Teenage Suicide Essay Sample

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Teenage suicide is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. In the United States, more than 1,000 teenagers take their own lives every year. In fact, teenage suicides account for 13% of all suicides in America annually. Teenagers are often unaware of how strong and resilient they can actually be- which is why it’s important to address this topic on a larger scale.

Essay Example On Teenage Suicide

Teenage Suicide Essay Thesis Statement

There are different problems in the life of teenagers which lead them towards taking this harsh step of suicide. We can put this suicide count rate down by solving these issues and problems.

Teenage Suicide Essay Introduction

If we revolve our head in the surroundings meticulously we will come to know that the count of increasing death of teenagers is growing tremendously. Some of them are not happy with their situation while others are being tortured by their parents at every step which is pushing them towards the gulf of death every moment. The essay cites the examples and incidences which are the reason and cause of teenage suicide. Also, solutions to come out of the problem are given to the people so that they can practice them to bring their children back from this mire of death. You will get a fair idea about the topic its various aspects and solutions to analyze it further.

Teenage Suicide Essay Main Body

Why the suicide rate among teenagers is rising in the current scenario?

The primary reason that can be devoted to the increasing rate of teenagers in society can be the career of the students who are trying hard but fail to secure the best college or position for them. Some parents are always nudging their children to be the topper of their university or college. As a consequence of which there becomes pressure on the mind of teenagers to get up in the expectations of their parents.

But when they fail to reach the wanted results the only option they have to escape from the fury of their parents is to suicide. More romantic affairs and other disputes are also associated with this age and betrayal in the relationship affect the mind of the children at this stage to a great extent. This is how the mind of the teenager is prepared to commit suicide by the parents and sometimes his or her peer group as well.

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What could be the consequences of Teenage suicide for a nation?

A nation that is suffering from the suicide rate of its teenagers can never develop on the economic grounds in the world economy. This is because the youth that is teenagers are the main assets of the country that can be utilized to enhance the growth of the gross domestic product. But when this part of the population is busy committing suicide and put under the pressure of career goals, it becomes hard to impart a role for them in the national development on the economic market.

That is why it is crucial to focus on this aspect of the development by preparing the children at this stage for strong mental health and reduction in their tension. Parents often put restrictions on the lives of teenagers so that they do not get dragged into the bad habits of smoking and drinking alcohol. But their excessive restrictions sometimes become the cause of addiction in the children.

Although the increasing count of suicide among teenagers is a topic of grave discussion at the same time, this is high time to take some initiatives to stop this practice. Some people are imparting a big role in the reduction of cases where teenagers are committing suicide due to frustration and failure in their lives. Rehabilitation centers are working very well in the arena and can be developed to the best level by understanding the problems and difficulties that are confronted by teenagers at various levels of their development stages.

The things and solutions that can be effective to control the issue of suicide among the youth of a country can be given in the form of increasing the career options, reducing the struggle in the lives, best support from the parents, and no pressure for becoming the topper of the class. By practicing these solutions we can gain success to stop or minimize the effect of suicide to a great level.

Teenage Suicide Essay Conclusion

The conclusion that could be drawn from the above essay is that although the rate of suicide in teenagers is very high this is not impossible to reduce it by taking important steps. Psychological development, pressure-free life, high employment opportunities can minimize this threat to a certain level. This is because the case why parents putting pressure to attain the best score in academics is somehow associated with employment which is not possible with poor grades. At the same time, great focus is needed to be given to the personal problems and counseling of the children at this unstable state of mind especially in the age of teen years. If this much is being done on the part of the parents and society then the risk of suicide of the teenagers can decrease to the best level.

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