Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay Sample

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On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack. The Japanese had been preparing for this moment for many years and the attack was well-planned. It is believed that they wanted to take over the Pacific Ocean by defeating America’s main naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. They also wanted to hurt American morale and force them into an armistice with a US-Japanese peace treaty which would allow them to keep their conquests in China and Southeast Asia. However, even if the Japanese were able to take over military bases at Pearl Harbor, it is not likely they could have taken control of all of Hawaii or overtaken mainland America due to its geographic distance from Japan.

Essay Sample On Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor

Thesis Statement – Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing more than 2,400 Americans and destroying many of the U.S.’s most modern aircraft and ships, shocked America into World War II.

Introduction – Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

Pearl Harbor is the busiest place in the United States of America where Japan attacked in the year 1941 and raised massive and abrupt arguments between the two nations. The results of the attack were so terrible that it takes the shape of a world war consequently many other countries get enmeshed in this war. The main reason which laid the foundation or planning of this attack by Japan on the United States was based on the trade issues that were prevalent at that time between the two nations. Although the tension between the US and Japan can be traced back to the beginning of the century it takes the shape of lava when in 1941 Japan attacked America resulting in the destruction of many weapons and an army of the United States.

Main Body – Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

This in return becomes a matter of prestige and revenge for the US which attack back in the boomerang form by an atomic bomb in two different places of Japan. These places were Hiroshima and Nagasaki where millions of people died and Japan becomes terribly backward on the Economic development scale. The entire incidence leads to the door of world war two which was more dangerous for the world and massive losses occur to the economies of these countries and it takes various decades to recover from the war. The conflicts that were related to the trade affairs where Japan wanted to control the trade of China by suppressing America takes very large shape at the end of the 19th Century and that is why America even shut down the supply of crude oil to Japan which affects its defense system to a major account. All these small incidences take the shape of world war in the latter part of the time.

I consider both world war one and two then we will come to know that both of them were fought for trivial reasons which can be solved by treaties and understandings. But none of them extend the hand for friendship and consequences can be seen in the massive bloodshed across the globe which was hard to digest for the common man who becomes the biggest victim of the fight of those who were in the power. History is living evidence of the fact that every war, whether it is a civil war or war between two countries was fought just for the reason that there were misunderstandings and misconceptions between the two sides. If those misconceptions would have been cleared then no such incidence of war ever have arisen in any country.

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So to catch the trade of China that is the import market of china Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and gets the results in the form of World war. As the United States was then a nuclear power it was pretty much sure that consequences are not going to be in the favor of human races which were going to fight for both sides without any cause. Deep insights on the topic show that it was the mistake of Japan who used the wrong way of attacking a country that is far more powerful in the defense weapons being the nuclear power of the world. Something else could have been done to stop such huge destruction where people must not be involved and a treaty or friendship between the two can solve the matter. But ego on both sides taken away the precious lives of many within few days.

Conclusion – Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

The conclusion of the given essay on why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor can be seen through the various spectacles. For example, if we see the loss to human and animal life it is hard to enumerate it. Economic loss to the Gross Domestic Product of many countries and loss of food items, inflation, etc. were the major consequences of the war that took place after Pearl Harbor. People at that time must be aware of the consequences of the ear but they still fought it to save their prestige which taken away the lives of many. We can take a lesson from such mistakes in the future so that many innocent lives can be saved from their subjection to situations which is not caused by them.

Although international peace conventions like the United Nations organization are formed from the tragedy of world war two still it is hard to control the activities of those nations which have not entered in this treaty of peace. Such nations must be warned to take any action that can ruin the mark of humanity. Although we have gained success in the control of such wars still there are miles to go further in the future.

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