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Free Sample / Example Essays for Students

Heart Diseases

The reason for massive boom in the heart diseases can be given to the modern lifestyle where we are more dependent on the greasy food. Late night working hours and sitting over than the capacity of human body on the office chairs make our body prone to the diseases like high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and such other lifestyle diseases. To earn money and survive in the cut throat competitio

Caring for the Elders

Moral education teaches us to respect our elders and care them with utmost generosity whenever they need us. But owing to the hectic lifestyle and run after making brilliant career in the professional field we often fail to give the attention to our elders like parents and siblings which they deserve from us. There are parents who are not earning in their old age and children get separated from

Homeschooling essay Introduction

Scores of debates and conferences have been there to discuss the issue of homeschooling at big platform. Some comes out with the inference that homeschooling give comforts to those students who are shy in nature and do not want to go to school because of social awkwardness. At the same time some of them are in favour of home schooling for differently abled children who need extra attention when

Essay about Physical Education

It is very important for a person to know about his body functioning and how to protect it from the diseases. Physical education plays a significant role in this process in which students are make aware of the different types of diseases that can catch our body and how to deal them. Also health fitness and sports importance is also shown to the students while they are given the physical educati

Moral courage in Healthcare

Healthcare is such a tough arena where doctors and other people are subjected to a new challenge every now and then. Sometimes these challenges are connected to the new diseases which are not dealt earlier by them and other times there are certain moral grounds of the problems. All these circumstances require the varied level of moral courage that helps in such situations to the people of healt

Should girls be allowed to play on boys’ sports team

Biasness on the basis of gender is very common in many countries which are having the patriarchal roots to them. Women are mostly subjugated in such countries and places on the name of their inferiority and weakness in physical sense. Most of the men in such societies consider them more powerful and strong as compared to women of the society. Even playing tough game which need force and strengt

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone national park is the largest and oldest park of the world which is situated on United States of America. The main feature of this park is that it provides natural habitat to the animals and plants owing to the different ecosystem that are maintained simultaneously in the park. From tropical to temperate conditions are managed with utmost care to give the proper comfort to animals in

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers- Argumentative essay

Education system is becoming more and more comprehensive with the passage of every day. This is because now the involvement of the students is also crucial to rate their teachers based on the performance in class. Some teachers do not perform their duty well in the class as they easily get salary at the beginning of the month. But feedback of their performance in the class from students pushes

Public Transport Vs Private Transport

Rising pollution and increasing affordability to the private transport are directly proportional to each other. Some people are in the mind of putting a ban on the private transport so that traffic jams and pollution both can be managed aptly. But certain situations like emergency to hospitalise a patient cannot wait for the public transport as under such conditions patient would die within fr


Modern hectic lifestyle does not allow us to remains in a joint family structure and people prefer to give importance to their individualism. To gain the success in career and earn money the bond between the relationships are getting more mechanical instead of emotional. We are connected to each other with dialogues and not conversations. This brings a negative emotion towards us that is loneli