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Free Sample / Example Essays for Students

What is a White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are getting more and more prevalent in world and that is why students are given essay and other assignments on this topic. Here is a free essay sample on white collar crime that could be used by the students to complete essay assignments on time. Essay writing services of the Students Assignment Help could also be consulted by the students in case they fail to understand thi

Explain Sale Promotion Techniques

Sale and promotion of any product or service is very important in order to succeed in the business. The terms sale and promotion both goes hand in hand and cannot be substituted one for another. Sale and promotion both of them are important for the growth of business. Sometimes students have to deal with the assignments that ask their views on sale and promotion techniques as well. These assign

What is Autonomy in Nursing

Autonomy in nursing has become one of the biggest issues in the past time which needs everyone’s attention to the core. Nurses are not allowed to take their independent decisions and always guided by the doctors for the every small task. Medical science needs to improve these types of polices in their occupation. Students who are pursuing their education in medical science could be assigned w

Deontology versus Utilitarianism Essay Sample

Deontology is a branch of moral science which deals with the human actions and postulates that all human actions must be followed by good deeds without caring about even bad results. On the contrary utilitarianism is based on the principle of hedonism in which the ultimate pleasure is the main guiding force to take any decision. Both the terms are very popular in philosophy and starts taking it

Empiricism versus Rationalism Sample Essay

Empiricism and rationalism both are important terms that are used in literature and psychology discipline more often. Students get different types of essays and other assignments on empiricism and rationalism. But understanding of the terms and the knowledge of their use is important to accomplish such assignments. Here is a sample essay on empiricism and rationalism that is going to help the s

Is Football too Dangerous for High School

Football is a major game which is played worldwide, but sometimes serious injuries to the children could be the consequence of this game. People often get injured and sometimes their legs get broken while playing this game. Essays on the risk of playing football are assigned to the students by their professors and teachers. For example argumentative essay on the topics like is football too dang

18 Century

Here is a sample essay on 18 century that students can use for their assignments of essay writing given to them. It will help the students to write the thesis statement and introduction of 18 century essay easily by following the exact format of writing it. Those who have issues in finding the topics for their essays can also seek help from the professionals of


Sample essays are the only key that helps students to understand the format of writing an essay assignment. This is because the format of the essay and its main points could be understood easily by the students. But it is important to note here is that we should read only similar essay on the topics that are assigned to us by the professors. Many students for instance get the essay work on the

Example of Narrative Essay about my Life

Personal narrative essays are often a part of the students assignments that professors ask their students to write. The most important reason for assigning such essays to the students is to develop their analytical and self reflection skills. Mostly these personal narrative essays are based upon the life experiences of a person like narrative essay about my life could be an example of it. Stude

Ethical Dilemma Essay

Essays on Ethical dilemma and its corresponding topics are assigned to the students in College or University assignments of essay writing. To complete such essays a clear cut understanding about the concept of ethical dilemma is very important for the students. Most of the students who find it difficult to understand the concept of ethical dilemma on various conditions take help in ethical dile