Historical Comparison Between Chesapeake and New England Essay Sample

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This essay will explore the comparison between Chesapeake and New England, two regions with very different cultures. The essay will focus on how these cultures evolved through historical happenings that had a significant impact on their societies. It will also discuss some of the differences between them today like geographical differences, regional and political differences. In this essay, we will compare these two areas with regards to their climate, topography, economy, and population.

Essay Example on Historical Comparison Between Chesapeake and New England

Thesis Statement – Chesapeake Vs New England

The religious and economic factors surrounding the settlement of New England and Chesapeake had a major impact on the lives of the colonists who lived there.

Introduction – Chesapeake Vs New England

The essay on the historical comparison between Chesapeake and New England describes that there are many historical differences between the New England and Chesapeake regions of America. When looking at their origins, it is clear that they have different backgrounds. The two areas were not just founded by different people; they also had different beliefs and cultures to start with.

For example, when the first English settlers arrived in America, New England was a land of Puritans whereas the Chesapeake region was established by Catholics from Maryland. They both developed differently over time as well which resulted in an array of traditions today including foods such as clam chowder versus lobster rolls or accents on words such as “wicked” versus “pissed.”

The major difference between these two parts of America is that while one has become more liberal than conservative over time, the other has evolved in the opposite direction. This shift is due to many factors such as culture and religion that date back to the time America was first settled. The different types of people who settled there played a huge role in shaping these two regions throughout history.

There are the following historical comparisons between Chesapeake and New England:

  1. Geographical difference
  2. Religion difference
  3. Political difference
  4. Social Composition difference

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Main Essay Body – Chesapeake Vs New England

Geographical difference between Chesapeake and New England

The geographical difference between Chesapeake and New England is mostly in terms of climate.

New England typically has a climate with high levels of rain and snow, whereas Chesapeake typically experiences cooler temperatures with lower levels of rainfall due to being closer to the ocean. For this reason, the activities that may be frequently experienced in New England include hiking, skiing, and fishing while those same activities would be rarer or not possible in Chesapeake.

Another factor contributing to the difference in geography between these two regions is the overall size of each piece of land. Chesapeake is not as large as New England and therefore does not include several key features such as mountains or forests that can provide an environment for outdoor activities.

Religion difference between Chesapeake and New England

Another difference between both nations is that of religion and notably, the settlers of New England devoted to Puritan Separatists. Such puritan was struggling in a quest to get freedom in religion and such an issue was introduced in the Church of England. As in England, the major religion was Catholicism during the period of Henry VIII because Catholicism was separated from the concept of the Church so the chief religion was comprised of Protestantism. This is the reason the establishment of Anglican Church was set up. Therefore, both the nations become religious-based.

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The political difference between Chesapeake and New England

The political difference between the New England and Chesapeake regions was that the New England government associate more with religious matters than the Chesapeake government. The Chesapeake government had more focus on the law.

The New England government was known as the Puritans living in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Haven. These people believed that their purpose in life is to get to heaven by doing good works. The Puritans believed that there must be a form of state control over religion and society because they believe human beings are evil, and easily led astray from God. However, the Puritans also knew that only through hard work will they gain God’s blessings; they believed that it was very important for everyone to work hard every day so “God will smile down upon them”.

Social composition difference between Chesapeake and New England

In both the nations, Chesapeake and New England have different compositions and in the region of Chesapeake, it was mainly dominated by male settlement. Not only this, it creates a lot of new employment opportunities for labor, slaves, servants, and other class of such people.

In concluding, it is noteworthy that people wish to move for the territory which offers them better social, economic, as well as religious life.

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This essay has explored how the geographical, regional, and political differences between Chesapeake and New England shaped their imperial ambitions. The history of the two regions will be forever intertwined in our nation’s story because each region had a major impact on shaping America as an empire. And while it is impossible to say which culture or civilization was better for this country, I believe that both found success in different ways. As we continue to learn from these two regions’ successes, failures, and effects on American society over time, they have taught us valuable lessons about what works well when building one’s own empire.”

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