Wonder Woman Essay Sample

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This movie is a reboot of the classic Wonder Woman. It follows Diana as she leaves her home and finds herself in our world, fighting against evil and injustice. The story is about love and acceptance but also features some violence and gore for those who like that sort of thing.

Essay Example On Wonder Woman

Thesis Statement – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a hero for the modern age, and one of the most iconic superheroes ever. She’s also an icon for strength, power, wisdom, justice, equality and peace.

Introduction – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a superhero who appeared in the DC comics since the 40s, peace protector of Earth. I wonder why she didn’t appear in the recent super hero flicks though. Probably because her origins are so complicated- she was an Amazon princess or something? Even I don’t know for sure!

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Main Body – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s real identity is Diana, princess of the Amazons that live in Paradise Island. A peace-loving race with a secret to eternal youth. As their protector, Wonder Woman fights villainous acts by evil gods and humans throughout the world. In addition, she uses her magical lasso to stop rampaging villains with ease! No matter how strong they are, when tied up by the magic lasso from golden Lasso of Truth they can’t lie about their true nature.

She has been an active superhero since 1942 appearing in comics. Most of her stories are about love, justice and women issues. Still the comics are so serious, so it`s worth to see how she acts in comedic stories as well!

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Conclusion – Wonder Woman

We all know that combination of love and justice is so common in super hero movies. Wonder Woman has shown this time after time, but her characteristics are deeper than these well-known features- something for us to look forward to.

Her stories may be mainly about love and justice, but please take a careful look at her images as well!

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