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Primary socialization is the process of learning about oneself and the society in which one lives. It starts when children are very young and continues throughout their life. The most important sources of primary socialization are friends, family, educators, media (TV), school, religious institutions, community organizations (youth groups), etc. One’s first experience with a new culture is usually through other people who have been exposed to that culture first before the person has had a chance to be exposed to it themselves. Primary socialization can take place through different methods such as education or simply being around other people from that same society.

Essay Example For USA Graduates On Primary Socialization

Thesis Statement – Primary Socialization

Primary socialization plays a significant role in the life of children in the USA to mold them according to the social norms and expected behavior in a given society.

Introduction – Primary Socialization

A child always learns so many basic things from his parents in a family structure and it forms the major part of his primary socialization. Parents play a significant role to shape the social character of their ward in society through their actions and gestures in front of the child from the very beginning.

Till the age of a child enters the school campus, his socialization depends upon his family and peers only. So here we will discuss how a child can be socialized on the psychological, behavioral, and developmental stages to prepare him for society and its rules. Also, the significance of primary socialization in the USA will be discussed here in-depth.

For example, teaching about gender roles, dressing style, and pattern, social stigmas and expected social behavior falls under the category of primary socialization. To crown it all primary socialization means teaching the traditional way and rules of society to the child so that he does not look alien.

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Main Body – Primary Socialization

Major Elements of Primary Socialization in the USA

Primary socialization of a child can be done within a limited atmosphere by his parents, friends, school teachers, and television as well. Have a look at all major elements that come under the category of primary socialization given here.

Primary socialization in Family

The first step that occurs for the primary socialization of children is within the family of the children. Parents are responsible for teaching their children about the dos and don’ts of society. The psychological and emotional development of the children to become social beings is also possible at the hand of parents.

Role of Schools in the Primary Socialization of Kids

Schools play a significant role in the proper socialization of the students. This is because children learn to live in a group, work as a team and maintain harmony amongst the people of different classes from school. A good school always pushes the children towards equality and harmony.

Best social behavior, emotional sentiments, and best psychological socialization are ensured by the schools in Children. So finding the best school for primary socialization has great significance.

Significance of Primary Socialization in the USA

The main purpose behind the primary socialization of kids in the USA is to help children in learning the social way of living. If a child is not made to learn about the dressing behavior of society he may bear something awkward. He might not be aware of different social traditions and customs.

For example, wearing clothes is a part of primary socialization which must be learned to the child from the very beginning in the family by parents. Likewise, there are so many other such things that are crucial to teaching in the first stage of development to children in family and peers group.

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Conclusion – Primary Socialisation

From the above essay, a conclusion can be drawn that the parents need to look after the overall socialization of their child from the childhood days. Those who do not bother about the psychological, emotional, and social behavior of their child often end up with poor socialization. Family, peer group, and school along with Television play a good role in shaping the personality of a child. A person who is not socialized is considered savage by the people of society and his behavior is not accepted by the people of society.

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