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Communication is about more than just words. It’s about understanding the feelings behind the words, and it requires active listening in order to connect with someone on a deep level. Effective communication skills are necessary for nearly every aspect of life, from school to work to relationships. This essay will explore how you can develop strong communication skills that will benefit your career as well as those around you.

Essay Example on Effective Communication Skills

Introduction of Effective Communication Skills Essay

It is not surreptitious that one who is a good leader is a good communicator. In order to move forward in life, one needs to be a good communicator and have effective communication skills. Even in this electronic world the baseline or the key factor of personal and professional successes the effective interpersonal communication skills. Effective Communication For Supervisors Is Must Nowadays.

Main Body of Effective Communication Skills Essay

It is a dynamic process and is the root of many successes (Arnold, 2005). As Jo-Ann Shemwell is a new first-line supervisor so she needs to be an effective communicator so that she can make understand her problems, needs, requirement related to the company’s needs to the co-workers properly (Rudani, 2013). So, there are a few tips and advice that she should go through to be an effective communicator in the business world.

Factors that considered to be an effective communicator

  • The clear message: No one likes a hiker, so just simplify the thoughts and present them in a specific manner. She should be direct and clear otherwise none of her co-workers will understand what exactly she wants, and thus makes it difficult for the workers to accomplish any of her expectations.
  • Get to the point be concise: If she tries to be direct and concise to the point the fellow workers will be more responsive. As “Many efforts to communicate are nullified by saying too much”. If she says too much the co-workers will tune out, and the most important and crucial points can be missed. So, be precise and make them understand in a short and sweet way (Characteristics of Effective Communicators, 2014).
  •  Effective Listener: To be a good communicator one must be an effective listener as well because properly, and concentrated hearing of what the person is saying is Effective listening. Communication is not at all about talking to someone it is also hearing what the person is saying. It also shows that she cares about the messages and responds accordingly.
  •  Linkage: One should always try to maintain a logical linkage between the sayings so as to deliver the requirements in a structured and planned way.

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  •  An environment where everyone feels safe and free: One should create a healthy environment in the business organization where the co-workers feel safe and free to express their opinions, feelings and to express their feelings about certain problems and related plan issues (Robinson, Segal & Segal, 2014).
  •  Mind and try to minimize the say-do gap: Trust is the backbone of effective communication in any organization. In this case, the behavior of the supervisor is the greatest way of communication, and it should be going well together what the supervisor says (Rourke, 2009).
  • Clarity: For communication to be effective, clarity is the most essential feature. The supervisor should always use simple and sound words and languages that can be easily understood by the listener. The thoughts to be delivered by the communicator should be clear in his mind rather than the jumbled and confused mind.
  • Listen with eyes as well as with ears: An effective communicator is one who is aware of their surroundings very well. One should stop, look and listen to what is going around in the organization. Good communication is one that is two-way communication. A good supervisor is one who asks a good and reasonable question and then listens with their ears and eyes simultaneously (Habits of highly effective communicator, 2014). As we are talking about the supervisor who is in a relatively higher position, so the stakes are relatively higher as there is no feedback directly all the time. Even one should open their eyes to understand non-verbal communication, understands body language which will answer all the questions that need to be known (Arnold, 2005).
  • Style of expressing: One should speak in a controlled manner and within an appropriate pitch. Always try to make eye contact with a person with whom one is talking. Light humor at an appropriate time is accepted. Communication in an extreme emotional state should be avoided.

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How effective communication skills are important for various situations?

In different situations, communication can be used to express feelings, convey ideas and information, ask questions or seek advice. Knowledge of effective communication skills is not only helpful in dealing with peers and co-workers, but also in one’s personal life.

  • To get and give feedback
  • Speak and listen effectively in group discussions, meetings, and presentations
  • Build strong relationships with family members, friends, or colleagues
  • Learn how to negotiate for what you want

When you are trying to convey something difficult, your words will be distorted unless you understand the feeling behind the message. Empathy for both messages and their meaning is essential in understanding what is being said. When this happens it becomes easier to respond with empathy instead of getting defensive.

For example, In working place the managers should have a good command of their language while giving instructions to their employees. If they use sharp words while talking with employees then it may affect the working morale of that employee which directly reflects on their work/performance. These types of misunderstandings are totally avoidable if both manager and the worker had a good understanding of effective communicational skills.


This can be concluded from the above analysis that along with the technical skills and experience that Jo-Ann Shemwell has the above tips and points will help her in managing good relations and help her to win the trust and confidence of her co-workers. Through effective communication, she will surely get the required and timely work is done by her co-workers easily.


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