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Free Sample / Example Essays for Students

Leadership Essay Example for Scholarship Leadership Essay
A scholarship essay is written by the school and college students in order to grab a scholarship in the respective institute. Students are evaluated for the scholarship based on their essay writing skills on a specific topic. Writing a scholarship essay requires the students to have a good idea about the format of an essay and a good knowledge of the topic context. For instance, if you are assigned with scholarship essay on leadership then it is
Smoking Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Essay
Smoking, a serious problem: The most dangerous problem that is continuously responsible for killing people is smoking. This is a problem of not any one or two or group of countries but it is affecting the people globally. People are very well aware of the serious effects caused by it, but then too they get addicted to it. Sometimes people just start it as fun and it ends as an addiction to the person. There are various local and international br
Importance of Family Essay Sample
What is a family? Family is very important to make us what we are. Generally, a family consists of the people who are correlated with blood. A family is a group of people who accept us for what and who we are. Sometimes people not related to blood become our family member such as a spouse, in-laws, friends, etc. Family is the place where a person starts his life and from where he gets never-ending love.What values and behavior a person will
Environmental Pollution Persuasive Essay
Introduction - What is environmental pollution? Our environment is the main ingredient to survive effectively in the planet. Making the environment harmful by adding unwanted substances into it refers to environmental pollution. Humans are the majorly responsible to pollute the environment. They keep on emitting the harmful substances into the air, water, soil etc in terms of their luxuries. The sources that are responsible for causing pollution
Environmental Issues & Solutions Descriptive Essay
Environment and the issues related to it: Environment carries a significant role in the life of human beings as well as nature. All the basic necessities of human beings depend on the environment. But humans themselves are polluting the environment with their day to day activities. The activities of humans such as overfishing, deforestation, pollution etc are making a bad impact on the environment. The issues which we call environmental problems
Buddhism Religion Essay Informative Essay
The Teachings Of Buddhism: Buddhism is one of the major religion that was founded by Buddha. Buddha is also named as Sakyamuni Buddha. The meaning of word Buddha is awakened one that is taken from the Sanskrit word budh that means to wake. Life of Buddha: Beliefs, Philosophy & FaithLife in the palace: Siddhartha Gautama, the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Maya, was born around 566 BC. After the birth of Siddhartha, there was a predi
Demonstrating Leadership Essay – For School & College Analytical Essay
The analytical essays topics can be written by doing in-depth research on the topic of the essay to find out the important leads. As the name speaks for the essay types such essays require the writers to possess good analytical and critical skills to reach reality. One can divide an analytical essay into five parts including a thesis statement, introduction, main essay, conclusion, and bibliography to write its outline. At the same time, such ess
Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse Exploratory Essay
Exploratory essays are written on a topic that requires the person to explore a fact to figure out a solution to the question of the essay topic. Such essays are written on a similar note like that of argumentative essays. The person is supposed to explore the topic in such a way that relevant solution to the question can be managed through the research work. An exploratory essay example on nursing is written here that will help you to gather ide
What’s The Future Of Education – Exploratory Essay Exploratory Essay
The exploratory essays are written by exploring the topic with the support of valid arguments. They are like argumentative essays with a difference that in exploratory essays person has to determine the validity of the fact and in other essays, a hypothesis needs to be proved. Writing an exploratory essay requires lots of facts about the topic and research as well to substantiate the things. Also, the outline of the essay is divided into either a
Global Warming Definition – Causes, Effects & Solution Cause and Effect Essay
Let's Understand What Global Warming Actually Is? The gradual increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is known as global warming. The globe is heating up at its fastest pace. The temperature of the land and ocean are continuously increasing and are warmer compared to the record of 1880. The average temperature has reached its peak during the past 50 years. According to the records presented by NASA in the past 134 years, the hott