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Gender Discrimination

Sexism refers to the prejudice or discrimination, which is faced by an individual because of his/her gender. Though, the basic framework of the term is used for women yet, it is equally applicable to men. Discrimination basically relates to the belief that a person is superior to other one. This mainly involved unfair treatment at the workplace, unequal compensation, sexual harassments and viol


Management and Gender

The framework and dimension of management experienced many reforms and powerful trends in the present century. The reforms and trends provided and reshaped the composition and dimension of management in several ways. The dimension of management and gender is an example of such transformation which has transformed the terms of employer-employee relationship in the current era. The dimension of m

Franchising Code of Conduct and Competitor and Consumer act

For the purpose of protection and consumers there are many acts that have been formulate in all countries. The following paper throws light on the Franchising Code of Conduct and Competitor and Consumer act, which has been developed for the purpose of fair trading and protecting customers (Latimer, 2012). The paper explains in detail the acts, their functioning and the changes that have been ma

Ericsson and the Creation of the Mobile Telephony Systems Business

SRA was a self reliant and autonomous subsidiary of Ericsson operated in Saudi Arabia. Mainly, it was focused on selling radio products for military purposes, as well as for civilian use including gramophones, radio receivers, TVs, radar installations, radio system for aviation and shipping, etc. The prime business area of SRA was in the military market, but its communication and radi

Employment Law

In the organizational the maintenance of the employment relationship is the key practice that is governed under the Human Resource Department. It is the duty of the human resource department to maintain employment relationship in organization and securing the employment rights of individuals (Kibling and Lewis, 2000). The scope of employment relationship is quite vast and it has legal and organ

Depression Literature Review

Depression is basically a kind of heterogeneous illness which has multi-factorial causes. The main perspective of depression is biopsychosocial. There are several kinds of episodes of depression which are given treatment fairly and effectively according to the severity of the causes of depression. There are several terms related to depression such as mental disorder, mood disorder, bipolar diso

Strength and Weaknesses of the Biomass vis-a-vis Conventional Sources of Energy

As the world is facing a severe problem of scarcity of the conventional sources of energy, there is need of different non-conventional and sustainable sources of energy. In relation to this the paper is presenting an important type of non conventional source of energy namely biomass. The paper is aimed to describe various pros and cons of the biomass as a source of energy. The first s

Public Policy and Politics in US

Most career federal employees are entitled to civil service protections from adverse actions that affect employment. All these protections are embodied in US federal law and is enforced by the US Merit Systems protection Board. There are several protections afforded to US federal employees which have ramifications for the bureaucracy. There are civil service protections, Whistle-blower Protecti

Business Communication

Effective Communication for Supervisors

It is not surreptitious that one who is a good leader is a good communicator. In order to move forward in life, one needs to be a good communicator and have effective communication skills. Even in this electronic world the base line or the key factor of personal and professional successes the effective interpersonal communication skills. It is a dynamic process and is the root for man

The Collapse of Bretton Woods in 1971

The Bretton Woods System started immediately after the end of the World War II and commonly used to refer the international monetary regime. It was named so because the agreement was signed in the Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States. Bretton Woods System was a monetary order, signed in 1944 in a fully negotiated manner and was proposed in order to administer currency relations within s