Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

08/31/2021 | Oliver Perez | 3007 views

Many people in the United States feel that guns should be banned. However, this would cause many problems for citizens and law enforcement. Guns are a very important tool in times of emergency, when lives are at stake, or to save someone from being attacked by a criminal. In most cases, guns actually help society rather than hurt it because they provide protection against criminals and other threats.

Essay Sample On Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

Thesis Statement – Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

Guns should not be banned because they are a part of history and the second amendment. Gun violence is a serious issue that has plagued this nation for decades. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse with each passing year. The gun control debate has been on the minds of many but no definitive conclusions have been reached on how to solve the problem.

Introduction – Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

Cells phones, video games, and cars have been blamed for society’s increase in violence over the years. Guns also get their fair share of criticism, though no one has ever suggested taking them away completely. The “war on guns” is nothing more than a war against gun violence which is found throughout America in cities like Chicago has an extremely high murder rate. But even with guns being used in multiple homicides each year, it doesn’t mean that something needs to be done about them. In fact, many people believe that if you outlaw or restrict access to guns only criminals will have them.

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Main Body – Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

For many people, guns are a part of history, and the second amendment gives them the right to own one. According to research, more than half of Americans say they have some sort of gun in their home. Some argue that a world without guns is a happy world while others argue that a world with guns only harms themselves. Guns were made for good reasons such as hunting but they can also be used for mass killing or murder. Additionally, guns serve self-defense purposes which is why police officers usually carry them around. The second amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” So sure there are multiple incidents where people with guns kill others but there are never any reports of someone using a gun to defend themselves against their attacker. For example, when they wanted to lynch blacks in America they used ropes. But when blacks had the right to bear arms it helped them fight off their attackers. So having more than one amendment helps keep people safe and keeps them from getting killed by criminals who have guns on the black market.

Conclusion – Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

Guns should not be banned because they’re part of history, its citizens’ right according to the second amendment which helps protect people, and can also serve self-defense purposes for Americans. The world with or without guns will forever remain the same but banning them won’t help decrease mass killings; instead, it will only give criminals more power over the people.

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