Nursing Career Essay Sample

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Nursing is one of the most rewarding professions out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a nurse in private practice or at a hospital, your work will make an impact on people’s lives every day. Check out this essay sample to see how you can write about what makes nursing so great!

Essay Sample On Nursing Career

Thesis Statement – Nursing Career Essay

Nursing career is full of challenges as they have to handle the various case before the doctor visit at the same time a hegemony of the doctors is always maintained on them.

Introduction – Nursing Career Essay

A nursing career is considered one of the most desirable professions in modern times by students. But those who are already in this profession understand the nuisances and challenges of this field very well. This is because long duty hours and supremacy of the doctors are not handled by every second person. You must have to be very much patient with your job profile. Here in this essay, we are going to talk about the problems of nurses that are faced by them every other day like back-to-back double duty, handling various unique cases, and many more in the list. Also, some suggestions for the changes will be added at the end of the essay.

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Main Body- Nursing Career Essay

Nursing career and its pros or cons are given in the following part of the essay. So have a look at them and make your own ideology for this issue of the nursing career.

How the Career of a Nurse is growing rapidly in Modern Times?

The massive increase in the number of diseases as we move towards a technology-driven world is very obvious. That is why the number of nurses required in comparison to the previous time is very high. That is why there are so many scopes of students in this career. But at the same time, we cannot say that every person who is pursuing nursing as his career is going to secure a good job for him. This is because not everyone is that efficient in his duties and only those students are kept by the hospitals who know the nursing skills very well.

Major challenges that are haunting students to opt for Nursing as a career?

As a career nursing field is considered as apt for both the male and female. But at the same time, certain challenges put the professionals of this arena into trouble especially when it comes to do double duties and bear the hegemony of those who are senior to you that is doctors. Even you do not have a personal life if you plunged to this arena once as you could be asked to perform your duty in the day or midnight as well. So make sure that you are choosing your career very wisely by keeping positive and well as negative aspects in mind always.

Important Improvements that are needed in the Career of a Nurse

A nurse must be free from the supremacy of the doctors and she is not obliged to his duty. A doctor always keeps on giving a feeling of inferiority to the nurses and as a result of which they lose their self-esteem in this process. Certain strict rules must be there which can maintain equality in the performance of the duties irrespective of the fact that superiority is exerted by the doctors on their nurses. After all, they are not their legacy to whom they can use in any way. Certain important initiatives in this field can save the plights of nurses in modern times.

Conclusion – Nursing Career Essay

The condition of nurses in modern times is very poor as they are being treated as objects by the doctors. Even many doctors do not talk to them politely which must be changed to bring equality in society.

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