Internet Boon or Bane Essay Example – Bless or Curse

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An analytical essay as the name speaks for it is written by subjecting the arguments to rigorous research. Every aspect of the essay needs to be analyzed on research-based firm grounded examples like essay on internet boon or bane/curse in such essay writing.

The resources of research should also be authentic enough to bring out useful research on the topic. For example, if you are writing an analytical essay on the internet then you have to research on every dimension of the topic from internet security, its positive and negative points, etc.

The hypothesis is given in analytical essays by the writer in the beginning and throughout the essay, that hypothesis is proved by the writer. So whenever you are writing an analytical essay for college just divide it into five parts that are a thesis statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography.

That is how you will be able to analyze every single aspect of the essay topic in an oriented way. The following analytical essay sample on internet boon or bane is going to give you better clarity of writing such essays for college in proper order and format.

Thesis Statement On Internet Is A Boon Or Curse

The internet is serving the human being with both its positive and negative consequences but positive aspects of the internet surpass the negative one.

Introduction Writing For Essay On Internet( Advantage & Disadvantage)

The invention of the internet has given a new dimension to human life by making their life easy and luxurious. The massive boom on the internet and its easy accessibility to the people of every class in the past couple of decades is commendable. Nowadays, one does not require travelling miles from remote areas for visiting libraries, buying books and so on with the help of internet.

At the same time, there are some drawbacks that are fading out the shine of the internet like security issues and cyber crimes rate that is increasing every day. Here we will analyze the topic that whether the internet is really a boon for the human society of it is serving as a bane. We will try to analyze the things by comparing both positive and negative aspects of the internet here to reach a conclusion.

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Main body

How the internet is a boon for human society?

Here are some reasons for which we can consider internet invention as best for a human being in every way. These examples explain how the internet is like a boon for the society in every way.

  1. Reduction in man labour:  The computer is reducing the workload many times by completing the tasks within a few hours which earlier used to take months. Thus the reduction in man labour can be seen with the coming of the internet.
  2. Good learning facilities with a wide array of alternatives: The e-learning facilities through various online courses are helping to bridge the gulf of rich and poor rights for education. Nowadays people can easily learn a subject of even a language by taking help of internet.
  3. Can collect information within seconds: If someone wants information on a given topic then earlier it used to take many days to find out that information. But with the coming of the internet, this is now very easy to have access to all types of information within seconds.
  4. Enhanced entertainment sources: The coming of the internet has also brought enhanced entertainment alternatives like online video games and music streaming. This was not possible earlier for the people to have access for entertainment source of their choice.
  5. Better communication medium: The communication mediums are also getting improved with the help of the internet these days. Also, it is getting cheaper every day with internet to send a message or make a video call to near and dear.
  6. A boon for education and business development in remote areas: The business of all types can be run by online business websites thus the space constraints and area issues are also being tackled easily with the help of internet. At the same time, education opportunities can also be created in villages with the help of the internet.

Can we see the invention of the internet as a bane for us?

Here are some drawbacks of taboos that are associated with the internet by people as well. According to these drawbacks, the internet is also a bane for society and do not comes with positive effect only.

  1. Online data loss and ransomware attack: Data loss and ransomware attack are increasing across the world due to poor security to the users. This leads to a lot of loss for businessmen when their tender gets stolen by the rivals as so on.
  2. Boost terrorist networking: The internet is acting as a major facilitator of terrorist activities as terrorist find it easy to communicate with each other by social sites through the internet.
  3. Cause health-related issues like mutations: There are harmful rays coming from various internet satellites installed near residential areas. As a result of cancer, a mutation can occur in the person causing long ailments which could prove fatal as well.
  4. The threat to employment and human labour: The internet has made our life easy and simple but at the same time when technology will be working human works, the job opportunities are going to decline for sure.

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Conclusion – Pros & Cons Of Internet

After a huge discussion, we can come to a point that the internet is neither completely boon nor it is a bane. Both of them goes hand in hand and like any other thing they have comprises of their benefits and drawbacks. But raising voice against the use of the internet at this point of time when we are used to it is quite impossible.

That is why we can say that it is crucial to accept the harmful effects of the internet in our life along with the positivism that it has brought to our life. Today people from remote villages and hamlets are striving for an internet connection in their area and that is because of its significance in their life.

If someone is getting so much positive influence of the internet in his life then it is quietly acceptable to bear the negative thing associated with it as well.

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