Homeschooling Introduction Essay Sample

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Homeschooling is a method of teaching that involves the student being taught at home, rather than in a school. There are many benefits to homeschooling, such as providing an individualized curriculum and setting your own pace. In this sample, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of homeschooling for students.

Essay Sample On Homeschooling Introduction

Thesis Statement – Homeschooling Introduction Essay

Homeschooling is the most advantageous choice for students and their families because it provides superior education to public or private schools.

Introduction – Homeschooling Introduction Essay

Public and private schools are not always able to provide the most appropriate learning environment for all students. Common problems include bullying, lack of safety, drugs, bad curriculums with a limited variety of subjects/classes, and poor teaching.

Homeschooling offers a safe learning environment and gives parents better control in choosing curriculum and educational goals. It allows children to learn in a more natural setting which encourages more socialization and less alienation from peers who chose different learning paths. It also provides a more personalized instruction where tutors can focus more on the individual needs of their students.

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Main Body – Homeschooling Introduction Essay

The environment is not always ideal for every child because not every parent has the time or resources to provide a good education. However, a good teacher in a class of thirty is not necessarily the most advantageous choice. A homeschooled student can receive better one-on-one tutoring, where they are taught at their own pace and learn subjects in depth. Furthermore, parents have more control over what students learn which allows them to pick subjects that interest their children.

Public schools often force school uniforms or strict rules on students so it is difficult for anyone who does not conform to this environment to feel comfortable learning, socializing with other children, etc… Homeschooling allows these students to be less alienated since they do not have to wear uniforms and implement rules just like public schools. Homeschoolers can choose whether or not they want to wear uniforms and follow these rules.

Public schools usually do not provide the kind of learning environment for children with special needs such as those who are gifted or talented, or those who have special interests(special needs). Homeschooled students, however, learn at their own pace and can more easily pursue their passions. For example, some children may be very good at art but public schools might only focus on math and English so they may never be pushed to succeed in other areas even if they have an interest in them. These students would learn better through homeschooling where teachers can cater to individual learning styles.

The main problem with public school is that it has too many students being taught by one teacher. There are too many students to have a one-on-one relationship with each one. Homeschooled children can get the attention they need from their teacher which helps them succeed more in school(Homeschool vs Public). This goes back to the argument that homeschooling allows parents to be more involved in their child’s academics because teachers can focus on individual learning styles and what each child needs specifically.

Public schools typically force students to follow strict rules about behavior, clothing, etc.(bullying). Restrictions like this often make some children feel like they do not belong there or that they are being judged by others, even if it is unintentional. The same thing applies to uniforms since it makes students differently than how they would act at home. Homeschooled students can feel more comfortable because they don’t have to worry about following these rules and uniforms which often alienate children who do not conform easily.

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Conclusion – Homeschooling Introduction Essay

Public schools are great for learning fundamentals but homeschooling provides a better environment for each child to excel in their academic areas. Students receive better one-on-one tutoring, parents have more control over what their kids learn, and students are not alienated by school uniforms or strict rules. Lastly, homeschooled children can be less bullied because there is less bullying at home than in public schools where there are typically many more students per class. Homeschooling allows children to be able to pursue their interests without getting held back by uniforms and rules like public schools, which makes them feel more comfortable and less alienated.

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