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Contemporary Nursing Issues

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Almost 25 percent of the world population is engaged in the nursing profession owing to the increase in disease and their requirements in the healthcare sector. During their professional careers, so many issues are confronted by the nurses in a diverse range. Some of the contemporary nursing issues are listed here that will help academic students pursuing their diploma and degree in nursing to understand the depth of their profession. More if you are asked to write assignments on these contemporary issues then you can take the help of Students Assignment Help at any time. All contemporary issues in accounting assignment help will be discussed by the experts in-depth in your assignments.

What does it mean to say nursing issues?

Nursing issues talks about the problems that are faced by the nurses in their professional career without any fault on their level. Sometimes these issues arise due to the nursing ethics that are forcefully inoculated in the life of a nurse or in other circumstances some legal and moral responsibilities also try to trap the nurses. All these issues hold a nurse in such a way that they find their career very annoying to experience their human rights. Even in advanced countries, the problem of these nursing issues is not mitigated so far.

Types of Ethical issues that are faced by professional nurses in their career

When it comes to dealing with the nursing ethical issues the main problem that arises is that nurses fail to experience their free will in their profession. They are always seen under the dominance of doctors and who so ever is senior to them. Apart from it complaints from patients, back to back day and night shifts and dominance of the doctors make them completely submissive in their career.

Self-esteem and free will both are suspended for the nurses even if we talk about their natural rights. Although there is no legal pressure in nursing ethics assignment help issues but nurses cannot suppose to breach these ethics if they want to continue their job in the same hospital. The contemporary literature review of nursing ethics can be seen as the biggest drawback of this profession which hinders the autonomy of the nurses in their careers.

Talking about the Legal issues in a nursing career they also act as a hanging sword in the profession of a nurse. This is because if a nurse by mistake gives wrong medicine to the patient owing to her busy schedule and responsibility towards many patients she is subjected to legal charges.

More in case a patient complaints about psychological trauma due to the harsh behavior of the nurse it is also a big stab on the nurse as she is supposed to take care of her patients in a calm state even when she is going through psychological crises herself. That is the reason most of the nurses are just disgusted with their professional careers in the healthcare sector.

What are the different morality issues in the nursing profession?

Apart from the legal and ethical issues, there are many moral contemporary issues that are also faced by nurses while discharging their roles and duties in the healthcare sector. For example, when a nurse is not helping a patient to get rid of his emotional tantrums, she is not accompanying him or her to the natural environment for a walk or making him comfortable in the hospital then she is considered as unfit to her career by the hospital authorities. More in case of shortage of staff a nurse is supposed to work for a longer time period out of her moral duty towards the institutions in which she is working. So all these moral issues also work like harassing tools for a nurse in contemporary healthcare set up.

How to get rid of nursing issues by finding relevant solutions

It is very crucial to find the relevant solutions that help a nurse to get rid of the suffocation they experience at their workplace. For example, there should be some sort of freedom to a nurse where she can take independent decision to treat the patient psychologically out of her experience. At the same time, she must be free to experience her human rights like eating the food of time rather than adjust the time for eating, proper sleeping hours and not long day-night duty, etc.

Some legal rules must be framed in humanitarian grounds for nurses that could save them from the mistakes committed by the unknowingly which do not take the life of a person. That is how we can see a good future of the nursing profession in a real sense where there is no issuer wither moral, legal or ethical as well.

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