Christmas Tradition Essay Sample

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In the United States, Christmas is a time when families get together to celebrate and spread cheer. It’s been this way for generations, from grandma’s apple pie to grandpa’s stories of Christmases past. Every family has its own unique holiday tradition that they love to share with others. Whether it be decorating gingerbread cookies or singing around the tree at midnight, there are so many ways for loved ones to create memories during this festive season!

Essay Sample On Christmas Tradition

Thesis Statement – Christmas Tradition Essay

Christmas traditions are celebrated by the people mainly in Europe and other countries of the world for the birth of Jesus and its celebration.

Introduction – Christmas Tradition Essay

Every year on the 25th of December people become very curious about the celebration of the most renowned festival of the year that is Christmas day, Most of the people buy new dresses, gifts and decoration material to celebrate the occasion wholeheartedly. The essay reveals the tradition and how it is being celebrated for years. Significance of Christmas traditions and how it is becoming popular among the people who are not christened even. We can see also glimpses of the cross-cultural and globalization effect of Christmas on the people of different countries and religions as well through this essay.

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Main Body – Christmas Tradition Essay

Here is a complete essay on Christmas time that reveals the reality of the Christmas festival why it is so popular and prestigious festival in the world. The effect of the festival on bringing people into the thread of unity can be seen through the glimpses of points given here in the essay. So read the entire essay and grab the best idea about it for analyzing the facts.

How Christmas is the festival that brings unity to the people of a different religion?

As we all are celebrating Christmas in one or another way throughout the world it reaches every heart. Some of them are enthusiastic about it because of the lucrative offers available at the prices of various things and others are excited about the party and exchanging gifts, dressing up in new attires, or anything of such sort.

This means everyone is celebrating the birth of Jesus in one or another way either knowingly or unknowingly. This thread of celebration is good for the peace and unity among the people of the world who are tied up with the bond of Christmas to each other with solidarity.

Effect of globalization on the celebration of Christmas worldwide

We can see the effect of globalization on the celebration of Christmas. The massive boom in the celebration of this festival on a global scale can be given to globalization which is making the people visit from one country to another taking their culture along with the festivals, food habits, etc. Similar is the case with Christmas.

Outsourcing and multinational companies are also giving lucrative deals to their employees on the evening of Christmas and that is why such festivals become an inseparable part of the lives of the people. They started waiting for the Christmas arrival months before the date. So we can see the immense effect of globalization on the Christmas celebration and its tradition for long years.

Why it is important to celebrate Christmas every year for Human Beings?

Christmas is a festival that brims up the lives and souls of a human beings to a great extent. Every year after hard work it becomes important to go on enjoying and celebrating for yourself which is the need of human beings. Both the eve of New Year and Christmas come near to each other and people find this festive season very much fascinating for a long year. This is the period of time in the entire year when they live and enjoy their life in full.

If such celebrations and enjoyments will be curtailed from the lives of human beings they will feel like on the barren land where there is nothing to enjoy and celebrate except for the work. Mental freshness is very important and with the festive seasons, it comes and revives in the human being. Christmas is a very good example of such festivals and traditions which are soul-soothing.

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Conclusion – Christmas Tradition Essay

The above essay concludes that Christmas must be celebrated by every human being to enjoy life at its full. The essay also shows us that globalization is giving rise to the cross-cultural values their celebration and therefore increasing the level of harmony among the people of different religions. The most important thing about Christmas is that it is not limited to a single religion in a modern period of time and anyone who is living in Europe, USA, Asia or Australia people are involved in the celebration of every occasion to find solace to their soul from the long working odd hours on daily basis. Those who are celebrating Christmas for a long period of time like a tradition with the same enthusiasm are also there from different religions. So we should become one and celebrate every occasion irrespective of the religion.

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