Abortion Persuasive Essay Sample

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in America today. Many people believe that a woman should have complete control over her own body and what to do with it, while others claim that life begins at conception and thus abortion is murder: taking away an innocent soul’s chance at living the life God had planned for them. This essay will explore both sides of the issue (what each side thinks, why they believe it) in order to give you some tools for thinking about this important issue.

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Essay Example on Abortion

Thesis Statement of Abortion Essay

Abortions are happening at a large pace in the world some of them are being done in the hope of aborting girl child and others are to escape from the tag of immorality.

Introduction of Abortion Essay

At the current time, one of the biggest problems that we are facing in society is the growing range of abortions every other day. Most of the countries do not want to give birth to the girls in this scenario as well because they cannot be given the rights of property by their parents. At the same time, others who are involved in the pursuit of pregnancy before the wedding, in order to escape from the tag of unmarried parents abort their child in the womb only. These types of problems are discussed in this essay with every aspect and that is why people can get the best idea about how to approach the issue of abortions at present time.

Main Body of Abortion Essay

Abortions are rising every day and here in this essay, serious reflections upon the subject could be obtained to develop a better understanding of the facts and figures about the topic.

What are the reasons that lead parents to a situation of abortion?

You might have seen in many conservative societies of the developing and underdeveloped countries that women are being restricted to give birth to girls. If a woman delivers a girl child then she is not treated well by society and even her care is also ignored after the gestation period which is very crucial for a healthy body and recovery of the weakness. The main reason why this is assumed that a girl child is not good is the patriarchal mindset of the people in these countries.

The other reason why parents want to remove their womb is the fear of committing adultery after getting married to someone else or sometimes being unmarried. Even in the present time, there is no freedom to deliver children before marriage under the morals of social education. These are the main reason why people are forced to abort their children before birth.

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Impacts of Abortion on Society

This section analyzes the negative impacts of abortion on individuals such as emotional stress, family issues among others. Individuals’ life changes were never slated for decisions such as ending a pregnancy by abortion. Pregnancy is not an ordinary situation in life, but it demands a lot of response from both the pregnant woman and other members of her family circle.

The emotional stress that comes with abortion does not go without leaving marks on individuals. This arises because many people do not expect to take this step in their lifetime.

How we can bring changes in the minds of people to look after the unmarried Parents

There must be certain changes in society that can be associated with the change of conservative thinking that unmarried parents should be barred from delivering babies. The girl child must have the equal rights of birth as that of boys which is the main agenda of feminism which fights for the equal rights of women to that of men. So if you are living in such a conservative society try to bring some changes and take initiatives for this. Your one step can cross the several miles of giving equality to the women and resisting illegal abortions as well. Although certain strict policies have been framed by the law still people are facing these issues because their implementation is not in the real world and these policies lie in government documents only.

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What are problems that arise in the female body after abortion?

When abortion is done from the womb of a female then, in that case, her biological upheavals require some treatment and care for a certain period of time. But no such care is provided to a girl or lady who is aborting her child for the sake of societies that are conservative in their thinking. As a result of which many women die off due to abortions only.


In conclusion, abortion has a negative effect on society because it raises the percentage of female babies being aborted leading to unequal distribution of sexes, causes physical harm such as cervical cancer which could lead to death if not treated properly and most abortions are done by teenagers who later regret their choice and become pro-life supporters for their unborn children or help other women see the benefits of carrying a pregnancy until delivery. As stated above, abortions have serious costs to the mother and child which cannot be justified by being free of responsibilities.

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