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There are many occasion where students have to give speech on love, unity and such other topics. But to make the students prepared for this sort of task professor assign their students with the assignments like write speech about love. Sample speech about love works very well under such state for the students to complete this type of assignments on time. Apart from getting tips for writing speech on love for college, graduates have the opportunity to grab various other help from the sample as well. So we cannot ignore the importance of this professionally written sample speech by the Students Assignment Help to give a right direction to the students for preparing the outline of speech with utmost satisfaction. Example of speech on love for college students which is written here can be availed on for free of cost as they are not asked to pay any money for reading Free Sample of Essay.

Dealing with different emotions is an art which reflects the composed nature of a human being. Empathy which serves as the most beautiful emotion comes from the love which is the basic need of every human being. Each one of use survives on this earth due to the love that exists in different forms on this earth. The actual meaning of Love that is taken on a literal level is too different as compared to how we take it in our actual life. Love simply represents the drop of self in a relationship or any type of bond with living or non living thing. When we say drop of self that means we protect, care and sympathise with everything that surrounds us on first place without thinking about the harmful results or consequences that can drop to us. Here we find the exact definition of love which nestle all the relationships in such a way that they remains connected to each other all the time.

But the above meaning of love is viable in only few examples as people are getting involved with the negative relations more than the positive one which teach us to love and care others. This is because people prefer to become practical in modern time as compared to emotional. Because they have a philosophy behind it that being emotional keep them behind in managing their life decision in best way. An emotional person cannot take his or her life goals to that much seriousness as a practical one can do. This is the reason why we are finding a rapid flourish in the increase of negative emotions like hatred, ill thinking about others, wrath and envy as well. We cannot say that the prints or impression of positive emotion like love is vanished from the heart of people because there is many people in modern time as well which do have the sympathy towards living beings.

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When we are talking about the passion or love then it does not mean at any extent that love is limited to the humans only. We can include the animals and other living beings in the category which deserves to be loved at every level. That is why even many developed countries are taking care of giving their love and passion towards the animals and their problems as well. So if you are having compassion towards the lives of human and animals and treat them with love at utmost level then the similar emotions will boomerang upon you which is a best thing to feel. When we are touched by the beautiful emotion which is considered at the most precious emotions that is love we find everything connected to us in a bond of empathy and understanding.

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To spread the spark of love in every field it is very important to feel and love as much as possible and remains away from the people who are full of negative things and makes you negative as well. If you can try to make them feel the intensity and power of love nothing can be more powerful than this. We all should strive in a focused way to reach in the depth of every heart so that there could be a complete harmony between animals and humans. The lack of understanding between people is the only one thing that pushes us towards the negative emotions which are very harmful to us.

So we can reach to a conclusion that love which is taken as the weakness of human being should be approached with a different mentality where its positive effects can be seen. We could have been able to stop the world war and other such incidences if a single streak of this emotion would have spread at that period of time. The most difficult thing that people experience to spread this emption is the difficult situations and serious plights of the people who have to work hard from morning to night in order to manage their meal as they do not have the time to think about these emotions in depth.

Capitalism is also a big cause which is eating our head day to day and making us more mechanical and practical by drawing out the emotions from us. We should given a deep sense on this issue only then we can survive on this earth for longer period of time. Some intellectual of the society in various countries should sit together and think on this issue with proper care to come up with the solution which can solve the problem of erasing negative things like wrath, envy and stress by raising the love to a best level.

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