Self Introduction Essay Example

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A self-introduction is an essay that most often covers your personal history, personality traits, and your future goals. It can be a challenging task to come up with the perfect introductory paragraph for this type of essay. A good start would be to mention a few things about yourself such as what you do on a day-to-day basis, where you grew up, what you’re studying or have studied in school, and why it’s important to have these experiences on paper so others can get to know you better.

Personal Narrative Essay Example on Self Introduction

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Thesis Statement – Self Introduction Essay

I am a renowned novelist and critique of English Literature and currently working as a teacher in English Literature in one of the USA universities. Though I am the best novelist at the same time I am the worst husband and father.

Introduction – Self Introduction Essay

My identity in the world begins with my novels and the critical work that I have done in the field of English Literature. When I was a little child my parents used to show a great interest in English literary texts. As a consequence of which I also plunged into this field as a hereditary profession.

From the very old days of my life, I am involved in literary writings and reading which denotes my hobby and profession both. I pursued my master’s in English literature from one of the world’s best universities and now serving as the literary teacher in the same. Here you will be able to understand how I become cranky for the literature and literary criticism with time.

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Main Body – Self Introduction Essay

How I See Myself as a Person

Talking about my personal life I am not an extrovert and tend to be within my den all the time. The only time when I want to step out of my home is when dinner is planned with my family. So when I analyze my personality at a personal level I figure out that I am the most reticent person in the world. I am very uncomfortable in social gatherings and functions and want to spend the residual time of my life with my family only.

The Way I Manage a Balance Between My Personal Life and Craze for Literature

This is the biggest problem that every professional person suffers from that a balance is not managed between professional and personal life. I want to confess this very honestly that I am neither a good father nor a good husband. Most of the time from my day goes into reading and criticizing the books. If I find any I devote it to writing so my family always has issues regarding my profession.

Do My Personality Reflects Through My Novels

A good writer never reveals a personal background in his literary texts and so. I am very clear of the idea of which needs to be included in the novels and which not. So I Can say that one cannot figure out my personal life from my work as there is a streak line between the two that keeps them separate.

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Conclusion – Self Introduction Essay

The instances and examples from the essay written here are sufficient to illustrate how crazy I am towards English Literature. Even in my surroundings and neighborhood people recognize me with my profession. I can’t divorce the profession of a novelist and literary critique in my life. My identity begins with a good novelist and critique and it will only end with my last breath. I am wholly devoted myself to the passion of English Literature for the past couple of decades.

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