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It is important to know the basics of cyber security because it affects our day-to-day lives. Cybersecurity started with military use, but now it has expanded to include any device that connects to the internet. There are many cyber security threats facing the United States. These threats range from identity theft to information-stealing and ransomware attacks. This essay discusses some of these dangers with a focus on what you can do to protect your data.

Many students choose cybersecurity as their major subject due to the growing demand for a career in the Cybersecurity department.  But it is not easy to get a degree in the field of cybersecurity. One has to write many assignments and loads of coursework to pursue their degree. They also take Network security assignment help services to effectively pursue their degree program.

Essay Sample on Cyber Security

Thesis Statement of Cyber Security Essay

Cybersecurity is a field that requires constant vigilance to stay ahead of the latest threats. It’s important for individuals and businesses to take responsibility and protect their sensitive data and information from cybercriminals.

Introduction of Cyber Security Essay

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from criminals trying to access your information. The goal of cyber security isn’t to eliminate attacks, but rather reduce them and minimize damage. Cybersecurity affects everyone on some level because any device that connects to the Internet can be hacked. For this reason, it’s important for people to educate themselves on basic cybersecurity practices so they don’t become victims of a cyber-attack or identity theft.

Main Body of Cyber Security Essay

Types of Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks have come an extended way from the email viruses of old (although those still exist as well). As criminals acclimatize to changing times, so too do the IT safety experts whose work it is to keep our data secure. Here are several of the most ordinary Types of cybersecurity.

  • Application security: This comprises the events and countermeasures preordained to undertake threats and attacks that occur in the growth stage of an application such as intended application, deployment, development, protection, upgrading, etc. several of the system used comprises input limit validation, sitting management, user verification & approval, etc.
  • Information security: This denotes the safety of data & information from stealing, unlawful access, break, etc. in order to uphold consumer confidentiality and stop identity stealing.
  • Disaster recovery: This occupies preparation & strategizing to allow the business to recover from Cybersecurity/ IT disasters. This comprises risk measurement, study, prioritizing & set up disaster reaction and recovery instruments in place. This allows a business to recover quicker from ruin and reduce losses.
  • Network security: This comprises prevents and monitor certified access and use of internal networks of an association. By leveraging hardware & software expertise, network safety make sure that internal networks are secure, consistent, and working.

Above are just a few Types of cyber security of malicious cyber activities which affect both financial and economic compensation to both individuals and nations. More superior ways of security features like Multi-Factor Authentication & others need to be used thoroughly to stop the attacks on the secret sources.

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Why is cybersecurity significant?

The globe relies on expertise more than ever before. As a consequence, digital data creation has surged. Nowadays, businesses and governments store a grand deal of that data on computers and convey it across networks to other computers. Devices and their primary systems have vulnerabilities that, when demoralized, undermine the health and objectives of an association.

A data breach can have a variety of devastating consequences for any business. It can unstitch a company’s standing through the loss of consumer and partner trust. The loss of significant data, such as source files or rational property, can cost a corporation its viable benefit. Going further, a data breach can impact business revenues due to non-compliance with data shield regulations.

How to protect yourself from a cyber attack?

  • The first step to protecting yourself from cyber attacks is by being proactive. If you are not taking the necessary steps to protect your devices, data, and information then you can’t complain if your private data gets hacked. This means securing all of your sensitive accounts, such as banking apps or email accounts.
  • Another important security practice is using strong passwords that include letters, numbers, symbols, and upper-case/lower-case letters.
  • It’s also a good idea to check with companies on their cybersecurity practices. For example, it would be wise to research how companies store customer credit card information; if they keep personal information in an encrypted database; if they track online activity; etc. Just because a company has an attractive website doesn’t mean it’s safe to use. It’s important to investigate the company first to ensure that its website is trustworthy and safe for customers to use.
  • You can also protect yourself by using two-step verification for your accounts, which requires you to enter a code sent via text message, email, or phone call in order to access your account. This extra step ensures that hackers won’t be able to log into your account without having access to the second verification method (the text/email/call).

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Why we should care about cybersecurity as a society and as individuals?

The United States should be concerned about cybersecurity because it’s an ever-growing problem. Cybersecurity affects us whether we like it or not, so individuals and businesses need to take responsibility for their security by staying vigilant. If a company gets hacked, then their customers’ personal data could be compromised too. It’s also important for businesses to keep up with the latest cybersecurity practices because that means their services will be safer for their clients. Cybersecurity is essentially a matter of protecting our devices, networks, and digital information from criminals who want to access private data.

Growing demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

The growing awareness of the need for Cybersecurity has led to an endlessly soaring demand for professionals with a great theoretical and practical perceptive and necessary skills and proficiency in the field in growingly sectors/industries like IT, government agencies, defense agencies, aerospace agencies, economics sector, healthcare industry, MNCs, businesses, not-for-profit organization, etc.

Unmet with enough supply, the jobs in Cybersecurity have seen a steady rise in remuneration; existing professionals do get paid wealthy salaries & perks. It is also predicted that the incessant increase in demand for such professionals in the years to come will interpret into higher pay packages too.

In a nutshell, there cannot be a superior time to study Cybersecurity and work as a Cybersecurity expert. This is why numerous experienced engineers, IT personnel, programmers and even fresher are enrolling themselves in Cybersecurity courses globally.  But as mention above, it is not very easy to pursue the course in the Cyber Security field as professors and teachers allot students with different cyber security topics. Students need to write high-quality thesis research papers and assignments in order to get their diploma and degree in the field of Cyber Security.

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What Cybersecurity course to study?

Cybersecurity courses are accessible in different modes and durations:

  • Degree programs: There are a huge number of bachelor’s & master’s degree programs in Cybersecurity and linked fields that you can learn. These courses can be taken by both freshers and knowledgeable professionals.
  • Executive certificate courses: The top of these are online courses that are inter-disciplinary and complete in nature & are meant for working experts- system administrators, safety professionals & managers, IT engineers, etc.

You can select any of these courses based on your requirements and level of familiarity and skills.


The most important thing you can do to protect your company is not only to implement the basics of cyber security but also to be aware. Awareness and education are key in preventing data breaches that could cost companies millions or even billions of dollars. Be proactive about protecting yourself by implementing these strategies for staying safe online today!

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