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Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States, where we pay tribute to people who have served in our armed forces. On November 11th, Americans all across the country will take time out of their day to thank and recognize veterans. This day was established after World War I and formally introduced by Congress on June 4th, 1919 under President Woodrow Wilson’s proclamation. It is said that this date was chosen because it is also when an armistice agreement between Germany and the Allied powers went into effect ending what would be known as The Great War.

Essay Sample On Veterans Day

Thesis Statement – Veterans Day Essay

Veterans Day is a special national holiday in the United States. Veterans Day has been officially celebrated on November 11 since it was set by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954, but its roots go back to World War I and earlier.

Introduction – Veterans Day Essay

Veterans Day is celebrated by the different countries at a different time in the year as they get freedom from the countries which hegemony them. For example, the United States of America celebrates its Veterans Day on the 11th  of November when it gets complete freedom from the colonial rule of the British. The purpose behind this celebration is to pay a huge tribute to those who were the dominating figures of this battle of freedom in the past. The entire journey that is traveled by these freedom fighters by giving their lives to the country is commemorated with the utmost respect by the citizens of America and the President of the  United States of America say few words to the public regarding this freedom and contribution of the soldiers in saving the prestige of the country by setting it free from the bars of foreigners.

Main Body – Veterans Day Essay

Veterans Day is really an astounding Day for any nation and cannot be forgotten at any level. Everyone who knows about the compromises and struggles of the freedom fighters can never involve in the pursuit of insulting any veteran leader. Even respect and tribute are given to them with the utmost feelings from the depth of heart. Although Veterans Days are very much significant in every country but still many ill practices are being committed on this day by the people like they are fighting with each other on small issues even on the holy veteran day. Every freedom fighter dream is country as a symbol of harmony and liberty which mostly laid the foundation of the USA.

But this harmony is sometimes destroyed by many ill forces in the society which must be stopped doing this to manage the peace in the country. Situations like civil war should not arise in any country which can ruin the harmony between the citizens thereby putting all the development on the Back foot. As long as we do not understand the importance of the role that our ancestors played to set us free from the manacles of other people from different countries we cannot retain unity and harmony in the country. It is our responsibility to be the citizens of a nation to manage peace on every level whether it is economic peace, social peace, or political peace because these political, social, and economic upheavals can eat the real meaning of freedom.

It is very crucial to understand the sacrifices of those who left their families to fight for freedom manage to fight in the war with an empty stomach and lost their lives at the end as well so that we can get freedom. The freedom that a country gets from its freedom fighter’s help cannot be wasted on the grounds of some personal small issues. We should try to manage out quarrels with mutual understanding rather than putting them in seriousness causing a lack of stability and anarchy in the country. This is not sufficient to talks about the achievements of the veterans only but at the same time, it is also crucial to talk about the success of our present generation in maintaining that freedom as well.

Playing loud music and shouting the slogans of freedom is not merely the solution to see the grave reality of lacking harmony and deal with it. Some serious steps need to be taken on an urgent basis by the people and government of the country to develop the nations towards betterment and contribute to the development of this world as well. We must remember on the grounds of the practical reality that what were the reasons which push us towards the colonial rule and how can we avoid such things to happen again.

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Conclusion – Veterans Day Essay

If we discuss the conclusion of the essay in a real sense then we will come to know that Veterans Day needs to be celebrated differently. Apart from doing celebrations by loud music and such other things we need to understand the importance of maintaining peace for a long period of time so that no external power can ever target our unity or take its benefit to rule over us again in the way as happened in the earlier case. We should not sound fool when celebrating our veteran’s day and must come up with new techniques that can enhance the bond between people of a nation to great extent.

The three pillars which were the base of USA formation are Liberty, equality, and fraternity must not be forgotten by the countrymen at any cost. This is how peace and freedom can be managed for the long term without any external threat. Intellectual people of the different societies must ponder on this issue that how we can celebrate Veterans Day in a real sense by paying the actual tribute to our veterans by marinating the freedom they gave to us.

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