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It has been a long time from when Nike which is the giant of the sports products manufacturing, advertising itself in a very unique way in front of the target customers. If we deeply analyse the way of advertising the sports products like shoes, clothes and sports kits there is a unique way adopted by the brand to lure the customers towards its products. Certain taglines that are put forth to the customers by commercial ads works like catalyst in the popularity of the brand. The most important idea that works well for the brand to sell its products is to make the big sportsperson as their brand ambassador and people who are passionate towards the sports follow these famous sportsperson by purchasing the products of the same brand which their role models are advertising. This is how the idea of selling different sports products is adopted by the brand Nike which is a giant brand in the world of manufacturing sports related items.

The essay shows a concern on the success of this type of advertisement and also critically analyse that is this only reason why brand is getting its popularity in every nook and corner of the world or it really prove to its words whatever said in the advertisements. If we move around out head meticulously, we can see that every person who have tried this brand even for once in their lives always praise it for the quality purpose and comfort as well. This shows that the strategy of the brand to increase the number of customers is based on advertising the truth and not building castle in the air. If it is selling a product by saying this is best in quality then it becomes rigid on the words by maintaining the quality of the product at any level. This is how the trust and satisfaction of the consumers is gained by it which is the most important part of the success in marketing.

Through the medium of its advertisements Nike also covey that idea that how a professional sportsman looks like and in their ideology the one who is wearing Nike shoes and appeals qualifies this status. Successful sportsmen wearing their products put a stamp on this ideology and thus people starts craving for the expensive things which are of course best in their quality as well. Winning the heart of the customers and sustaining for long time in the market is not that much easy which is known to each one of us and that is why it is very crucial to rely upon your words and justify your advertisements which is done by the said brand.

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The different mediums of advertisements that are adopted by the brands include the print media, social media, email marketing and digital media and many others. In every way brand is approaching to its customers to make them aware of its products and fascinating them towards buying shoes, clothes and other sports products manufactured by them. For a successful marketing these tools are very important to reach out the customers and make them understood about what you are manufacturing and how it can be helpful for them. All these things are very clear to the brand Marketing team of the Nike and that is why they are winning the hearts of the people so effectively from a long time.

If we pay a little attention to the marketing strategies of the Nike we will come to know that instead of writing lot of stuff about the product they are advertising it prefer to end everything in a single line by putting the product beside to it. The person who wants to buy it will definitely visit the website or official platform to read the further information and this save the time of the consumer and seller both. All these types of ideas and plans prove out to be effective for the brand and we can say this through the increasing popularity and success of Nike in the market with the passage of every day.

Through the discourse of the essay and its critical analysis we can conclude the essay by saying that the Nike adopts a unique idea of selling its products through advertisement. Also we can say that the survival of the brand is possible only when it stay up to its words through the quality provided to the customers. Those brands which are just making the fabricated statements to sell poor quality products do not sustain for the long time in the market. That is why their sheen starts decreasing when people stop buying their manufactured products by using them once. Nike which is able to maintain its brand for so long time do not involved in this pursuit of looting and giving fake statements for its products.

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