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The term Gossip can be understood to the people in different context as per the multiple confrontations of the people with the word in various circumstances. For example some people remember it as a game while others consider it as a bad form of backbiting and there are some who are involved in research on the topic and their perspective to see the term Gossip differs to everyone else. If we focus on the Gossip as a game then the entire central idea and inspired the game is that a gossip is just a thing of enjoyment as most of the content of gossip is fake and twisted many times before it reach to the last person. Sometimes these gossips become very serious and can become the cause of communal riots, chaos and anarchy in a society of nation at large. So we can say that a gossip can be taken lightly for the recreational and entertainment purpose but at the same time it has some serious elements as well.

One of the toughest parts of gossip is that it is very hard to reach the reality that whether a person is just gossiping or saying truth in serious situations. When the reality comes in light the negative impact of the gossip is already in the air thus destroying many relationships and emotional bonds as well. If we consider the cause of world war then we will come to know that it started on the basis of a rumour in the form of gossip which takes the form of prestige and reputation for the two parties and they become rebellious to each other. This is the most dangerous consequence of gossiping in the world so far that takes the lives of million people.

Those who try to spread a rumour or gossip in the air must be aware of its consequences and if it is being done just for the sake of entertainment, gossips with harsh results must be avoided by the people. You might have noticed the impact of your gossip in which you were just trying to pool someone’s leg but it gets splash so fast that harmful things becomes the ultimate result of your gossip rather than a joke. So always think in your mind and if you find any chance of ill results from your rumour or gossip it is best to avoid it for the sake of others benefits. This is the supreme duty of the human being that we all should do to save the human race effectively.

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Gossips are taking very heinous forms in the modern time and giving rise to various crimes which are not even imagined. Social media is acting like a catalyst for spreading these false rumours among the people which was not possible at the earlier period of time. Today many criminals and terrorists are trying to use these platforms for the purpose of befooling people by making the fake news viral among the common masses. There goals are being achieved by them easily with the help of these social networking sites where they can spread a gossip about the terror attack to frighten the people. So it is the pure responsibility of those who are listening or reading to it that does not react immediately to news which has no authenticity and comes from the genuine resources. This is the best way to avoid harsh circumstances that are spread with the help of Gossips and backed by the ill motifs of different people.

Have you ever noticed the effect of brainwash in any relationship, if yes then similar can happen with the gossip as well. Many relationships are dying because of the misunderstandings that are created by the people who do not want a relation to flourish. So this is important to know that gossip can affect your personal life as well and try to have a complete faith on your relations so that no one can harm them easily with the help of rumours and gossips.

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The ultimate conclusion that can be made by the essay discourse is that although Gossips are very harmful to the stability and bond between people they have positive impact on our lives as well. For example with the help of these gossips we come to know about so many new things that are not known to us. People who have the habit of gossiping on regular basis always comes up with the new things and make us to venture out new experiences and ideas as well. So it depends upon us in what sense we take those ideas and points. It can make or break our lives easily depending upon our selection method that is whether we are using them in positive sense of negative.

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