma or even just a major change in lifestyle can trigger depression.
  3. Social situations: unfortunately there are teens that live in poverty or other family issues that can stress and contribute to depression in a teen.
  4. Genetics: depression runs in families and that there is a genetic basis for it. Teens that have depression in their family will not necessarily get the illness, and the teens without a history of depression in their family can still get the disorder.
  5. Medical conditions: occasionally, symptoms of depression can be a sign of another medical illness, such as hypothyroidism, or any other disorder.
  6. Medication/Illegal drugs: some legal, prescription medications can have depression as a side effect. Certain illegal drugs can also cause depression.
  7. Negative thinking: teen depression may be linked to learning to feel helpless rather than learning to feel capable of finding solutions for life’s challenges.
  8. Low self-esteem: today low self-esteem is one of the major causes of depression in teens as they compare themselves with everyone and think that everyone is better than them.
  9. Hormones: Changes in the body’s balance of hormones may be involved in causing or triggering depression.

These situations lead to a state of anxiety and then finally to depression.

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How to curtail the roots of depression in teenagers

Depression is a very critical situation that is hard to get rid of anyone entangled by it. It is very easy to get into it but difficult to get out of it.

  • The primary step that can be taken to come out of it is to spend time with your near and dear.
  • The attack on the root cause of depression-like avoiding drugs, alcohol, and joining rehabilitation centers can also make it easy to come out of depression.
  • A clinical psychiatrist can also give you the best counseling sessions to set you free from depression. So make sure that you cooperate fully with the process to recover at its early.

All these factors can put you on the normal track of life if you follow a stern lifestyle to deal with your depression. That is how you can save your life from getting eaten by the worm of depression in the golden age of your life.

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Conclusion – Cause of Teenage Depression

So we can say that depression is an eventual result of excessive academic workload that keeps a person beyond their social sphere. It is very important to have a regular dialogue with your friends and family to lead a normal life.

Anxiety and depressions are the end product of excessive thinking on a topic or putting too much focus on things and undergo the exposure of negative emotions. We can check its growth by reducing the force of external powers like hatred, envy, and wrath in a negative way in our lifestyle.

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