Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective Essay Sample

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In today’s world, advertisements are constantly being thrown at us from every angle. It is difficult to go a day without seeing an advertisement on TV, in the newspaper, or online. We see ads for everything from food and clothing to new cars and beauty products. These ads are targeted towards different demographics so it can be hard to tell which demographic they are targeting. One of these groups is teenagers because they have more money than most other age groups due to their parents’ income level and free time that comes with not having full-time employment responsibilities as older generations do.

Essay Sample on Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective

Thesis Statement – Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective Essay

Advertisements aimed at teenagers are not effective because their buying power is low, they are easily influenced by friends, the media, and celebrities.

Introduction – Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective Essay

For years, people have been using advertisements as a form of persuasion.

Advertising is a huge business and it’s only getting bigger each year. Many companies hire ad agencies to help them create a campaign that will generate interest in the product they are selling so more people will buy it. The main target audience for these companies is teenagers because they have big spending power and influence over their friends who also want to be just like them. In the grand scheme of things though, do these ads really work? Are teenagers actually influenced by all of this advertising or would they buy the products regardless? There are many factors that come into play when answering this question such as whether or not they have enough money to purchase the item in question, how much influence their friends have over them, and how much influence the media and celebrities also have.

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Main Body – Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective Essay

The buying power of teenagers is low that’s why advertising to them is somewhat pointless. According to an article on Worth Of Web, “teens account for about $600 billion in spending power annually.” However, “most teens only spend around $8 to $12 a week.” This shows that teenagers aren’t very influential when it comes to deciding what products adults should buy because their main focus is usually having fun and going out with their friends (Mintel). They don’t always think about saving up for bigger things like cars or homes; they’re mostly concerned with having enough money to purchase the latest fashions and entertainment. Even though teenagers do have a good amount of money to spend, should companies really use teenagers as the primary target audience when creating ads? Teenagers are easily influenced because they’re constantly trying to fit in and be like their friends. Customers that use this particular advertising strategy tend to forget one thing: teens change their minds quickly because they’re always living in the moment. They go through phases where all they’re interested in buying clothes from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch but then suddenly move onto other brands such as American Eagle or Aeropostle. Their main focus is finding out what’s hot at the moment because it makes them feel like part of a group.

People get influenced by others all the time; especially teenagers who are constantly surrounded by their friends. According to an article on, teens are especially influenced by ads that depict “famous people.” Teenagers want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger even if it means buying things that are overpriced simply because it has the name “Michael Kors” or “Prada” plastered on it. This is evident in shows such as the Kardashians where teenagers practically worship celebrities and what they do. They follow their friends’ examples and buy whatever they sell even if their parents cannot afford it which could lead them into debt later on in life.

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Conclusion – Are Advertisements Aimed At Teenagers Effective Essay

Advertising to teenagers is not effective and the buying power of teens is low. Teenagers are easily influenced by their friends, celebrities, and the media which makes advertisements targeted at this group somewhat useless. There are many other factors that go into determining whether an advertisement works such as how much money they have to spend on a product, what influences them most (their friends or celebrities), and how long these ads can stay relevant (the gap between trends).

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