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Thesis statement

When we compare online studies to that of the traditional way of studying both of them have their own significance for students. But the online study is much popular in the younger age group as compared to the aged people.

Introduction – Online Vs Offline Learning

Today technology is getting advanced in every area of life and how we can ignore the education field at this stage while talking about technology. Every person can be seen holding tablets, online book reading devices and laptops to study very easily. The main reason behind this massive boom in technology in the education sector is the digitization of the world and cheap internet packages. But the trend of the traditional way of learning is not outdated these days as both online and offline studies go hand in hand. Here we will compare the two types of studies methods and their importance in the lives of different age group. Also, we will try to find which is mostly preferred by the youth to study and prepare for their class tests along with exams.

Main essay – Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes

How online studies are important for students?

Online studies help students to find a number of resources which are available free of cost and of course some of them paid as well. But a wide array of study material is available for the students when they are involved in the online studies. At the same time by carrying a single device with you, it is possible to read any book of your choice at any point of time. You do not need to pick all the heavy books along you to become able to read the one you like. That is why it plays a significant role in the life of people who have a fascination for study.

Why teenagers are more inclined towards online studies than oldies?

The old people have poor eyesight at first place and at the same time they have no efficiencies in technology. On the contrary, to operate these devices for the study is very easy for the new young generation. That is the reason why most of the old people do not take interest in online studies easily. More when it comes to reading the books old people are connected with these books from their young time and they have some emotions attached to them which push them towards reading the hard copies of the books as compared to the electronic copy of the same books. These are some common causes behind reading through books for the oldies and vice versa.

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Role of traditional methods and ways of studying in the life of a student

The traditional studies, on the other hand, give a chronology of reading the things in a given pattern as per the parts of the book. At the same time, the authenticity of the facts that are given in the books is comparatively higher than that of the online resources. You will find unauthentic data online but no such case can be encountered in the books easily except for a few cases. Books give satiety to the soul for those interested in literature that they are reading something to enjoy. Also sometimes lack of charging in your online device can put you in trouble which is not possible in books. Technical errors in online studies also waste a lot of time of the students which can be given for the study.

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Which is best out of the traditional way of reading and online studies?

Now if we compare the two types of studies with each other we can say that both of them have their crucial role in the life of students. While online studies are mostly liked by the youth as they are well versed with technology aged people prefer reading books of hard compilation. When we talk about the knowledge of the technology, only handfuls of people are aware of it and the rest of them are relying on the books only. So we can make this inference here that the majority of the public is reading hard books while very few of them are involved in the study through online means and mediums developed for it. That is why we can see youth and teenager holding tablets and Kindle readers on their hand when compared to the oldies of the society.

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Conclusion – Online Vs Offline Learning

From the above online v/s offline studies comparison essay we can conclude the topic to an end that neither, online studies not orthodox are completely preferred by the students. Some of them are interested in reading books available online while others take an interest in the old pages of the books and turning them up. While in online studies we can easily find the read things by searching them it is not possible easily in the case of books. But still, people like to read them with interest to refresh their memories of old days when technology was not advanced to this stage. So the inference of the essay can be deduced that both types of studies are useful for the students as people prefer to adopt both the medium of reading things and not a single mean.

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