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Published: 11-Nov-2017 Last Edited: 01-Sep-2018

Culture is the lifeblood of a lively society, expressed in the many ways we tell our stories, celebrate, cherish the past, entertain ourselves and create the future. Our creative expression helps define who we are and help us see the world through the eyes of others. Throughout the world, we experience a variety of culture. Cultures have been maintained from time immemorial and have been handed down from one generation to another.

Culture is the invisible bond which ties people together. Culture traits of a particular cultural community are preserved over time and get passed on to future generations. Importance of protecting cultural heritage lies in the sense of belonging and integration that it offers.

Top reasons showing importance of culture

  • Moral values- Following a culture not only inculcates moral values in us but also its every part has excellent knowledge and beliefs which inspire us to become a better human being. It makes us a capable person who can co-exist with each other in a peaceful society.
  • Meaning of life- Culture teaches us the real essence of life. Every phase of our life requires different actions, and our culture teaches us that. As we grow old, whenever we do some wrong or dismissed from the right path our culture holds our hand and lead us towards the correct way of life.
  • Knowledge- Thorough study about every aspect of our culture can give us profound knowledge. Culture never demand irrational followers. Everything is well explained and estimated for in history. Studying about them will make us further knowledgeable.
  • Responsibility- Cultural traditions teach us to be responsible and obligated human being. A culture-less and evil human being is just an added animal in the society. Our society and culture make us be the Accounting entities that we are.

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