The Egoism Versus Altruism Philosophy Essay Sample

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“Egoism is the belief that one’s own interests are of primary importance. Altruism, on the other hand, is a concern for others.” This essay provides an overview of these two philosophical ideologies and explains how they differ from each other in terms of their beliefs about what should be pursued. It also offers reasons why people may choose either egoism or altruism as their philosophy. The essay covers the topic of psychological egoism vs altruism which is identified as one of the most concerning issues of society.

Essay Example on The Egoism Versus Altruism Philosophy

Introduction – Egoism Versus Altruism

Egoism is found the most common characteristic of humans which they need to tackle throughout their life but such trait of the person may create problems in the social as well as professional life of the person. Egoism is defined as the action of an individual that is for the motive of the self-interest of the person.

On the other hand, egoism is derived from self-interest and selfishness indeed is one of the fundamental in the behaviour of the human. Notably, egoism, selfishness is traits of humans that are considered as but it seemed to be one of the essential tools of survival. And it is true that without being a selfish creature on this planet, one could not survive in a prosperous manner.

Main Essay Body – Egoism Versus Altruism

Egoistic and altruistic are opposites

Certain theories are considered as one of the best approaches for understanding egoism and altruism concepts. And there are two sides to the coin that needs to be taken into consideration and such a trait is termed altruism.

Altruism is the antithesis of egoism and for a balanced life, one is required to hold both kinds of aspects in their behaviour. Where the egoism is considered as a bad trait for the human, the altruism is considered as one of the must condition for leading a balancing and prosperous life.

Altruism is one such factor that is regarded as holding strong ethics, values, morals, culture, principles, and being a generous human. Such kind behaviour can be reflected with the help of several acts such as charities, donations, social work, helping needy people, and doing anything without any selfish motive.

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Altruism or egoism Debate

  • Across this globe, every person read and heard about such stories which give an incredible real-life description of their selfless acts for the benefit of ety. Such person sacrifices their time or money or health for the betterment of others and furnishes active contribution in the society. Such behaviour is often encouraged by the society but scrutinizing such aspect in life, many times lead to another side of the coin.
  • The generous people often face problems in their life and not only this, after doing any selfless act the person could only be rewarded by gratitude. Does this make the concept of altruism questionable that it did with the motive of creating a good reputation or for a reward? Moreover, the concept of true altruism exists or not becomes a question of fact.
  • On the other hand, both egoism and altruism are considered as necessary facets of life which need to be in existence for a balanced life. One of the eminent psychologists Spencer observed that altruism is followed by egoism and it is strongly advocated the aspect of egoism to survive and live a healthy life.
  • He strongly recommends that one should be selfish enough to survive. He gives the survival aspect that the utmost importance to being an egoistic creature. moreover, He also describes that if an individual thinks about it self interest first then there are high chances of its long existence whereas if the same person starts thinking about others, it would lead to the loss for the person. Altruism is the way for the extinction of humans is better to stay egoism and stop being generous.
  • As an instance, one person is happy in doing good and sacrificing and the other feels awful then what is the significance of doing good to please others. And in this example, the former played a substantial role because happiness is the most important aspect of life. Yet, one meets several people every day and having a conversation that is sought to be generous, polite, and kind. And a human can’t live its life in isolation and at some point in time, it needs to take or give help to others.
  • Therefore such a gesture of helping is nothing but an aspect of Altruism and where people think they are enough in themselves and didn’t recognize others in society is an aspect of egoism.
  • Ethical egoism in the workplace defines the behaviour of individuals to maximize their self-interest.
  • The main problem with ethical egoism is the admirable, inoffensive, encourage, cooperation, and is necessary for harmony and human good or in other work it does not promote altruism.

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The support of the approach of altruism in the behaviour of humans is Meera Habashi. But when any act for which a person does with selfless motive gets rewards for the same, such act becomes non-altruistic.

But in the words of Batson, he believes that helping and aiding others does not at all mean that such action is not altruistic. And he believes that if the ultimate goal of the act performing by any person is welfare then such an act can be considered altruistic.

And altruistic as well as egoistic behaviour can exist together in a person according to the study of Batson. On the other arguing the statement given by Batson, Meera stated that there is a difference of motives or intention in altruistic as well as egoistic helping.

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