Application of Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to Business Essay Sample

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Ethics are based on the idea that the virtuous person will do what is good, and vice versa. In this essay, we will be discussing how Aristotle’s virtue ethics can be applied to business by looking at honesty as a virtue. The goal of this essay is to show you how we can use ethical decision-making in business and what we gain from doing so.

Aristotle’s virtue ethics is a system of moral philosophy that focuses on the cultivation of virtues. This essay will explore whether or not Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics can be applied to business and if so, how this would affect the way we view morality in business.

Essay Sample on Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to Business

Introduction – Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to Business

Aristotle is one of its theories and contribution in economics that provide several problem-solving approaches to address the issues related to the business, organization management, economics, finance, etc.

The applicability of Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to business is the best contribution provided by Aristotle to the world where it discusses ethical problems of the business, management, organization finance sector, etc, and equip the reader about yen wisdom that is necessary for applying rules in any specified areas.

Main Essay Body – Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to Business

What is the role of Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics?

Aristotle’s theory about virtue plays a crucial role in addressing the issues that are related to ethics, morals, values, etc. He suggested that the ultimate objective of introducing any object of theory is to pertain something good from it and whatever the art, imagination, or any other action or aim there is some good within it.

He strongly recommends that there are several branches of science, knowledge, and sub-branches that end at the aim it targets. He recommends that virtue is a practice that a person can be earned or gained through exercising.

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The implication of Aristotle’s virtue of ethics

On the other hand, when it’s about Aristotle’s virtue ethics then it is termed and identified as happiness or human flourishing. And it is called eudaimonia which means the connection of personal life or social life to its professional life.

Indeed, humans are connected with their sentiments, principles of virtue, emotions, values and it is directly reflected in the decision taken by them in their professional life. Therefore, Aristotle termed Eudaimonia as a final good desirable for its benefits and called as living well and doing well.

He explains the term virtue as a state of character that makes the person good and enables the person to take the most appropriate decision for itself. He emphasizes that such virtue can be moral as well as intellectual.

Moreover, he also emphasized that such ethics should have the objective of seeking something good. But he also suggested that surplus or deficient of any of the fundamentals prove to be detrimental.

As an instance, Aristotle’s virtue ethics principles describe the feeling of fear or confidence as courage and its deficiency and surplus are coward and reckless respectively. In the same manner, he describes pleasure, pain, giving and taking money, honor or dishonor, anger or good-tempered, etc

Application of Aristotle’s virtue ethics to business

  1. Virtue ethics in a business assist the person in making sound decisions that prove to be beneficial, productive for individuals as well as organizations.
  2. Ethics are the practice that provides a moral foundation to any business and work as a standard form for humankind to procure while exercising.
  3. With the help of such virtues, it stimulates the business growth and refers to such a practice that bestows the profit along with doing good to another harmony.
  4. Any business can be done via two means either public or private and varies in number as to sole proprietorship to the company.
  5. A virtuous business is not only self-interested oriented but also keep in mind the other aspects such as environment-friendly, well being of employees, society, nation, etc. However, Aristotle’s virtue ethics to business refers to happiness to all and flourish living as well as doing well.

In concluding, the Application of Aristotle’s virtue ethics is like values embedded in a corporate such as fairness, just, reasonable, honesty, harmony, good, etc. The values in a corporate are coupled and require a corresponding action and virtues that make it possible for any healthy corporate relationship.

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Importance of Aristotle’s virtues

  • Humanity and humans are often attached to the aspects of moral values, ethics, right or wrong and blend towards leading a virtuous life but it is not that easy to live.
  • One of the most important aspects of having a successful profession, career, occupation is the aspect of virtues that are entirely different aspects but are closely connected to the concerned area.
  • Aristotle’svirtuetheoryhasasignificantroleinbusinessandorganizationmanagement.It cites certain fundamental so f virtues that need to be taken into consideration while functioning the business.
  • There are other several virtue ethics of business that work as substitution to the Aristotle approach to business ethics and some of the mere utilitarianism, laissez-faire, etc. But all such approaches serve the common good to society and mankind.
  • Virtue is such an aspect that plays a substantial time in every spectrum of business, finance, management, leadership, government, etc.
  • For the application of Aristotle’s virtue ethics to business, it is important to understand the brief overview of essential elements or fundamentals of such virtues.
  • Virtues are nothing but procuring a type of moral exclusive excellence that is necessary for the success of any business, professional occupation, or any other trade.


Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics has been applied to business in order to create an ethical framework for companies that wish to do the right thing. The idea of virtue ethics is one where moral decisions are based on what you know about yourself, not just your intent or outcome. This type of thinking can help shape a company’s culture and make sure it stays true to its values by promoting good behavior among employees.

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