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Deontology is one of the biggest esteem of psychology and science of morality. Students who are big followers of the science of morality and pursuing their course in psychology or literature have to deal with the different types of assignments on deontology. Sometimes they are asked to give their reviews on the practice of deontology in comparison to the principle of utilitarianism, while other times students could be asked for examples of deontology by the teachers. High-quality assignments could also be asked to write by the professors to students like thesis and research papers which could be completed easily by taking help from Students Assignment Help Experts.

Essay Sample On Deontology

Thesis Statement – Deontology Essay

Deontology is a theory of ethics that focuses on moral duty. It claims that something can be good because it is good, not just because other people like it.

Introduction – Deontology Essay

Deontology is the branch of morality which deals with the actions that must be taken as per the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. You cannot contradict your actions with that of holy actions as per the guidance of the Lord. Result-oriented actions are not taken in deontology by the people and that is why it is different from that of utilitarianism. Students can read a sample essay on deontology and utilitarianism to have a clear understanding of the concepts to find ideologies and review the concept of deontology. In case you are pursuing a course in psychology, you may get this sort of work to write from your teachers as well. So make sure that you can conclude these types of assignments easily by understanding the concept clearly.

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Main Boby – Deontology Essay

Immanuel Kant started developing deontology after he was inspired by the movement called the Enlightenment, which emphasized human reason and individual autonomy. He noticed morality as an important part of daily life but also noticed there was no logical reason for following moral rules except for recognition from others or fear of punishment. He thought this should change so people would actually follow the rules simply because they are the right thing to do. This led him to come up with his categorical imperative, which states that something wrong implies you’d want everyone to never do it, and something good implies you’d always want people to do it.

In other words, he said that there are things you should or shouldn’t do because they should be done or not done. Following the rules doesn’t make you a morally decent person; rather, following moral rules makes you a morally decent person. In order to be virtuous, you must follow the moral rules strictly 100% of the time even if there is no reward for doing so. Kant was motivated by finding a way to prove that morality exists in an objective sense while still allowing freedom of choice. This would prove that morality does exist but cannot be demonstrated through reason alone because it’s only understood through intuition.

Following the categorical imperative is often thought to involve, at least in part, obeying a moral rule even when it seems like you’ll benefit from breaking the rule. This is why people see deontology as a less selfish theory of morality than consequentialism or utilitarianism because it doesn’t always seek to answer what is best for society but rather what is right. Rules are respected simply because they’re rules and following them leads to good consequences instead of being followed because they lead to good consequences. In other words, you shouldn’t break a rule just because that leads to the best consequence; you should follow a rule regardless of what consequence follows. way, everyone will do it, because everyone wants the same thing.

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Conclusion – Deontology Essay

Kantian deontology is an excellent source of guidance for morality because it’s logical, consistent, and self-enforcing. It provides clear distinctions between right and wrong, so people can behave in ways that are unquestionably good or bad instead of having to seek out the best outcome.

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