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Healthcare is essential to the well-being of every citizen. It provides a level of stability that most people take for granted. Most Americans are familiar with healthcare but do not understand how it is funded or what type they have access to. This essay will cover these topics and more so that you can make an informed decision about your own healthcare coverage moving forward.

Here is a descriptive essay on healthcare that is written by experts for reference purposes. Those who are assigned such essay assignments can use this essay as a sample to complete their assignment on time.

Essay Example on HealthCare

Thesis Statement of HealthCare Essay

Technology is imparting a great role in the healthcare sector and there is a high need to convert our healthcare centers into modern infrastructure to reduce the number of problems for patients and physicians as well.

Introduction of HealthCare Essay

A lot of changes have happened in the past couple of decades in the arena of healthcare and these changes are both in a positive and negative direction. For example, the technology in healthcare is serving as a hot cake for the welfare of people at the same time lack of this development in technology in some areas is taking the lives of people as physicians are not able to cure the diseases without machines now. So here in this essay, we are going to discuss the need for good technology for healthcare purposes. There are healthcare centers that are not even touched by any change after the technology revolution which is really bad and this essay throws light upon such issues.

Main Body of HealthCare Essay

Here you are going to have a look at the issues that are related to healthcare institutions across the world. In depth research by the writers on healthcare is done to come up with these inferences on the essay topic.

Condition of Healthcare Institution in modern time

Today healthcare institution is at the poorest condition where doctors are not courteous to their patients and long waiting lines block the way for getting healthcare services on time. As a consequence of which many people die of uncertain reasons. That is why it is mandatory to bring changes for the rectification of the practices that are not in favor of patients. More, the poor infrastructure of the hospitals in some countries is a big blow on the healthcare facilities in modern times. The biggest reason why people are more inclined towards the healthcare institutions that are run by private bodies is the care and facilities which are not present in the government healthcare centers.

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Importance of Technology-driven Healthcare Centres

Today technology is working primarily in every field and so is the case with medical sector as well. From a single diagnose of the disease to organ transplantation everything is being controlled by the technology. Under such a situation, if you are not having a good healthcare center in your locality then it is really merciful. Many people have to lose their lives just because they do not get the proper treatment owing to the lack of technology or anything that count the fault of poor healthcare services. Some important decisions and initiatives must be taken to bring revolution in the technology for healthcare centers all over the world.

Problems faced by Patients in Healthcare Centres

The biggest problem that is confronted by the patients is the rude behavior of the doctors and poor infrastructure in hospitals. The more sky-high cost of medicines is another big problem for the poor guy as they find it difficult to buy costlier medicines owing to their low income. So subsidy must be there or some generic medicine shops can also fill that gulf of poor and rich for having access to the medicines on time. Apart from this, there are certainly other issues like long waiting lines in the waiting room and unauthentic appointments which put people in trouble.

How to bring Important Changes in the Healthcare sector

For bringing positive changes in the field of healthcare there must be a change in the conventional infrastructure of the hospitals. More technology reforms are also crucial to make it possible that people get enough treatment on time without any delay. This could be done by the government easily by having an intellectual meeting with the delegation decided for it.

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The above discourse on healthcare shows that there is a big need of changing certain technology and the attitude of physicians towards their patients as well. This could be done by bringing certain law for the changes in healthcare sector.

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The above-written essay sample has discussed issues related to healthcare institutions, problems faced by patients, and the importance of technology in the healthcare sector.

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