Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers

05/14/2019 | George Orwell | 1649 |

The education system is becoming more and more comprehensive with the passage of every day. This is because now the involvement of the students is also crucial to rate their teachers based on the performance in class. Some teachers do not perform their duty well in the class as they easily get a salary at the beginning of the month. But feedback of their performance in the class from students pushes them towards performing their duties incomplete care. There are people who think that it is not right because many students give a negative or low rating to the teachers on personal causes as well and this put the prestige of a teacher in danger. This can be checked by making students clear about the importance of their feedback for the education system.

Teachers who get a low rating from their class students, again and again, find it hard to continue their job for a long time and start discharging their duties with honesty. Thus we can say that the system of allowing students to grade their teachers and professors is very apt to bring a big revolution in the education system. Those teachers who are giving their best in the class and still students are not able to grab the lecture easily tries to use some different methods for making the class clear about the subjects and topics. This is how more and more students in a class can learn easily through the new techniques which are adopted by their teachers when they come to know from the student feedback that they have to take some new teaching steps.

Most of the schools are based on this system of taking feedback about the teachers from students and then teachers are given practice and training to use different ways of teaching. This enhances the learning abilities in children very easily and they find their study very interesting. Some schools and colleges conduct this feedback on an annual basis at the end of the session while others involved in the process on a monthly basis to keep on checking the learning of the students.

This shows how important it is to give this feedback to their teachers by the students. Lazy teachers also find this system very rigorous to them as they remain no longer hidden from their laziness as the feedback or grades are obtained from the students on a regular basis. They have to put their heart and soul in preparing the lectures as per the expectations of the students.

So we can reach to a conclusion of the argumentative essay given here that it is very important to have a system where students give grades to their teachers based on the performance of professors in class. This enhances the quality of education which is given to the children from their school to college. Regular feedback from the students makes the teachers very much conscious about the thing that whether the students are able to grab their lecture or not. From the feedback of the students, an idea can also be received by the teacher about their loopholes in the teaching strategies and how to overcome them with proper planning.

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Developed countries are very much dependent upon this grading system of the teachers and by following them many developing countries are also on the track to increase the condition of education given to the students. A lot of changes have been encountered towards a positive path through this feedback system but still, there are miles to go further on the same path to get an ideal state. That is how any education system can have the meaning of making the students learn about the important topics with interest.

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