Cultural Diversity In Hotels Industry Essay Sample

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The hotel industry is a highly competitive business. The hospitality sector has been facing tough competition from online travel sites and other industries that offer accommodations. To stay ahead of the curve, hotels have to innovate with technology to provide visitors with an experience they cannot get elsewhere. One way in which many hotels are innovating is by offering cultural diversity in their staff so guests can enjoy different foods and customs while staying at the property. Many people who visit other countries for business or pleasure feel more comfortable when there is someone on site who shares their culture or language. This sample will discuss how some properties are providing this service to travelers and what potential benefits it may bring to both guests and hotels alike.

Essay Sample On Cultural Diversity In The Hotels Industry

Thesis Statement – Cultural Diversity In The Hotels In Industry Essay

In the context of the ever-changing American cultural landscape, it is important for hotels in the USA to take measures in order to increase their profit and ensure customer satisfaction.

Introduction – Cultural Diversity In The Hotels In Industry Essay

The wide range of cultural differences between people and within nations can have both positive as well as negative impacts. Various hospitality industries around the world have realized that the cultural diversity within the organization is not a negative aspect; rather it can facilitate industrial productivity. However, it is not a stress-free task to manage employees from different cultural backgrounds working in industries like hotels. If cultural diversity can be effectively managed then it enables the workforce to benefit within the hotel industry.

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Main Body – Cultural Diversity In The Hotels Industry Essay


  • Promote interpersonal skills: Cultural diversity helps in enhancing interpersonal skills among people working in the hotel industry. It is because people of different cultures work together within the same industry and thus become capable to understand the view of others.
  • Enhance teamwork: As people from different cultures work together to accomplish a task and thus it helps in increasing teamwork. People from different backgrounds behave differently and thus lead to better communication and effective relationship.
  • Develop creativity: When it is time to create a new project or introduce a new dish, the staff from different backgrounds can benefit. The employees can acknowledge a variety of flavors that can be added to one dish. Apart from it, cultural diversity helps people to learn the different solutions to a common problem.
  • Support a variety of languages spoken: There is a variation in skills and a variety of languages spoken in the hotels’ industry that impact business productivity. Thus, having a diverse range of languages spoken by hotel staff can attract international guests. Additionally, employees can learn a new language that increases their knowledge effectively.
  • Boost industry productivity: A multicultural working environment helps in the execution of the tasks efficiently. People from different cultural backgrounds help in implementing various solutions and when they work together, it enhances business productivity.


  • Communication barrier: People from different cultures when work within the same industry can create confusion, lack of teamwork, and thus reducing productivity. However, communication barriers can be temporary and can be effortlessly overcome. It is crucial to let team members socialize with each other, make face-to-face interactions, and express their opinions effectively.
  • Resistance to adjust: Some of the employees from diverse cultures when come together to work in a hotel refuse to accept new policies. They do not want to change something that already works and thus is incapable to understand innovations. The scare of failure and not being capable to adapt new things stop them to adjust.

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Conclusion – Cultural Diversity In Hotels Industry Essay

The issue of cultural diversity in the workplace has been a topic that is taken very seriously by all companies and businesses around the world. One of the most dangerous situations that can occur when different cultures come together in a single organization or company is racism and its effects, through bullying or even racial violence which comes from feelings such as superiority and rejection towards other people who do not belong to one’s group, religion or culture. However, what we have seen throughout our investigation is that although this situation does exist, it is covered up with several policies and approaches by international hotel chains such as Hilton Worldwide, Melia Hotels International, and the Intercontinental Hotel Group aiming to maintain an ethical standard among its employees while promoting equality by hiring people from various origins, backgrounds, and cultures.

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