Transition From Feudalism To Capitalism In Europe History Essay Sample

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In this essay, we will discuss the transition from feudalism to capitalism in Europe. This change happened over a period of time and was not smooth; there were many difficulties along the way. These difficulties arose largely because people had different ideas about what should happen after feudalism ended. In this essay, we will explore the factors that led to this change and how it impacted European society.

Essay Example on Transition From Feudalism To Capitalism In Europe

Introduction – Feudalism To Capitalism In Europe

In this essay, the topic covers the journey from the transformation of feudalism to capitalism in Europe and it is observed that feudalism prevailed from about 300 to 1400 AD and then after the concept of capitalism start taking shape in the nation.

It is noteworthy from various studies and researchers that the era of feudalism ended with the renaissance period in Europe and is known as the enlightenment period.

In this period it is observed that it was encountered the rebirth of art, science, literature, liberty, and human freedom.

However, the renaissance period is known for its development and plays an indispensable role in the evolution of capitalism from the ideology of feudalism.

Both the theories had their perks as well as loopholes but due to certain disadvantages of feudalism, the approach of capitalism evolved.

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Main Essay Body – Feudalism To Capitalism In Europe

Factors affecting the state

Several other factors play a key role in evolving one theory from the other. And some of the factors are external that laid down special emphasis on the medieval society and there are loopholes of feudalism that play a central role in the rebirth of capitalism.

One of the major external factors that led to the transition is the extension of trade. Traders started to thrive as Europe became more stationary. the new retailers offer significant money for kings, who want to gain encouraging their trade

Moreover, certain internal factors also played a key role in the decline of feudalism such as revolt, the Impact of the Hundred Years war’, ineffective system, administration, etc.

The system positioned different departments of groups among the monarch and the inhabitants. This ultimately led to uncertainty in the state and create tension between different groups and the monarch.

However, all such tension resulted in rebellion across the state in the fourteenth century and abolishing the old system of theory along with the commencement of the modern social economy known as capitalism. The rebellion led to reformation that further led to the evolution of entrepreneurs and the capitalist state which resulted in the growth of the state.

This ideology led to several new options for trade and travel during the era of the middle ages. Such transaction and dealing resulted in the development of more towns and entrepreneurs. Some disruptive forces strengthen the communication and emergence of the middle class. Such forces provide support in the growth of the towns and stimulated the origin of the middle-class.

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Perks of capitalism

The mechanism gains momentum in the fourteenth century and put a lot of effort into destroying the feudalism theory. The emergence of capitalism facilitates new opportunities in towns and societies that provide thousands of people with employment, livelihood, etc.

The motive of such reformation is for the development of the state and its economy. This also resulted in stimulating the migration of people from rural to urban areas in search of employment and a better standard of life.

The demise of feudalism changes certain church systems and it was allowed for the fiefs to perform their function on weekends as well. However, the ideology of feudalism provides certain elements to be focussed such as survival and salvation. Such elements played a crucial role in the branch of psychology and as the state becomes more secure, the entrepreneur gives a new shape by occupying the rural towns and cities to wealth and capital.

One of the indispensable contributions of Karl Marx pointed out the decline of feudalism that should be mainly via internal forces. Due to the shortfall of feudalism and the demand for commodities with the emergence of a new market, the rigid feudal structure proves to be ineffective.

As the feudal structure was unable to meet the demand of growing opportunities and state but with the new methods of production mechanism, it increases the division of labour that ultimately increased productivity.

Results of capitalism

The introduction of the ideology of capitalism aimed to improve the production level, and landlords, entrepreneurs started pertaining themselves as entrepreneurs. It strives for higher economic growth and the development of the state. With the advancement of technology, there are new modes, techniques, and other mechanisms that prove benefitted for higher for the growth of the state. It is encountered that fiefs were kicked off from their land and increase migration towards rural towns and cities.

With the evolution of capitalism in the state, it is now possible for the merchants to allow the monarch to raise money and create armies that were devoted to the king. One of the external factors that affect the abolishing of feudalism structure in the state was the demographic crisis and the great famine that occurred during the thirteenth century also led to weakening the agriculture production.

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The feudal system was eventually replaced by the capitalist economic system in Europe. This change happened over time with many factors contributing to its success including increased international trade, new technologies, and inventions. Feudalism is no longer an acceptable form of government for any country that wants to be successful economically or politically, but it remains fascinating as a way of looking at how people used to live their lives hundreds of years ago.

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