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Pollution is a major problem in the world. One of the major sources of pollution in our garbage dumps. Garbage dumps are not just an eyesore, but they also create harmful gases that pollute the environment and harm people who live nearby. The sample below will outline some ways to reduce garbage pollution by recycling more often and throwing less away.

Essay Sample On Garbage Pollution

Thesis Statement – Garbage Pollution Essay

The pollution of garbage is a problem that affects many people. However, there are ways to combat this issue and help the environment at the same time.

Introduction – Garbage Pollution Essay

Garbage pollution is one of the largest sources of our global economic loss, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. The United States alone spends around $11 billion annually on waste management. Globally, this figure rises to roughly $200 billion. This doesn’t even take into account the environmental costs in terms of air quality, water contamination, ecosystem disruption, and biodiversity loss. With the ever-escalating cost in time and money spent managing garbage worldwide, it’s high time we start exploring alternatives before things get out of hand!

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Main Body – Garbage Pollution Essay

The high level of pollution in every sphere cannot hide the problem of garbage pollution in the world in modern times. If we move around our head there are thousands of instances where garbage pollution is becoming the cause of life taking diseases. The initiative taken so far by the national and international conventions to control this pollution proves out to be on the wane. This is because there is no solid solution given so far to resolve this issue effectively. If we burn these heaps of garbage they will give rise to air pollution causing smog and different respiratory diseases as well. That is why no such ideas seem to be in the light which can be applied to control this pollution so far.

The negative consequences of garbage pollution can be seen in the form of big heaps of garbage which suddenly fall causing the death of several people. Other results can be considered in the reduction of air quality, spreading of the diseases like dengue as mosquitoes becomes very prominent in such areas where no hygiene is maintained. The water of the drinking water sources is also contaminated when rain puts this garbage through its flow in the rivers and lakes. So we cannot say that garbage pollution is affecting our life in one or two ways but we are getting in danger from everywhere.

Finding genuine and effective solutions to deal with the ill consequences of Garbage pollution is very important as the rising dumps are indicating towards the worst condition in the future time. If you are thinking of recycling and reusing things more and more then it could be possible to a certain limit because we cannot recycle and reuse everything and this is sure that the above solution is not much effective to cater such a big issue in real grounds. Although it can impart its role in the decrease of its ratio it is not able to mitigate the issue completely.

Some intellectual people suggest keeping the degradable and nonbiodegradable substances separately so that biodegradable things can be utilized as manure in the farms and this will also be helpful to suppress the problem to a certain amount apart from recycling and reuse. As far as the reduction of the problem is concerned we can consider these tips and ideas best and useful as well. But to find the ultimate and best solution which can finish off the entire problem by eradicating its roots is not possible from these minor initiatives. Something big and new needs to be given by the researchers who are active in the research field to save the environment from the pollution of a different type.

Some people are giving solutions like stop using polythene bags and materials for packaging and supplying things. These bags should be replaced by something which can be degradable by the microorganisms. For example, bags made up of eco-friendly material can be subjected to the use of packaging. But the serious issue that is confronted to adopt this idea is that liquid material is hard to pack in these types of bags and they easily tear out and are not solid like that of polythene. But it does not mean that we cannot use this idea at all. There are many things which can be packed easily in the paper bags as well and using such bags can lower the pollution to a great amount. This is how a new idea can also be subjected to the reduction of pollution.

If we measure the success rate of controlling pollution caused by the garbage dumps in the world by applying the above techniques mentioned here like re-cycling, reusing, and separating the degradable and nondegradable material effective changes can be considered. It is not new in the idea to use these things for reducing the garbage pollution but the main reason why we are not getting success to control it even after so much of time it our poor actions to take these initiatives and follow them. Until or unless we are not able to control our action towards spreading pollution nothing can be done to deal with this serious issue. Especially developing and undeveloped countries are suffering from the ill consequence of garbage pollution to a high level than the developed ones. So, it is very crucial to give attention to this problem so that we can effectively deal with it.

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Conclusion – Garbage Pollution Essay

The average American produces about 220 lbs of garbage each year. This is equivalent to 4 bags of trash per day, which equates to 1444 pounds per year for the typical family. These numbers are staggering and it can be difficult to comprehend just how much impact this has on our environment until you do the math. The good news is that there are simple steps we can take at home and in school to reduce our impact on global warming.

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We hope we’ve helped you understand why garbage pollution is such a serious issue and what can be done about it in your community.

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