Role Of Physics In Daily Life Essay Sample

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The physics of the world around us is so fascinating. For instance, when you are running on a treadmill, your body slows down because there is less friction against the ground. When you walk across a carpeted floor in socks, your feet will slip and slide due to static electricity which causes an imbalance between electrons that attracts them to each other. These are just two examples of how physics affects our daily lives in interesting ways.

Essay Sample On Role Of Physics In Daily Life

Thesis Statement – Role Of Physics In Daily Life

Daily life at present is too fast. All the electronic appliances are controlling our lives. Everyone in this modern age is a slave of Physics. More and more people go with Physics for getting success in life.

Introduction – Role Of Physics In Daily Life

Physics is a sub-branch of science in which a person shows his or her curiosity to know the driving force behind a physical phenomenon. Why do certain things happen in the same way every time like when we throw an object upward how does it come back to the earth. Similarly, we also observe these phenomena to a minute degree for getting the principle and cause behind their occurrence.

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Main Body – Role Of Physics In Daily Life

That is how physics plays a crucial role to understand and everything that happens around us.

  1. Applications of physics in the Engineering and automation industry- The biggest advantage of physics that can be seen in our day-to-day life is our advanced level of the industry. From the automation industry to other major industries like the cement industry, the textile industry everything is based on the fundamental of physics. For example, if we talk about the automation industry the hydraulic system of the vehicles is developed on the principle of hydraulic brake theory. At the same time, we cannot forget hydraulic lift theory which plays a significant role in the manufacturing automobiles used in the lifting of an object from ground level to a certain height. Similarly, in other areas, physics plays a great role to ease the work of the people to get it done in a fraction of seconds.
  1. Role of physics in the communication purpose through optical fibers- The optical fibers are the cables that carry signals from one place to another to act as the communication medium between two people. For example, landline phones are working with the transmission of the signals with the help of optical fibers. These optical fibers are prepared by using the principle of refraction in physics. The principle says that the current passes on the straight light but when it enters from one media to another the refraction of light takes place and currently came back to its original path. That is how the physics principle helps us to communicate with people from far-flung areas with the help of communication cables made on the principle of refraction of light.
  1. Physics as an active discipline in the entertainment industry- Apart from the communication and automobile industry, an active role of physics can be seen in the entertainment industry as well. The high wave frequencies that people receive to watch TV shows and radio frequencies are sent with the help of manmade satellites which are designed on the basis of physics theories. So we can say that physics plays a huge role in the smooth working of the entertainment industry across the globe. Various signals are delivered to the people by placing a communication satellite from a height to cover the maximum number of people through it.
  1. Physics plays a vital role in the area of energy storage through different media- Various inverters, batteries, and electric heaters all are designed on the basis of theories of physics. For example, induction cookers are designed on the basis of the inductive current theory of physics. At the same time inverter batteries and other types of batteries used in emergency torch lights is some common example of direct current which is again a physical phenomenon. Apart from it when it comes to devices the new ways to store energy collected from the high energy sources like nuclear fission of atoms like uranium, the solution is given by the physical theories only. That is why we can say that physics plays a great role in energy and its storage.
  1. Applications of physics in making Ornamental lights and related stuff- Interesting lightening which flickers within seconds and keeps on fluctuate is often used for ornamental purposes on various occasions like Christmas, new year’s eve, etc. These lights are also designed on the basis of the refraction of light similar to that of optical fibers. The demand for these lights is very high across the different parts of the world and that is why we can say that physics not only caters to the needs of the people but also their interests and dreams as well.
  1. The principle of inertia saves us from various injuries to our body-  The principle of inertia says that when an object is moving then it wants to stay in a moving state only and similar is for the rigid situation of the object or person. When the state of the object is changed suddenly it hurt the person or needs some extra force to cope with that effect on the object. For example, when a bowler catches the ball by runnings then he keeps on running a while even after catching it in order to slow down the effect of inertia. If he will stop suddenly after catching the ball he may fall to the ground. Similarly, when we try to jump down from a slowly running bus the moving body tends to be in its state and a person falls on the ground. Such injuries can be avoided by understanding the law of inertia in physics.

Conclusion – Role Of Physics In Daily Life

Finally, I would say that Physics has made our lives too easy which has resulted in an increase in sex crimes and other such offenses. Therefore, in order to save our lives and make our future brighter, it is necessary to change certain things in Physics. Or else the day is not far when all over the world there will be no safety for women, children or even men till then we can enjoy.

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