Funny Commemorative Speech Examples

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Commemorative speeches essay topics are given at the time of certain ceremonies or while paying tribute to someone in a positive way. Graduates are often assigned to write a commemorative speeche as their college assignments by professors to make them an expert’s in it. That is why it is crucial to read some samples of commemorative speech before proceeded to write them. The samples of funny commemorative speeches are given here for free of cost by the experts here.

These speech samples given here can also be used for writing funny persuasive speech topics as the basic pattern of writing remains the same. Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested these samples for free of cost and you do not have to pay any money for reading the speech sample available here. So just read these samples and write your speech on time.

Sample-1: Funny commemorative speech – Shakespeare never did MA English, but nobody can complete MA English without reading Shakespeare

Objectives of the speech – Here we will come to know that how Shakespeare managed to rule over the English literature without having formal education. The same thing can be applied on the higher education system of present day to let the students free as per their will to make them use their brain. Drilling things in the skull of students forcefully is not a good idea for the actual development of the knowledge as it fails the idea of education. Shakespeare proves the real education and its validity for ages with his work.

The elaboration – Today we are very much conscious about taking higher education and join various schools and universities for this purpose. These education institutions drill in our head about certain methods of studying and we never come out of them. This is not the right way of learning things where we cannot apply our own wit.

For example if someone is pursuing a master’s degree in English then it is crucial to read the work of Shakespeare who never entered any English class. It seems too funny that each one of us is forced to read his texts that never entered higher education system. So either we can say it as the failure of the system or need of the present time to let the students learn from Shakespeare and his experience through universal theme of literature given by him.

The students must be given this much of freedom that they can utilize their own brain and not to compel them for following certain interpretations of the things by mugging up the facts. We can really admire Shakespeare for this as he analyzed the every single emotion on this earth so finely that we can empathise with each one of it. We cannot deny the bravery and wit of Shakespeare by which he have given wonderful texts to us for understanding that emotion in real sense.

Every human go through multiple emotions throughout his or her life but he or she never realize them without focusing on them as a whole. But when you are reading the texts line sonnets and plays of the Shakespeare have touched every emotion so minutely that you will be able to find the same reflex in your life. That is why we commemorate his work as universal which is applicable in the context of every person irrespective of the region in which he or she is living.

Sample-2: Funny commemorative speech sample on – How average student-managed admission in Oxford

Objectives of Speech – The fundamental objective of the speech is to commemorate the hard work of a student who turned meritorious and fetch admission in Oxford University. The hard work and smartness can turned the cliché useless and we can break any wall with our firm determination like shown by the student.

Speech – A student who never managed to get the marks above the passing barrier managed to enter the most renowned university of the world that is Oxford University. Owing to the origin from a developing nation there were so many obstacles in his way to reach at this level today. He was not an average student actually from the very beginning it was the situation that put him into this ordeal. While continuing his study he was also looking after the livelihood of his family through part time job. As a result of which he hardly find time for studies.

But still he never let his down and finally his hard work give him the most ripened fruit of seeking admission in one of the prestigious institution of the world. This is the real example of firm determination towards achieving a goal and that setting the next goal by a person. That is how it becomes possible to reach near and nearer to your main motif of the life for which independent goals are being framed.

We can figure out the things in such a way that it is not important to become topper always and toppers are not only brilliants. Sometimes financial and social stigmas draw a barrier for people having exponential skills to prove their existence on the earth for a purpose. More we can also draw an idea from the example that success can be late but God cannot deny it when you are working on it for a long time without any tinge of tiredness.

Honest nature, aptitude for studies and passion are some common things that prove your zeal to achieve something. The first step to get success in your purpose of life is to set the goals and then chase those goals. That is how you will reach success one day for sure. If we take the example of the student who entered Oxford University from a developing country his example serves as idle for many in the line from the same background.

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